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Sattvik Certification for Vegetarian Food Businesses


Are you a vegetarian eater looking for a way to ensure the purity and authenticity of the food you consume? Look no further, as the Sattvik Certification for Vegetarian Food is provided to the food businesses for the same purpose. Whether you follow a vegetarian diet for religious, ethical, or health reasons, Sattvik Certification can provide you with the assurance you need. With a focus on natural ingredients and traditional cooking methods, Sattvik-certified food is not only delicious but also nourishing for both your body and mind. By choosing Sattvik-certified products, you support sustainable agriculture, as these foods are produced using environmentally friendly practices. In this article, we will explore the benefits and impact of Sattvik Food Certification. If you are passionate about vegetarianism and want to make informed choices about the food you consume, read on to discover how Sattvik Food Certification can elevate your eating experience.

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What is Sattvik Food?

According to the Sattvik Council of India, the Sattvik Certification is provided to businesses that comply with the Sattvik Standards. Mainly there are four types of Sattvik standards that need to be followed by the businesses in order to get the Sattvik Food Certification. As per the standard used to prepare a particular food product, the business gets that specific Sattvik Food Certification.  The types of Satvik Food which are available for Certification are as follows-

  • Sattvik Sattvam:- For following the Sattvik Concept in food preparation.
  • Sattvik Vegetarian:- For the usage of only vegetarian food.
  • Sattvik Vegan:- For Vegetarian food excluding animal-based products like milk etc.
  • Sattvik Jain:- For the usage of vegetarian ingredients except the underground vegetables like onion, potato, garlic etc.

Importance of Sattvik Food Certification

Food certification exists in India and the regulatory authority for the same is FSSAI which stands for Food Safety Standards Authority in India. This governing body provides certification for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The food packages certified by FSSAI carry a visual representation mark according to their category. Apart from this, there is also a certification available for meat products. But Sattvik Certification is the first certification exclusive to vegetarian food. Sattvik Council is providing certification globally to food businesses that comply with the Satvik Standards for Food Preparation. It is an important milestone for the vegetarian food industry which highlights the importance of vegetarian food consumption for health benefits.

Benefits of Sattvik Food Certification

The Sattvik Vegetarian Food Certification provides many benefits to various stakeholders in many ways. Some of the benefits that vegetarian eaters will enjoy are as follows-

  • It will open new opportunities for vegetarian vendors as trust in the market will be generated through the certification.
  • Consumers will prefer buying the Sattvik-certified vegetarian products as they are more trustworthy than the uncertified products.
  • The food experts consider the vegetarian diet healthy; hence, the Sattvik Certification will contribute to public health.
  • The cost-efficient practices as prescribed by the Sattvik Concept of food preparation also help reduce overall food costs.
  • Better public health will also reduce government costs spent on public health management.
  • The Sattvik certification will promote healthy vegetarian food habits across the globe.

How Sattvik Certification Ensures Quality and Purity

The Sattvik Certification is only provided to the food businesses that follow stringent Sattvik Food Standards. To ensure that businesses comply with these standards, the council tests the premises and assesses the food processing techniques used in their manufacturing factories. It also inspects the raw materials, their origin and the final packaging of the processed food. Only after a due audit of all these factors, the Sattvik Certification is provided to the business.

But now the question may arise- what if the business stops following the standards after getting Sattvik-certified? To curb non-compliance with the conditions of the Sattvik Certification, the council gets into an agreement with the representative of such business which enforces the manufacturer to comply with the conditions for a period of one year and after teh expiry of such period, the food business needs to get the Sattvik Certification renewed. At the time of renewal, the council reassess the manufacturing practices and ingredients used to manufacture the products seeking certification and then issues the Sattvik Certificate. It ensures the quality and purity of the products that are Sattvik-certified.

How Can Businesses Obtain Sattvik Certification?

The Sattvik certification can be issued to the businesses after the due process of audit. The audit takes place at the request of the business operator and the procedure involves the following steps-

  • An application has to be submitted to the council with the details of the products requiring certification.
  • The application is reviewed by the council and according to the type and quantity of products, the audit and certification fee is determined which is later conveyed to the applicant.
  • The council gets into an agreement with the applicant followed by the audit process.
  • The audit includes the inspection of the raw materials, preparation methods, and packaging of the prepared food.
  • If the council is satisfied with the standards followed in the manufacturing of food then it sends an agreement for the certification to the applicant.
  • After the applicant food business signs the agreement to follow the same standards until the validity of Sattvik certification, a Sattvik Certificate is issued by the council to this applicant.
  • The certificate remains valid for a period of one year and the recipient of the certificate needs to recertify its products to keep using the privileges that come with Sattvik Certification such as the Sattvik Certified Mark.

Sattvik Certification Labels and Symbols

The Sattvik certification label is provided to Sattvik-certified businesses. They can only use it with their specific products that received the Sattvik certification. Vegetarian consumers can look for this symbol which implies that the food is prepared according to the stringent Sattvik standards and safe to consume by the vegetarians. The certification mark carries the trust originated by the reliable audit process of the Sattvik Council.

Impact of Sattvik Food Certification on Health and Well-Being

The Sattvik Food Certification improves health and well-being by ensuring the availability of safe, high-quality vegetarian food products. Prohibiting non-vegetarian ingredients reduces health risks, promotes food hygiene, and enhances the overall quality of life for consumers. It also aids in curbing public health issues by encouraging the consumption of healthy vegetarian diets. With different certification types catering to diverse dietary preferences, it ensures that individuals can make informed choices aligned with their beliefs and lifestyles. The certification's rigorous evaluation process and compliance requirements ensure that certified businesses uphold high standards, fostering consumer trust and confidence in Sattvik-certified products.


In conclusion, the Sattvik Food Certification plays a pivotal role in ensuring the availability of safe and authentic vegetarian food products, offering consumers the assurance they need. By promoting sustainable agriculture and emphasising traditional cooking methods, the certification not only guarantees the purity and quality of food but also supports a healthier and more mindful lifestyle. With its stringent evaluation process and adherence to Sattvik Standards, the certification has enhanced food hygiene, reduced health risks, and fostered public well-being. As businesses continue to embrace the Sattvik Certification, consumers can look forward to a more trustworthy and diverse range of vegetarian options, leading to a positive impact on the overall eating habits of vegetarian consumers.


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