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Online Vendor Registration Process for Swiggy


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Due to fast paced life style in Indian metro cities, most of the people stying there prefer a quick solution to ther food requirements. Swiggy is the nation's largest as well as fastest growing food distribution mobile application. It strives to supply a full food ordering and also delivery solution to the food lovers  by delivering foods from the very best nearby restaurant. This service facility has its own devoted delivery employees to pick up orders from restaurents and deliver it to the respective customers. This has made a number of food courts to tie up with Swiggy in order to reach out to lots of people. In this write-up, we check out the procedure of Swiggy Registration for restaurants.

Swiggy Mission

Swiggy has actually come up with creative approaches to give full food ordering as well as deliver solutions  from the neighborhood restaurants to the metropolitan foodies. The delivery gigantic intends to connect to the foodaholics with its app-based modern technology.

What Are The Benefits of Becoming Swiggy Partner

A Food court or Food restaurant can obtain the advantages by becoming a Swiggy vendor.

- A Food court or Food restaurant can connect to lots of food consumers therefore producing even more sales then expected.

- A restaurant needs to invest only to obtain a commercial area and there will certainly be no requirement to invest money on establishing a restaurent. By doing so a restaurant owner can certainly minimize restaurant operation cost.

- The delivery procedures will certainly be taken care of by Swiggy and there will certainly be no demand to look out for outside delivery people or to engage automobiles to deliver food to the consumers.

Procedure to become partner with Swiggy

Online food ordering is progressively increasing and this has actually aroused a number of dining establishments to partner with Swiggy The procedure to partner with Swiggy is described below.

Step 1: Contact Swiggy.

To become vendor with Swiggy, the dining restaurent needs to leave an inquiry on the Swiggy Webpage.

Step 2: Connecting with a Sales Representative

A sales representative from Swiggy will certainly get in touch with the applicant.

Step 3: Consulting With Sales Rep

A Rep of Swiggy will meet the applicant personally to determine their demands and also other needs.

Step 4: Accepting Swiggy terms & conditions

The applicant as well as the sales reps has to enter into an agreement.

Step 5 Document Collection

After accepting the terms & conditions, few documents have to be collected from applicant by Swiggy representative.

Step 6: Becoming a Swiggy Partner

After the completion of all manditory formalities, the restaurent will certainly be confirmed as Swiggy registered vendor.

Documents Required for Swiggy online Registration Process

- FSSAI registration.

- Company PAN Card.

- A cancelled cheque for Swiggy restaurant registration.

- A copy of GST Enrollment and also the tax information.

- Information of the owners.

Commission Charged by Swiggy

Swiggy charges a commission of 15%-25% in developing markets such as Bengaluru and in places where a restaurant is new to the local community. A compensation of 16% have to be remitted to Swiggy by the restaurant. On the other hand, a compensation of 4%-7% have to be sustained to advertise the restaurent.


Get help from an experienced legal adviser. Schedule your consultation at a time that works for you and it's absolutely FREE.

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