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Hotel Star Classification in India


Overview: Hotel Star Classification

In this blog, we shall discuss hotel star classification through which hotels are classified on the basis of their services such as lounge, TV facilities, room service, Inter telecom, etc. 

A hotel is an essential component of tourism products. They contribute to the overall tourism experience through the standards of facilities, amenities, and services offered by them. The Ministry of Tourism aims to provide contemporary standards and facilities and services, the Ministry of Tourism has a voluntary scheme for approval of Hotel Projects in the following categories. 

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The Department of Tourism, Government of India classifies hotels under the star system in India. There is a committee known as the Hotels and Restaurants Approval and classification committee (HRACC) which is governed by D.G. tourism. It comprises representatives from the principal of the regional Institute of Hotel Management. Hotel star classification defines the hotel's ratings and performance and it was developed to ensure the safety and reliability of lodging and food for travelers at a time when very few such trustworthy hotels existed. 

Most countries allow various classification systems for hotels in accordance with the chain name and type of hotels. However, there is no international classification standard that has been followed. Following is the list of hotel stars. 

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What Is The Classification Of Hotels By Star Rating?

Below mention is the list of hotel in which categories of each hotel is defined briefly: 

One-Star Hotels 

In this classification, hotels are independently owned and small in comparison to others, they give a family atmosphere. Services provided in this are informal by the owner of the Family on an informal basis. There is a limited range of facilities and meals, for instance, lunch may not be served. Also, it served a variety of new meals from the traditional home style. Bedrooms may not have en suite bathroom showers. Maintenance, cleanliness, and comfort should however always be of priority.   

Two-star Hotels

In this classification, hotels will typically be small in comparison to medium-sized ones. This star offers more extensive facilities than at the one-star level. Some business hotels come into the two-star classification and guests can expect comfort. Well, equipped overnight accommodation. It aims for a more professional presentation at the one-star level and offers a wide range of straightforward services, including food items, drinks, etc.  

Three-star Hotels

In this classification, hotels provide different facilities compared to one or two-star hotels. 3-star Hotels are usually of a size to support higher staffing levels and significantly greater quality and range of facilities in comparison to others. The reception area and public rooms are more spacious. All guests and bedrooms have en suite bathroom showers. Also, it offers a good standard of comfort and equipment such as inter telecom facilities, a hair dryer, and toiletries in the bathroom. Besides this, some provisions for business travelers will be given such as meals and free access to the lounge/restaurant. 

Four-star Hotels 

Expectations in this classification are much more luxurious as well as fancy decor in the rooms. Also, some fancy equipment in every area of the hotel. Such as bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas, etc. bedrooms are more spacious than that of the lower star levels and have well-designed coordinates furnishing and decor. The en suite bathrooms have fixed showers on them. 24 hours room service, laundry, and dry cleaning facility. The restaurant will illustrate a serious approach to its cuisine.  

Five-star hotels 

In this classification, the services are more luxurious because of their classification in this category. In this category, customers experience a more lavish lifestyle as they give more spacious and luxurious accommodations throughout the hotel. This is one of the most luxurious classifications of hotels in this category. Customers experience a much better class and environment. Furnishing should be immaculate and formal. The restaurants will demonstrate a high level of cleanliness, and technical skills in F&B production to the highest international standards. Staff will be very acknowledgeable and helpful well versed with visitors in all aspects of customer care and combining efficiency with courtesy. 

Eligibility to apply in hotel classification 

Hotels must fulfill the basic requirements to be eligible to apply. The hotels should adhere to the following instructions such as the carpet area of the following rooms and the area of the bathrooms should be following units. 

Hotels classification on the basis of carpet area. Single AC room Double AC  room Bathroom
5-star Deluxe & 5-star hotels 180sq. ft 200 sq ft. 45 sq. ft
4-star hotel & 3-star hotel 120 sq. ft 140 sq ft 36 sq. ft
2 star & 1-star hotel 100 sq. ft 120 sq. ft 30 sq. ft (or subject to local by-laws)

Important Guidelines for Approval of Hotel Projects and Star Classification 

Applications for approval of the hotel Project Stage and Classification/Re-classification of Operational Hotels under 3 Star, 2 Star, and 1 Star categories with the requisite fee may be submitted online to the concerned Regional Director, India Tourism Office in whose region the hotel project or Operational hotel is located at 

Queries regarding the hotel classification may be addressed to the concerned Regional Director, India Tourism Office. The addresses of the regional directors are mentioned below. 

  • MUMBAI: Regional Director, India Tourism (Western & Central Region), 123 Maharshi Karve Road, Mumbai - 400 020 
  • NEW DELHI: Regional Director, India Tourism (Northern Region), 88 Janpath, New Delhi - 110 001 
  • CHENNAI: Regional Director, India Tourism (Southern Region), 154 Anna Salai, Chennai-600002 
  • ASSAM: Regional Director, India Tourism (Eastern Region), 'Embassy', 4 Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata - 700 071 v. Regional Director, India Tourism (North Eastern Region), Assam Paryatan Bhawan, 3rd Floor, Near Nepali Mandir, A.K. Azad Road, Paltan Bazar, Guwahati - 781 008 

Hotels are classified on the basis of categories once they become operational, subject to the hotel applying for such classification and being found fit for the classification. Hotels projects are approved at the implementation stage. 

General Terms and Conditions of hotels projects for approval of hotel at the project level 

The Hotels Project approval will be granted for a period of 5 years. However, the Project Approval will cease to be valid 3 months prior to the date of expiry of such approval, or with effect from the date, the hotel becomes operational, even if all its rooms are not ready, whichever is earlier. 

Applicant must apply for the hotel star classification within 3 months of the hotel becoming operational. The Application for project approval will be submitted on the portal complete in all the details as per the details mentioned below. 

The application format should contain the following information 

  • Proposed name of the Hotel 
  • Name of the promoters with a note on the business history in not more than 60 words
  • Complete the postal address of the promoter with Telephone, Fax, and Email address. 
  • Status of the owner/promoter: 
  1. If Public/private limited company, the copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  2. If Partnership, a copy of the Partnership Deed and Certificate of Registration.
  3. If a proprietary concern, name, and address of proprietor/ Certificate of Registration.
  • Location hotel site with a postal address
  • Details of the site: 
  1. Area (in sq. ft)
  2. Title owned/leased with a copy of the sale/lease agreement 
  3. Copy of land use permit issued by the competent authority to construct hotel from local authorities. 
  4. Distance in km from  (a) Railway station, (b) Airport, C) Main shopping center
  • Details of the project: 
  1. Copy of Feasibility Report
  2. Star category planned 
  3. Number of rooms (with attached toilets) and size for each type of room (in sq. ft) 
  4. Size of bathrooms (in sq. ft.) 
  5. Size of the public areas in sq. ft such as restaurant, lounge, bar, shopping mall, banquet hall, conference hall, health club, parking facilities (with no. of vehicles)  
  6. Facilities available for a differently abled guest room (with attached toilets in the rooms, ramps for free accessibility in public areas) and at least one restaurant, designated toilet (unisex) at lobby level. 
  7. Eco-friendly practices a) sewage treatment plant, b) rainwater harvesting, c) Pollution control method for light, water, and air d) waste management. 
  8. Energy/ Water conservation (use of CFL lamps, solar energy, water-saving devices/taps)  
  9. Details of fire fighting measures/ Hydrants, etc. 
  10. The Date by which the project is expected to be completed and become operational. 
  11. Any other additional facilities.
  12. Security-related features. 
  13. Hotel buildings in hilly and ecologically fragile areas should incorporate creative architecture keeping in mind sustainability and energy efficiency as far as possible in conformity with local art and architecture with the use of local materials.

Application Procedure for Registering Online 

  • To register, choose the “New Hotel Registration” option from the Home page of the classification, Approvals, and Occupancy of the hotel on the website or directly from the

website login

  • This form will expire if you leave it idle for 20 minutes or more. 
  • Fill out the application form

application form

  • Enter the hotel name along with all the information regarding the hotel such as address (including state, city, and Pincode) phone number, fax number, and website name. 
  • After providing the above details you need to select the type of hotel you’re registering for (heritage or star category).
  • Provide contact details and the email address of the owner.
  • Enter 10 digit mobile number, then click on generate a code to get the verification code. As soon as you receive the verification code either on the email address or phone number. Enter into the form provided.  
  • After completing the registration form, please click on the SUBMIT button. 
  • After complete submission of the form.

Inspection for hotels will be conducted after the completion of registration  

Allotment of hotels for inspection to an officer nominated as Chairperson of inspection committee: Within 15 working days of receipt of application free from all deficiencies, and confirmation of receipt of application fee. 

Inspection has to be scheduled within 40 working days of communication of nomination of an officer as Chairperson, by the nominated officer. 

Important License/certification required during the inspection under Hotel Star Classification

Below mentioned are the list of required licenses and certifications while inspection under the Hotel star classification: 

  • Certificate/license from the authority or corporation to show that the establishment is registered as a hotel. 
  • No Objection Certificate from the Fire service department (fire brigade authority) 
  • Affidavit in prescribed format for all clearances on stamp paper of Rs.100/-. 
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the police department.
  • CTO(Consent to operate) from the state pollution control board 
  • Bar License wherever it is applicable. \
  • NOC from the Ministry of Environment and forests 
  • NOC from the Airport Authority of India for hotels located near the Airport
  • Coastal regulation zone (CRZ) clearance wherever applicable 
  • Land use permission
  • Building plans are duly sanctioned and approved by the competent authority.
  • Occupancy Certificate
  • Sewage treatment plant 

Fees structure for different categories of hotels 

The fees under the project approval for hotel star classification and subsequent extension (If required) which payable only by the RTGS/NEFT/Credit and Debit Card.

Star Category Amount (in Rs)
1- star 15,000
2- star 12,000
3- star 8,000
4- star 6,000
5- star 5,000
Heritage Category 12,000

Building Plans For Hotel Star Classification

It should be signed by the owner, and the architect and approved by the authority: 

  • Site plan 
  • Front and side elevation 
  • Floor plans for all floors
  • Detail of guest rooms and bathrooms with dimensions in sq. ft. 
  • Details of Fire Fighting Measures/ Hydrants, etc.
  • Details of Air conditioning in guest rooms and public areas. 

Note: Sewage treatment plant will not be a mandatory condition for hotels that have obtained completion certificate for construction before 01. 04. 2012. 

Local Approvals Required For the Registration under Hotel Star Classification 

  • Municipal Authority
  • Concerned Police Authority 
  • Any other local authority as may be required such as Pollution Control Board/ Ministry of Environment & Forests etc.
  • Approval / NOC from the Airports Authority of India for projects located near the Airport.  


In this BLOG, we have discussed all the important factors of hotel star classification. There are some important licenses for the approval of hotel star classification such as bar license, NOC from the Ministry of environment, etc. Please keep in mind all the important factors that have been discussed above. 

CORPSEED will help you in getting all the required licenses for registering under the hotel star classification, Also, we will help you with all the information regarding the procedure for the same.

This portion of the site is for informational purposes only. The content is not legal advice. The statements and opinions are the expression of author, not corpseed, and have not been evaluated by corpseed for accuracy, completeness, or changes in the law.


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