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Cosmetic Import Registration in India


Introduction: Cosmetic Import Registration in India

Hey Corpseed readers, today we are going to tell you about how you can import cosmetics in India and what permissions will require for importing cosmetics products in India, and Who is eligible to obtain CDSCO Cosmetic Import Registration in India. In India, all cosmetics are regulated under section 3(aaa) of the drugs and cosmetics Act 1940 and rules 1945. According to this Act, Every article which has an intended use of Rubbed, Poured, sprinkled or sprayed on, or going to apply on any of the human body parts would be considered a Cosmetic in India. The intended use of these types of products could be beautifying, promoting attractiveness, altering appearance, and so on. CDSCO (central drug standard control organization) issues a Cosmetic Import license.

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Before starting the process of importing cosmetic products in India, the Applicant must have a certificate from the primary regulatory authorities, Applicant can get this certificate the certification from the central drug standard control organization. Once get the cosmetic import license, you can easily import cosmetic products to India without any problem but you need to follow the regulations of the Drug and Cosmetic Act, 1940. 

The CDSCO has listed some requirements in the Ninth Schedule, as well as any other applicable quality and safety standards and other restrictions that have to be on point if anyone wants to import any cosmetic products in India. The laws, requirements, and standards applicable to cosmetics in the country of origin must be followed even if it is not on the Ninth Schedule of CDSCO. Now let’s read who can apply for the CDSCO cosmetic Import registration in India

Who is eligible to obtain CDSCO Cosmetic Import Registration in India?

Here is a list of people who are eligible to obtain the CDSCO cosmetic import license as per the regulations of the drugs and cosmetic Act, 1945: 

  • An Authorised Agent:- An Authorised dealer can register himself on the CDSCO portal and he can apply for the cosmetic import license.  
  • Manufacturer’s subsidiaries:- Any Indian subsidiary company which has its parent company out of India. Indian cosmetic subsidiary companies can apply for a Cosmetic Import license on the behalf of their manufacturer.       
  • Cosmetic Manufacturer:- Yes, if you are a cosmetic manufacturer in India, you can apply for a CDSCO cosmetic import license. 
  • Other Importers:- If there is any other importer out there who wants to import cosmetics import is eligible to apply for the CDSCO cosmetic import license. 

What are the documents required for the CDSCO cosmetics import license?

Here is a list of required documents to obtain a CDSCO Cosmetic import license: 

  • Primarily, the applicant (Importer) needs to prepare a Covering letter with all the documents.
  • The importer must have original power of attorney to establish the connection between the manufacturer of the product and the importer of the product. 
  • The importer must have a free sale certification document.
  • A manufacturing license and marketing authorization letter would also require for the application of a cosmetic import license. 
  • Applicants must have a copy of the label of the product they are importing.
  • Applicants need to download the form COS-1 from the sugam CDSCO portal. Earlier, this form was named form 42. 
  • Applicant must get the signature of the manufacturer and authorized agent on the schedule D lll document. 
  • Importers need to mention the product specification and testing protocols of the product. 
  • The importer must have a No-Objection certificate from Central Pollution Control Board.  You can read our blog to know about NOC from the Central Pollution Control Board
  • The importer must have a layout plan of the company premises. 
  • Applicant needs to show the rental agreement of the premises if he rents the premises. 
  • Applicant will need a list of laboratory equipment used in the lab. 
  • If Applicant has installed some manufacturing machines then they must have a List of machines installed for manufacturing. 

What is the Procedure to obtain a CDSCO cosmetic import license: 

Portal Registration:- Initially applicant needs to register himself on the CDSCO portal. In case the applicant already has an active CDSCO registration then he/she can directly proceed to the cosmetic import license application.  Here is a list of steps for the CDSCO Cosmetics import license:

  • Initially, the Applicant needs to submit an online form of registration. 
  • Applicants need to upload all the mentioned documents on the CDSCO online portal. Documents such as Applicant’s Aadhar card, copy of BE or BA Site registration (if applicable), Government undertaking from a government authority, Etc. would be required. 
  • In any case, if CDCO rejects your registration application, they will specify the reason behind it. Applicants can fulfill the required requirements to get CDSCO medical device portal registration. 

The application process for the CDSCO cosmetic import license 

Now once you are done with the portal registration, the Applicant needs to start the procedure for a Cosmetic import license:

  • Firstly, the applicant needs to visit the CDSCO sugam website cdscoonline
  • Applicant needs to open the form COS-1 of sugam portal.
  • Applicant (Importer) needs to fill all the specific details in form COS-1 and those details have to be correct and specific. 
  • After filling all the details correctly, you need to upload the required documents which have to be authorized by the manufacturer.
  • Applicants need to submit the application.
  • After that, you need to pay the requisite fees which could differ on the basis of how many no. of cosmetic products you are going to import. 
  • The application procedure will be finished after paying the application fees amount then after approval, you will get the COS-2 Import Registration Certificate. 

No one can import cosmetic products into India without permission. Only those cosmetic products can be imported into our country which satisfy certain requirements. These requirements are specifically mentioned in the Ninth Schedule of CDSCO, as well as any other applicable quality and safety standards and other restrictions. If that cosmetic is not mentioned in the list Ninth Schedule, it must meet the requirements, rules, specifications, and standards that are relevant to it in the origin country of that company.


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