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Navigating the Digital Wave: WPC ETA Certification for RFID Readers


What is WPC ETA Certification 

The WPC, a division under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, was established in 1952 as the national broadcasting authority and is currently managed by the Saral Sanchar Online Portal.

Products imported or manufactured in India that have radio and/or wireless features must obtain an equipment type approval certificate from the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC India) department of the Ministry of Communications in India before being marketed. This comprises goods with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi technology, small digital Zigbee radios, RFID, and various other technologies.

Anyone looking to operate a wireless device business in India must have a WPC Certificate. Producers and importers of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-capable products in India are required to obtain a WPC license (ETA certificate) from the Wireless Planning & Coordination division.

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What is a RFID Readers

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification technology. The system includes a small radio transponder, as well as a radio receiver and transmitter. RFID tags are utilized in the manufacturing process. Car manufacturing, drug companies, retail stores, and so on.

It detects and monitors tags connected to items through electromagnetic fields. The reader receives digital data from the tag when it is transmitted back.

activated via an electromagnetic query pulse with an Identifying Inventory number.

Importance of Having an ETA Certificate 

The significance of having an ETA certificate is evident in the following ways:

  • Ensuring legal compliance: It involves making sure that an Organization adheres to all laws pertinent regulations and legal statutes. Frequency spectrum management is the responsibility of WPC and is essential to staying hydrated to maintain good health and proper bodily functions guarantees that the items granted with the ETA Certificate comply with the regulations and national criteria established by the country.
  • Access to the Indian Market: To enter the Indian market, individuals must possess an ETA Certificate a company that focuses on importing, producing, and marketing Wireless products
  • Enhances credibility: Obtaining an ETA Certificate can ignite a sense of trustworthiness the potential customers as it indicates that you are adhering to the national trend achieve compliance with the ETA Certificate to ensure adherence to safety guidelines for humans and proper operational limits ensuring that the product meets all requirements without causing harm to the user's customers.

Fundamental Criteria for Obtaining WPC ETA Approval and Import License.

The fundamental criteria for obtaining WPC ETA approval are outlined below:

  • For international manufacturers without a liaison or branch office in India, it is mandatory to appoint an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR). Having a liaison office/branch office in India will help the manufacturer achieve the status of an Authorized Economic Operator. To obtain an import license, a foreign manufacturer must designate the Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) who must match the one listed in the WPC ETA application.
  • Domestic manufacturers have the option to apply for a WPC ETA license ETA and WPC import license without the need to nominate AIR.

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Different Categories of WPC approval/WPC certification

There are three types of Wireless Planning and Coordination certification (WPC certification) available.

1. License that does not require connection to a network: This particular license is intended for businesses that do not offer network services, such as cable TV providers.

vendors of wireless gadgets. Certain wireless equipment must be purchased, sold, or imported. 

  • License for importing goods: Offered to individuals looking to introduce wireless products for selling in India.
  • License for dealer ownership: Given to individuals or groups who are sellers and suppliers of wireless items.
  • License for individuals who do not sell goods: Given to individuals not in the wireless device sales industry and lacking a WPC permit or authorization.

2. License for network use: This license is intended for companies seeking to utilize radio frequencies in India for communication services.

  • ISP License is a license granted to Internet Service Providers: Services such as mobile networks, cable services, and direct-to-home (DTH) broadcasting are provided to provide Internet services, you need to obtain an ISP license from the authorities DoT stands for Department of Telecommunications.
  • License for experimental purposes: This license is designed for people or groups who wish to devices that are not connected by wires.

3. Approval for a specific type of equipment (ETA)

For items not belonging to the mentioned category, you can apply for a WPC ETA certificate online through the standard process with the relevant RLOs, such as Drones and a unique camera.

WPC Import License

WPC import license is mandatory for bringing in equipment other than broadcast receivers and TVRO systems. After receiving WPC ETA approval, equipment must also acquire an Import license before being imported into India, if necessary.

To get a WPC ETA certification for devices operating on de-licensed frequency bands, a thorough test report from a reputable lab must be sent to WPC INDIA for assessment. We assist our clients in testing their equipment and obtaining the test report in the correct format for submission to WPC India.

Certification of Equipment Type Approval (ETA) for the WPC Process 

  • Validation of EN Standard and RF-Test Report: This initial action is necessary for acquiring WPC ETA certification, with a specific emphasis on the product's frequency range. A self-declaration certificate will be issued if the frequency range is within the required devices under the DE Licence.
  • Preparing Documents: Documents are collected per the frequency range verified in the RF Report for preparation.
  • Online Portal Generation: To generate an online portal, the WPC online application must be completed on the Saral Sanchar portal to obtain login credentials.
  • Online Payment of Government Fee:  Government fee payment will be made through online channels.
  • Submission of Documents: Applicants must submit all necessary documents to the WPC authority online and offline for a particular type of license.
  • Verification of Documents: WPC officials will verify documents along with the RF test report. 
  • Grant of WPC ETA Certificate: WPC officials may ask for any missing documents or additional information if the presented documents are not in order, for clarification purposes.
  • If the WPC officials are pleased with the product's documents and test report, the WPC ETA Certificate will be issued.

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What does the RF Test Report Entail and How can it be Obtained for WPC (ETC) Certification 

Indian regulatory compliance authorities and WPC carefully oversee every aspect before issuing licenses, and we are aware that laboratory analysis is necessary to gather detailed information about any materials or products. The RF report is important in WPC ETA licensing cases.

RF testing involves verifying radio transmission frequencies to ensure the spectrum is being utilized effectively. In this scenario, efficiency refers to radio waves in the airspace not causing interference to each other.

Radiofrequency testing includes a wide range of broadcasts such as Wi-Fi, PMR radio, Cellular devices, and various others. Most regions mandate adherence to frequency standards by the law.

WPC Registration mandates an RF testing report from an ILAC-accredited foreign lab or NABL-accredited Indian lab for products in de-license frequency bands to obtain Equipment Type Approval (ETA).

Manufacturers and importers must have their products tested in an NABL/ILAC accredited laboratory for ETA approval to import or sell their products in India. If the imported item includes more than one RF module, original test reports for each RF module must be submitted for WPC ETA approval.

A comprehensive evaluation of the received equipment by a reputable lab must be provided to WPC for review to obtain WPC ETA Approval for devices operating in de-licensed frequency bands.


The approval process in India, known as WPC ETA Certification, includes different types of approvals that are designed for specific product scopes and applications. To successfully navigate the certification process, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the fundamental requirements for obtaining WPC ETA approval and import licenses. Understanding the importance of the RF (Radio Frequency) test report and knowing how to obtain it is crucial as it is a key component in ensuring compliance.

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WPC ETA- It's mandatory to acquire an Equipment Type approval certificate (WPC ETA LICENSE) for IT and Electronic Products that operate with WiFi & Bluetooth technologies.

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