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How to Get a Food Establishment license: The Ultimate Guide


License Need to Commence a Restaurant in India:

These are the most important restaurant licenses to get before opening a restaurant; having them ensures that your business works legally.

1. FSSAI Certification:

One of the most significant permits necessary to start a restaurant is the FSSAI license, often known as the Food License. It's gotten from the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India).

This restaurant license is more than just a license; it also acts as an approval by the authorities, assuring consumers that the food served at that specific restaurant meets India's food safety regulations. Manufacturers, traders, and eateries must all be assigned a unique 14-digit registration number. It is required to be printed on all food packaging.

Government fees for FSSAI Certification:

The following is a thorough overview of the many types of FSSAI licenses and their government fees.

List of documents required for FSSAI Certification:-

  • ID proof and Address proof.
  • Valid email id.
  • Phone number.
  • Affidavit.
  • Declaration of Food Safety Management Plan.
  • Business Premises layout plan.
  • List of food categories.
  • Water testing report from FSSAI approved facility.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owners or the partners.

How to Receive Your Restaurant's FSSAI License:

You can apply for the license after you have these documents in hand. The application procedure is straightforward:

  • Log on to the FSSAI website and finish the registration procedure by creating a login.
  • Then, with all of the needed papers, complete the online application.
  • To guarantee that your application is reviewed, provide a hard copy of the completed online application form to the Regional/State Authority together with all supporting papers within 15 days of completing the online submission.

Here is a comprehensive guide to obtaining an FSSAI license for your restaurant.

2. Liquor License:

If your restaurant offers alcohol, you'll need to get a liquor license. The forms are accessible on the individual State Government websites and may be received from the Local Excise Commissioner. This license is extremely important since selling liquor without the above-mentioned license might result in hefty fines and the permanent closure of the establishment.

Cost of Liquor License:

You must pay Rs.5000 when submitting the documentation, plus an extra Rs.50000 for each additional spirits brand, such as whiskey, rum, gin, brandy, vodka, and so on.

List of Documents Required for Liquor License:

The following is a list of papers needed to obtain a liquor license for a restaurant or bar:

  • Documentary confirmation of the restaurant or hotel's legal status, such as whether it is a corporation, partnership, or other sorts of business.
  • Evidence that the restaurant or motel is the legal owner of the land.
  • A certificate certifying that the restaurant or hotel structure has been completed.
  • A trade license from the local government, such as the MCD/NDMC or other agencies
  • The DCP issues a certificate of registration for an eating house license.
  • Documented verification of the applicant's status as an income tax assessor and a sales tax assessor.
  • A no-objection certificate from the state fire department.

How to Get a Liquor License for Your Bar or Restaurant:

To locate the form, go to the website of your state government.

  • The above-mentioned documents should be served to the Excise Officer in charge of the restaurant or hotel's inspection. He will next submit a report to the body in charge of issuing liquor licenses.
  • Following approval, the applicant must submit fees in accordance with the requirements, and the license will be issued.
  • It is common knowledge that acquiring a liquor license for your restaurant is by far the most demanding task, since the government scrutinizes every aspect.

3. Health Trade License:

This license confirms that your restaurant is in compliance with the Health Department's health concerns. After you submit the form and documentation, it will take around 60 days for it to be granted to you.

Cost of a Health/Trade License:

Depending on your state's legislation and unique needs, the fee might range from Rs500 to 50000.

List of Documents Required for Health Trade License:

  • Three copies of the site plan and layout. 
  • Indemnity bond of Rs.100. 
  • Structural Stability Certificate signed by Structural Engineer. 
  • Electricity and Water Bills. 
  • Proof of sewer connection.
  • Letter from Delhi Police. 
  • Water Testing Reports from Lab.
  • Blue Print of the Premises. 
  • Medical Certificates of Employees. 
  • Proof of Property Tax.

How to Get Health Trade License:

A restaurant can submit an application for a Health/Trade License at CSB or online. The forms can be found on the website of the State Municipal Corporation or at the Zonal Citizen's Service Bureaus. Municipal governments have the authority to close down eateries that do not have this license.

4. Eating House License:

The Licensing Police Commissioner of the city where you intend to operate the outlet issues the Eating House License.

  • Cost of a Restaurant License.
  • The estimated cost of issuing this license for three years is Rs.300.
  • Documents Needed for an Eating House Permit.

The following is a list of documents required to get a restaurant's Eating House License:

  • Documents proving legal occupation of the Eating House and, in the event of tenancy, a letter of authorization from the landlord.
  • Photocopy of valid NDMC/MCD/DCB/Airport Authority of India trade license and free receipt. 
  • Site Plan detailing the size of the Eating House. 
  • Photographs of the location demonstrating its use as an Eating House.
  • Affidavit on Rs.10 stamp paper, certified by a Notary Public.
  • Undertaking on the installation of CCTV Cameras with a 30-day recording facility if the seating capacity of the dining establishment is 50 or more.

How to Get the Eating House License:-

  • The applicant must first register here ( before applying for an Eating House License.
  • Using the user ID, complete the form, submit any required papers, and schedule an appointment. It is essential that you self-attest all of the documents you provide since this will confirm their validity.
  • This is how the application appears. The whole form may be downloaded here.

5. Shop and Establishment Certificate:

The Shops and Establishment Act requires you to register your restaurant if you want to establish a food company in India. For any type of establishment, from a food truck to a sophisticated dining establishment. Within 30 days after the start of your business, you must register your restaurant. This is a city-specific license.

The overall cost of your shop and establishment would range from Rs.200 to Rs.4000 every year. However, the cost is relative, since it is determined by the number of staff and the restaurant's location.

Documents Required for a Shop and Establishment License:

  • Pan Card.
  • Identity Proof. 
  • Proof of the proprietor's, partners, or company's address. 
  • Employee information.

What is The Procedure for Obtaining a Shop and Establishment Act License?

  • You may find the application form here or on the website of your state government.
  • Submit the papers to the Local Chief Inspector with the application form, including the name of the store, the establishment's postal address, and proof of ownership such as the Rent Agreement or Shop Lease Papers.
  • Once the government official has verified all of the paperwork, the restaurant will be registered in the Register of Establishments and a registration certificate will be issued.
  • This certificate must be prominently displayed in your restaurant and must be renewed prior to expiration at all times.

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FSSAI Central

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FSSAI Renewal

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is an independent organization established under the auspices of the Department of Health and Family Welfare, the Government of India.

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