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A Complete Overview Of Society Registration Procedure In India


Introduction: Society Registration Act

Hey Corpseed readers, today we are going to talk about the complete society registration there is no specific definition given for the Societies under the Act. The act is governed with the motive to bring uniformity and legalize the process of Registration of the societies, The Societies are formed with the general purpose of promotional activities such as Education, Promotion of culture, and Art with the motive of Social welfare. Societies are formed for charitable purposes, promotional activities, etc.

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The Societies are registered to give it legal recognition as a Legal entity. After getting recognition as a legal entity the Societies have the right to rent, sell, buy or enter into a contract in the name of the Society, however, the member of the Society does not have any right over the Property of the Society. The one who is looking for the registration of the Society has to go through the prescribed process given below and has to abide by the specific terms that are made mandatory through the Society Registration Act, 1986, let’s understand the same. How To Register Society In India

How to Register a Society

Any group of people can start a society whether they are Indian citizens, foreigners, businesses, or some other people. All registered societies are able to get a memorandum from the society. There are many types of Societies in India, some of them are registered and others are unregistered. Only those societies in India that have registered themselves under the society act, of 1860 have the ability to own vested property as a society and those societies can also claim lawsuits for/against the society.  

The government of a state is responsible for procedures and management of society registrations in India and because of that, the application for every society registration must be submitted to the relevant regional agency of the State government or where the society registrar office is located. Primarily, all the founding members of the society must come to a common platform to structure an agreement on the name of the society and form the Memorandum and Rules and Regulations of the Society before the Society can be registered. 

What Is The Procedure For Selecting A Name For The Society?

Before all the members of society select a good name for society registration, they need to make sure that according to the Societies Act, 1860, the same or similar name of the currently registered society would not be applicable for the registration. Furthermore, the proposed name by the society must not imply that the government of state or the Government of India is protected in a specific way as mentioned under the 1950 provisions of the Emblems and Names Act.

Documents Required For Society Registration In India?

Here is a list of all the required documents for the Society Registration in India:

PAN Card of all the members of society - The PAN card of all the members of the proposed society would be required for the society registration. These PAN card will have to be submitted along with the application from.

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The residence Proof of All the Members of Society-

Residence proof of all the members of the society would be required for the society registration. These documents will also have to be submitted with the application form of society registration. Residence proof could be a document such as Bank Statement, Aadhar Card, Utility Bill, Driving License, and Passport.

What is MOA (Memorandum of Association)

The memorandum of association is one of the most important documents for society registration. The names of all the members of the society, addresses, and designations of all the members and information about their occupations of all of them must be specifically mentioned in the memorandum of association. Each established member, gazetted officer, notary public, chartered accountant, oath commissioner, advocate, magistrate, a first-class or chartered accountant, must sign the memorandum and the society's rules and regulations, adding their official stamp and full address.

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What is AOA (Articles of Association)

AOA (Articles of Association) is also an important document required fir society registration process. The Articles of Association of society must contain the rules and regulations for the management of society. Applicant need to mention all the prescribed information in article of association. Furthermore, every society is free to put any additional information in its AOA document that would be an important and official document of management.

(Once the rules are established by the members of society, they could be modified as per the requirement of the society. however, the Secretary, Chairman, President, and Vice President of the society must sign an agreement of modified rules in order for them to function)

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A Covering Letter Of All The Mentioned Documents

A cover letter includes complete information about the goal or reason of organization is being founded and this will be attached in the front of the application for society registration. The cover letter must contain the signatures of all the members of the proposed society.

Address Proof Of All The Members Of Society

Address proof of the society is not a compulsory document for the registration of society. Address proof is a document to represent the location of the register's office of the society. The applicant also need to attach NOC from the landlord of the place if the office place is rented. 

Governing Body

Governing body includes a list of all members of governing body of the society with the signature of each member. 

A Declaration (Signed By The President Of The Society)

The president of the proposed society must provide a declaration document that shows his willingness and capacity to serve in the position of president of the proposed society. All the documents that have mentioned above must be delivered in duplicate copy to the society registrar's office with the applicable fee amount of application. The registrar will sign the first copy of the application upon receipt and return it and the applicant need to keep the second copy of the documents for approval. After completing the complete process of society registration, Registrar will issue a society registration certificate of your society. 


In this article, we talked about the complete process society registration and we have shared the complete methodology for the same. This article talks about the required documents for society registration. We talked about the guidelines, objectives and methods of MCA for society registration and how an exporter can avail the benefits of a registered society in India. You can learn the procedure of application of society registration in India. If you want any help regarding the procedure of the society registration or any other regulatory compliances then you can visit our website Corpseed. We shall be glad to help you. Thank you for reading this blog, goodbye.

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