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Zomato Partner Registration | Zomato Registration | How to Register Restaurant in Zomato | Documents Required | Commission Fee

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‘Order Food Online

The Online food delivery market contains two different delivery service solutions for prepared meals: (1) Restaurant-to-Consumer Delivery and (2) Platform-to-Consumer Delivery. Zomato caters to Platform-to-Consumer Delivery solutions.

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With a population of over 1.2 billion, India is indisputably one of the biggest consumer markets in the world. In addition, 50% of the Indian population falls under the age of 25; making India one of the youngest nations in the world. In the Indian Market, most of the fast food demand comes from the age group between 18-38 years. By the year 2024, the Indian middle-class demographic is expected to touch 515 million. Young India’s appetite is one of the key drivers for demand in the food and beverage industry on the whole.

Zomato Helps People Discover Great Places Around Them

Zomato gathers information from every restaurant on a regular basis to ensure their data is fresh. Zomato's vast community of food lovers shares their reviews and photos so that new customers have all they need to make an informed choice.

Zomato Enables Restaurants to Create Amazing Experiences

With dedicated engagement and management tools, they're enabling restaurants to spend more time focusing on the food itself, which translates directly to better dining experiences.

Zomato Overview

From Vancouver to Auckland, Zomato is used by millions every day to decide where to eat in over 10,000 cities across 24 countries. In a few years, Zomato should be able to help point foodies to a great place to eat no matter what part of the world they're in. The company serves the restaurant partners by allowing them to reach a bigger consumer base and helps their businesses to grow faster. Therefore, Registration with Zomato can enable restaurants to gain more customers and grow their business by delivering more demands to a bigger pool of customers.

Eligibility Criteria For Zomato Partner Registration

Before applying for Zomato restaurant registration or to partner with Zomato, the restaurant must complete the below registration or Licenses.

  • Restaurants must register as a business entity in India, Private Limited Company Registration, Partnership Registration, or LLP Registration is required.
  • Shop act License and GST Number are required for restaurants in India.
  • FSSAI Registration / License is required as per business turnover or business size and nature.

Connect with team Corpseed to manage all registration & licenses. We will help you to arrange all the documents required for registration.

How to Register Restaurant in Zomato – Zomato Registration Process

  • Adding the restaurant to Zomato Listing
  • Obtaining a Registration on the Zomato Business App.

Adding the Restaurant to Zomato Listing:

If any restaurant isn't located at the Zomato Listing, the proprietor or the business owner may intimate by performing the below steps

  • Measure 1: To include a restaurant at Zomato, take a look at the Add Restaurant Link and fill out the registration form with the restaurant name, contact number, state, City, etc..

Click Add Restaurant to Bring the restaurant into the Zomato List.

After submitting the form, a Zomato executive can check and collect mandatory documents like PAN Card, Aadhar card, FSSAI Certificate, click photos of the restaurant, etc.. On successfully completing the restaurant confirmation, your restaurant will soon be listed on the Zomato platform.

How to Register Restaurant in Zomato Platform:

  • Measure 1: To get Zomato restaurant enrollment for Company listing, Check out the Zomato For Business  App Hyperlink
  • Measure 2: Look for your restaurant at the search bar to assess if the restaurant is recorded on Zomato or not.

  If the restaurant has been located at the Zomato list then click claim the list. In other instances, (when a restaurant isn't accessible on Zomato) then Insert your Restaurant info into Zomato business listings by following the actions mentioned in the 'To Add Restaurant on Zomato' section.

  • Measure 3: Once submitting or claiming the restaurant on Zomato is completed, scroll down on Zomato for Business webpage where you'll discover a very simple registration form.
  • Measure 4: Fill out the form stating the restaurant name, title, contact number, email address city, etc., and click on Add Restaurant.

It is also possible to contact Zomato for Business by providing a call at +91--8039654500.

  • Measure 5: After submitting the form to associate with Zomato, an executive from Zomato will contact you to check the details supplied. On checking the accounts, your account on Zomato for business is going to be triggered.

How to Register on Zomato Business App

  • Step 1. You have to claim your own listing before you use  Zomato for Business App.
  • Step 2. Download the Zomato app for IOS & Android and then log in using the very same credentials that are used to claim your listing.
  • Step 3. Start managing your restaurant through your phone.

Benefits of Downloading Zomato App for Business

  • Get real-time customer reviews & notifications/alerts, and can readily respond to customers' reviews.
  • Handle your business account end to end through a simple click on the Zomato business app.
  • Manage promotions & deals directly through the Zomato business app.
  • Upload your restaurant menu, photos, etc straight from the Application

Commission & Fees Charged by Zomato from Registered Restaurants

Zomato currently charges a commission fee of 7 percent to the total orders from the restaurants under its own food ordering vertical. This doesn't include payment gateway fees and delivery charges. For those restaurants that have less than 50 orders each week, an additional charge of 2.99 percent alongside a platform charge of Rs 99 will be enforced.

Cases Where Zomato Charges No Commission Fees

  • No commission fees will be imposed for restaurants that exceed the weekly order count of 50.
  • For restaurants crossing the 500 orders per week, the platform fees billed will be inversely proportional to the number of orders.

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