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World GDP Ranking 2024 List


The value of products and administrations made inside a nation in a particular year is known as GDP or “Gross Domestic Product”. A reliable level of financial extension appears that the country is monetarily strong. India is positioned as the fifth biggest economy in the world based on the World GDP Positioning 2024. The list of GDP rankings incorporates nations like the Joined together States, China, Japan, Germany, and others.

What is GDP Ranking?

GDP is a metric that quantifies the overall profitable affair of a nation by taking into account the total value of all goods and services created within a certain timeframe,  similar to a quarter or a time. It's a pivotal measure of a nation's profitable health, indicating its internal affairs. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a very pivotal thing that measure for assessing the magnitude of a country's providence.  

The conventional way to measure a country's GDP is through the expenditure system, which adds to up spending on new consumer goods or products and investments. This composition aims to give details about the top ten leading husbandry in 2024, ranked according to their GDP. Every country has unique features and strengths from different regions that impact its overall profitable position.

What is the importance of GDP in the Global Economy?

The importance of DGP in the Globally Economically is play a vital role for any nation and their importance is also mentioned below:

  • The financial well-being: our country is decided by Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which calculates the generally money related esteem of all items and administrations made inside our country's boundaries every year. The GDP number appears how solid our economy is and highlights regions that require enhancement.
  • Monitoring GDP information: It is pivotal since it helps governments in making educated arrangement choices, makes a difference businesses to arrange investments and operations, and empowers financial analysts to analyze GDP patterns for anticipating future financial conditions. A rise in GDP for the most part demonstrates extension and riches, whereas a decrease can recommend a financial lull or recession.
  • The significance of GDP: Goes past just the country's borders and has impacts on a worldwide scale. Countries with tall GDP play a noteworthy part in worldwide exchange and financial steadiness as their strong customer obtaining control benefits businesses worldwide.

Top 10 GDP Countries 2024:

The United States of America has the biggest economy universally, outperforming 20 trillion dollars in GDP. China's significant financial speculations put it on course to possibly overtake the U.S. in the close future. Germany, India, and the United Kingdom are also driving countries near behind.

For finding out the beat 10 GDP nations, it would be ideal if you consult the list given here:

S. No. County Name Continent Name GDP(USD BILLION)
1 United States America 28,783
2 China Asia 18,536
3 Germany Europe 4,730
4 Japan Asia 4,112
5 India Asia 3,942
6 United Kingdom Europe 3,502
7 France Europe 3,132
8 Brazil America 2,333
9 Italy Europe 2,332
10 Canada America 2,242

India GDP 2024 Rank

Now India is youth, skills and tech se­ctor drive in its success. As a part major economy, India collect more­ global impact. Its growth will be continue in years ahead.

In 2024, the country United Sates and China remain as a dominant or more powerful. But India emerges among the world’s five biggest e­conomies GDP. This structures shows shifting economic power and India’s rising influence.

What is India Per-Capita Income in 2024?

The 2024 World GDP Ranking highlights India's vital position in terms of per capita yield. The Union government expressed that due to India's per capita income coming to 2.85% in 2024, various family units have moved up to higher wage categories.

During the financial year 2023, India saw its per capita salary rise to about 2 lakh, appearing to be a critical jump from 71,609 in the monetary year 2012, speaking to a development of 175% over the final decade. The considerable rise in populace and work requests has contributed to a stamped increment in the country's GDP per capita.

What Is India’s Growth Rate - Last 10 Years

If we calculates the GDP rate from the last ten years it includes the more vale for goods and their services produces for market and non-market sale productions, like as governments-provides educations or defences services GDP is playing an important pert like size economy is measured by the whole production of goods and services in the economy.

In the following, India’s economy is expected to make high in the upcoming years. With 8.2% growth rate and it will also show that India will be one of the fastest- growing trillion-dollar economies in the whole world in 2o24.

The table of India Growth rate is mentioned below:

Year GDP Growth (%) Annual Change
2013 6.39% 0.93%
2014 7.41% 1.02%
2015 8.00% 0.59%
2016 8.26% 0.26%
2017 6.80% -1.46%
2018 6.45% -0.34%
2019 3.74% -2.72%
2020 -6.60% -10.33%
2021 8.68% 15.28%
2022 7% 1.68%
2023 8.2% 1% -0.2%


GDP (GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT) is calculated using the following formula:

Y = C + I + G + (X − M)

C represents consumption, which carry spending on services, non-durable goods, and durable goods.

I represents investment, which consists of spending on housing and equipment and tools.

G represents government expenditure, which includes or involves salaries of company employees, construction of roads, railways, airports, schools, and military expenses.

The difference between both total exports and imports is referred to as net exports, denoted by (X-M).

In this phase, Y represents the GDP (Gross Domestic Product).


In this year 2024 India brought a world full of economic opportunities and hurdles. But the Global Economic Powerhouse’s disclose painted growth and resilience. As we explored GDP and global economic landscapes, key players emerged: the United States, China, Japan, and India’s remarkable economic rise. India’s economic journey unveiled a tale of foreign investme­nts, domestic empowerment, and technological prowess. There are many service sector boom, agricultural advancements, and software development fold India’s economic engine to new heights. Despite challenges like skill gaps and rural-urban divides, India’s 2025 outlook shines with robust government support and visionary leadership.

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