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Equipment Type Approval (ETA): Process, Documentation, Latest Notification, ETA Consultants

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Introduction: Equipment Type Approval

ETA stands for Equipment Type Approval. To encourage the import of wireless devices into India, the WPC department would need to obtain an Equipment Type Approval. If a product is not WPC-certified and operates in a de-licensed frequency band, it needs to fetch an ETA certificate. Cell phones, Bluetooth systems, RFID, Wi-Fi technology, and other products are protected by WPC's Equipment Type Approval (ETA). Some frequency bands have been designated as license-free, which means that products operating in those frequency bands do not require a WPC license.

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WPC Licenses

The following list is enumerated as follows that deals with the types of licenses issued by WPC:

  • Network License
  • Non-Network License
  • Coordination License
  • Certificates
  • Equipment Type Approval (ETA Approval)
  • Amateur License

Essential Element of ETA

Various essential elements that are constituted under ETA include as follows:

  • All wireless appliances or devices that operate in DE licenced bands should have Equipment Type Approval (ETA).
  • The department of Wireless Planning & Coordination (WPC) manages and monitors the licence.
  • It will just be given to an Indian agency, and not to any overseas manufacturer.
  • The application must be sent together with a full copy of the radio test report (RF test report) from an accredited test laboratory that was performed on the item.
  • Particulars such as video bandwidth, resolution bandwidth, frequency range, sweep, and other parameters must be included in test reports.

Who can apply?

Only Indian agencies are granted this form of equipment approval. No international manufacturer is allowed to request an application for doing the same. Nevertheless, if any foreign manufacturer wishes to apply then an Indian agency would be required to be authorized by them and do the needful by submitting it to with the authority.

ETA Procurement: Procedure

In order to procure ETA, an online application needs to be filed, together with the hard copy of the it, with the department. This application needs to be submitted to the Government of India with the help of a Wireless Adviser in the format provided on the website.

A copy of a Radio Test Report provided by an accredited testing laboratory must be submitted by the applicant. The above RT report is provided by an accredited laboratory after the product has been checked and must include specific information such as measurements and spectrum plot data, such as video/resolution bandwidth, frequency range, and so on.

In order to request an application, one must submit the following information:

  • Manufacturer name
  • Address proof
  • The complete information of the Authorized agency. in case of foreign authority
  • the product's specifications as well as the model number
  • Transmitter and receiver specifications, inclusive of transmission frequency, etc.

ETA Approval: Documents Required

  • Photo ID, proof of ownership of business
  • Address proof of business owner
  • Premises possession proof
  • Document with respect to company
  • Technical guide of product
  • RF Report
  • Letter Head

Validity and renewal of ETA

The ETA is granted for a specific model and entails a validity as long as that model is produced without any modifications.

The ETA Approval does not need to be renewed.

Additional details pertaining to ETA

To aid in the development of ‘Make in India' by manufacturing cutting-edge and high-tech goods for both domestic and international markets, as well as to encourage domestic R&D and innovation, the (DoT) has issued directives liberalizing import parameters for prototype, and test and measurement devices in licence exempt bands without any requirement for ‘Equipment Type Approval (ETA)'.

Furthermore, the DoT has allowed ETA via the self-certification as a leap further towards commercial finished product imports underneath the aforementioned categories, trying to simplify the regulatory framework while ensuring enforcement and lowering transaction costs. These initiatives will make it easier to do business with the government when it comes to controlling consumer wireless devices and will shorten clearance time.

One of the requirements for importing goods that operate in license-exempt bands has been the DoT's Equipment Type Approval (ETA License). It's worth noting that the National Frequency Allocation Plan 2018 took a bold move by raising the license-free spectrum in the 5 GHz band to 605 MHz, paving the way for expanded deployment of Wi-Fi networks, consumer goods, and short-range equipment for a variety of applications in license-free bands.

ETA latest notification

With reference to ETA policy 2018-2019 The WPC authority in India has released a new policy on the criteria for Equipment Type Approval (ETA) for certain types of wireless equipment that operate in licence exempt bands with low transmission power and are exempt from import licensing requirements under the DGFT's import policy.

Commercial / finished goods such as mobile handsets, cell phones, electronic notepads, computers, smart watches, and short range devices such as, microphones, speakers, headphones, printers, scanners, cameras, and other short range devices are allowed to use ETA by self-declaration.

At India Customs, the importer or an approved Indian local representative must self-declare.

Online process

On April 12, 2019, the online facility for procuring ETA by self-declaration was opened upon the DoT's SaralSanchar Portal. 

The following instructions are to be followed by the applicants:

  • Applicants should apply online at saralsanchar
  • If any issue creeps in, the applicants can use the current process by sending an email to by April 30, 2019. All applicants must apply via the SaralSanchar Portal starting from May 1, 2019.
  • The applicant must first create an account on the SaralSanchar Portal. Login credentials would be sent to the applicant's registered mobile number and e-mail address, allowing them to access the system.
  • All product documentation must be uploaded in PDF format on the portal by the applicant.
  • For each model, a payment of Rs 10,000/- is required to be made via the Bharatkosh Portal for the motive of ‘Equipment Type Approval (ETA)'. Sequentially, the payment receipt must be submitted to the SaralSanchar portal.

Corpseed as ETA Consultant

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ETA is one of the licenses issued by WPC and can be availed by following the above-mentioned process which is now easily available through an online facility.

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