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How To Export Furniture From India


Introduction: Export Furniture

India's export of furniture, which is highly profitable and in demand worldwide, is very lucrative. Foreign trade and fiscal policies are encouraging an increase in trading activities as a result of the high demand for highly skilled crafts on a global scale. Businesses in the furniture sector are raising living standards for low- and middle-income people, the nation's economy, and giving India's underdeveloped regions many opportunities. The export of Indian furniture has grown significantly over the past ten years. There are numerous types of furniture businesses around the world, and those that export their products outside of India include those made of plastic, bamboo, plants, wood, and cane. Indians are known for a wide variety of products that are still unknown to the outside world because of a lack of knowledge and a difficult and drawn-out process, so let's simplify it. There is a diverse range of innovative minds and Creative Artisans.

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How to Export Furniture From India

The furniture industry and the export of furniture businesses require extensive documentation and permission licensing for the same; however, India has made several Councils for different categories of products, for the improvement of the "Ease of Doing Business" of the low and middle-income groups as well as the reduction of mandatory physical documentation for the export and import of goods.  The Department of Commerce established the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), a centralized platform for resolving and streamlining export procedures.  A number of programs, including Merchandise Exports from India (MEIS) and Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG), have been made available by the Foreign Trade Policy.

The exporter must properly research the furniture and products they wish to export. Your company's success in the global market will only be a result of choosing the appropriate product and making the right choices.  Among the many types of furniture that are currently in demand in developed nations, there is Indian wood furniture.

Exporters need to consider the current global demand because it is essential to conduct a wide range of research on consumer demand, product demand, product specificity, and importer demand.  The choice of the target market and nation must be accurate, though it may take some time. For more details on the compliances that are necessary for your business, you must contact our Expert team.

The top export destinations for quality goods and furniture from India are developed nations like the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, etc.

Process Required For The Export Of The Furniture From India

For the start of business for the export of furniture outside India, one must register the furniture business as a body or company through an online or offline mechanism.

The export business from India of products relating to furniture and wood is governed by the Export Inspection Council, under the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, a certification body of the government of India with its headquarters in Delhi that ensures the quality and safety of exporting goods from India. The EIC was established through the Export (Quality Control and Inspection) Act, of 1963, which ensures that the development of export trade from India shall be done with the assurance of quality and inspection of matters connected with the same. The EIC ensures the quality, control, and inspection of the products under export and ensures the same through the meetings with the importers in the foreign country with respect to the quality and safety of the products, furniture, and wood. The motive of the EIC is to make the products being manufactured and exported from India acceptable to foreign nations.

  • Registration with the RCMC

The Indian government has established councils to promote the industry because furniture export is crucial for the growth of businesses.  The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) established this platform, and registration is required in order to obtain RCMC. RCMC is a simple mechanism to use for the export of furniture outside of India. Through the integration of this single platform with the CBDT and MCA for the PAN and DIN auto authorization of the registered furniture business export, the exporter gets access to all these platforms easily. Exporters must register with DGFT in order to export goods, according to the customs board.  The certificate has a five-year validity period after being given to the exporter. 

  • Registration of PAN Cards

The exporter must have the PAN (permanent account number) in the name of the business, and the business operation must be done with the PAN, accurate identification, and accounting. 

  • Opening of the Bank Account

The exporter must have the bank account of the business with its current account. The bank account must be in the name of the business being operated. The registered bank account in the name of the business shall only be used for transactional purposes. 

  • Confirmation of the Furniture Product

The type of furniture that is to be exported must be specified by the exporter; that cannot be changed thereafter. A proper study must be conducted by the exporter before the selection of the furniture, looking at the market trend, which should be looked into with the importing country as well. The product must be accompanied by the requirements of the buyer. This is the first and most crucial step in the decision-making process for the success of the business; you must consult with the Export Promotion Council for information regarding potential buyers in the importing country.

  • Determine the Importer

The exporter must identify the importer and confirm the information about the importing nation. It is essential to identify the markets to which the furniture must be exported.  Discover the demand, permission, challenges, and profitability in the importing nation before choosing the importer. Watch out for the virtual world's already-established marketplace that has already entered the furniture market. The Export Promotion Council (EPC) supports exporters and offers advice for the intended importing nation. It also informs exporters of the leading players in the furniture industry in the destination nation who you can contact directly.

Documents Needed for Furniture Export

The export of furniture requires a considerable amount of documentation at the very beginning of the business. Get a detailed understanding and procedure for the documentation from our expert team member in the export domain.

  • IEC (Import export code) / DGFT registration 
  • Valid ID in the name of businesses and applicant 
  • Address proof of the business or project
  • Selection and registration of the Export project from the Foreign Trade Commission 
  • Certification from the Export promotion council.
  • Listing of the project entity
  • PAN card of the project
  • Bank account of the project
  • Shipping bill/Bill of export
  • Commercial invoice/Packing list 
  • Bill of lading/airway bill
  • Foreign exchange control form provided by the RBI (varies from country to country) 
  • Standard certificate of the goods (might be required in the importing country)
  • Certified Engineer’s Report
  • Product Manual
  • Inspection Report  (depend on product to product)
  • Terminal handling receipt from the Ministry of shipping (not mandatory for export)


The export of furniture necessitates extensive licensing, research, and potential, taking into account the market's level of competition. The successful operation of the business depends greatly on an accurate analysis of the types of furniture that are currently popular on the market. Several markets enable the direct sale of furniture on the global market with very little effort on the part of the local manufacturers, but the profit is very low.  In order to speed up the export process, the government has reduced the amount of paperwork and time-consuming procedures, which has decreased the cost of the product and the amount of time needed. This has made trading and business operations easier, which has made cross-border trading simpler for startups. Receive professional guidance and consultation from our knowledgeable team regarding the paperwork and licensing requirements for exporting furniture outside of India, which aids in the compliance aspect of introducing the product to the world market. Let's talk about any compliance issues that may be affecting your companies.

DGFT License

Corpseed will be liaising partners for your import/export license requirement and policy/procedures. We can handhold you through the complete licensing formalities with the Director General Foreign Trade (DGFT).

DGFT eBRC Certificate

Team Corpseed will help your organization to apply for eBRC Certificate Online. Electronic bank realization certificate is issued by banks to the exporter for the purpose of claiming benefits under the various schemes of the Foreign Trade Policy

Import Export Code

IEC (Import Export Code) license is mandatory certificate to get before starting any business related to import or export of goods from one country to another. Apply for IEC Code to avoid any penalties from port authorities. No Hidden Fees.

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