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How to Start a Brewery Business in India


Introduction: Brewery Business 

The brewing business is a booming industry in India. It's no longer just a trend, but an established business model that has helped many entrepreneurs turn their passion for beer into a viable business. Breweries are also becoming popular among start-ups and entrepreneurs who want to establish a new brand and tap into the huge market potential.

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Microbreweries are known for their special beers. Microbrewers like to experiment with different ingredients in the beer as well as with different fermentation processes. You may be wondering whether or not starting a brewery business is right for you. You can find out by reading through this article and learning more about how to start such an enterprise.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Open a Brewery Manufacturing Business

Step 1: Decide the Concept 

Firstly, make a concept of the industry and make a detailed plan this will help you in deciding the theme and cuisine of your restaurant. Then, you should prepare a business plan for the restaurant as it would be helpful in the future. 

Step 2: Evaluate all your restaurant costs involved in the Brewery business

  • Food costs:- It is costs that include all the raw materials. Generally, the cost of food is approximately 30% of your total menu price. Then, an Individual should arrange the raw material sourcing for smooth and hassle-free supply. 
  • Labor costs:- It is also a significant cost that adds to the total expenditure of the restaurant. 
  • Overhead costs:- Come under the other expenses that are not included in food or labour. It includes 
  1. Rent:- The rent is a relevant part of the restaurant's costs and is extremely affected by the restaurant’s location. The rent should never exceed 10% of your total revenues. 
  2. Interiors:- An Individual can decide on the interior as well as the theme of the restaurant according to the budget.
  3. Kitchen Equipment:- It is very essential for the restaurant business. This equipment should be of good quality. For running a restaurant business it is important to have good equipment. 
  4. POS (Point of Sale):- The Point of sale depends upon the features of the restaurant, it is the point where an individual executes the payment for goods and services and the point where sales taxes are payable. 
  5. Marketing:- It is an era of Digitalisation, for the growth of the business market is very important without promotion and advertisements restaurant businesses cannot able to work accordingly, and offline and online marketing should have to be balanced along with Digital marketing. 

What are the Raw Materials required for Brewery? 

These are the important raw materials that are needed for the brewery industry in India 

  • Yeast 
  • Water 
  • Hops 
  • Barley 
  • Malt 
  • Rice Maize
  • Wheat
  • Grapes

Machinery Equipment Required for a Microbrewery Plant Setup

These are necessary equipment that everyone needs to start a brewery industry in India. That would be a brewery tank, water softener, and others. 

  • Mashing tuns and Kettles
  • Refrigeration machine
  • PHEs (Physical Heat exchangers)
  • Electric Cabinet
  • Beer Filters
  • Boiler
  • Distribution Tanks
  • Waste management systems 
  • PLC touch-type process controller
  • Serving System
  • Lauter Tuns
  • Fermentation tank 

What is the License/Certification Required to Start a Microbrewery in India? 

Here’s the list of permits/licenses required to start the Microbrewery Industry.

Note: It is to be noted that all the license is not required it depends upon the location. 

  • GST Number 
  • Approval from the Excise department 
  • P 10 for serving alcohol at specific functions such as weddings, and corporate get- together. 
  • Restaurant Liquor license 
  • Beer and wine shop license (for mild liquor)
  • Commercial electricity line 
  • Commercial water line - from the Municipality/ underground bore water 
  • Land registration/ lease sanction 
  • Company registration 
  • Waste water disposal certificate from the state pollution control board. 
  • Fabricated equipment quality certificate from the third-party inspection 
  • Water quality testing certificate from the quality control labs 
  • FSSAI license 
  • Trademark license 
  • Quality control (QC) certificate of finished beer from govt. Approved QC labs on a random inspection basis.
  • Fire NOC Certificate
  • Eating House License
  • Music License
  • Tourism license

Is Brewery Business profitable? 

Just like any other business brewery business is not that popular in India and very few individuals are taking interest in opening a brewery industry business. In addition to this, it is the only business that is unaffected by the economy in India. However, the brewing industry is highly competitive. 

In today's era, beer drinking is a socially acceptable pastime for both men and women and it is openly sold in the market. Hence, the demand for beer and whiskey is increasing daily. 

The target audience and market potential are the keys to operating a successful brewery industry. 

Here are a few advantages mentioned why breweries' businesses are profitable:-

  • High demand:- Liquor is one of the products in the market that are high in public demand. Nowadays, both men and women consume alcohol openly and it is considered a booster dose for relaxing your body. Thus, there is an increasing demand for high-quality breweries with good ambiance. 
  • The huge profit margin for the business owners:- Breweries have a huge profit margin of almost around 30%. So, this business is beneficial for all entrepreneurs who are planning to start a brewery industry. 
  • A revenue venture for the government:- Both the state and central government levy heavy taxes on the brewery. Hence, the government shall encourage the operations of breweries for a year. 


In this Blog, we have discussed the Brewery Industry, All the processes related to the Brewery Industry such as a complete guide to opening the Industry, and the raw materials and machinery required to start the business. I hope, this blog will be informative for you as well as will give you insights into the Brewery Industry. 


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