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How To Correct Spelling Mistake In Birth Certificate Online


The Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969

An Act to regulate the registration of births and deaths, as well as other matters related thereto.

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In the Twentieth Year of the Republic of India, be it passed by Parliament as follows:

  • The Registration of Births and Deaths Act of 1969 is the official name for this legislation.
  • It covers the entire country of India.

It takes effect in a State on the date set by the Central Government by notification in the Official Gazette:

  • Provided, however, that various dates may be set for different regions of a state.

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It is a legal document that contains information about your birth, such as the date and location of your birth, as well as the names of your parents. In India, a birth certificate is issued by the local Municipal Corporation.


Every state has its own protocol for birth certificate correction, which can involve a name change on the certificate, a spelling error on the certificate, or a spelling error in the parents' names. As a result, the procedure must be double-checked before filling out and requesting for adjustments.

Corrections to birth certificates can be made both offline and online, and the method is as follows:

Online Method

At the following link, you can easily and quickly change your name on your birth certificate.

The following is the method to follow in order to fix a spelling mistake on a birth certificate or to correct a birth certificate:

  • Fill out the form with the right information.
  • Following that, you must pay your fees. For one and everyone, the charge is usually quite low.
  • After that, the computer generates a unique id that is sent.
  • In addition, the procedure has been completed, and the birth certificate has been amended.

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Types of Birth Certificate Correction Along With Required Documents 

Apart from the spelling mistake on the birth certificate, this birthday card with name may require other alterations. These are a few examples:

  • Correction of an individual's first, middle, or date of birth: For an adult, the school documentation must be submitted along with the affidavit. The most important element is that the proof document must have the date of birth, or be a so-called birthday card with name.
  • When a person's last name needs to be corrected: Father's documentation must be submitted, or if the child's mother's last name is required, the mother's document must be submitted.
  • When the birth year needs to be corrected, a document from the school that holds the date of birth must be given.
  • Parent’s name Correction: The marriage certificate, as well as any other documents related to the marriage, must be submitted.

Needs of Birth Certificate

  • NPR Registration
  • Parentage 
  • Employment age proof
  • Passport application
  • Immigration required
  • Marriage age proof
  • Insurance reasons
  • Establishing age for enrolling in electoral rolls

As a result, birth certificate rectification is not a difficult process, but it is only relevant in particular circumstances and must be carefully verified while filling in the facts to avoid future errors. Even in India, each state has its own system for changing a name, thus all rules and procedures must be followed in accordance with the criteria.

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