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Startup Technology Support by Corpseed

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Technology Support Services by Corpseed:

Mandatory IT Support Required by a Startup:

  • Business Domain Name.
  • Web Server Hosting.
  • Business Email ID.
  • Business Website.

Business Website Development:

Website Development: - Corpseed web development team will help you to set up a scalable, secure and customized website in (Drupal, PHP, JAVA, Magento, WordPress, Ruby on Rail etc.).

End-to-end customized application development (Drupal, PHP, JAVA, Magento, WordPress, Ruby on Rail etc.)

Business Email Ids:

Get the best price for business email ids. We have collaborated with Google G-suite, Microsoft, Amazon etc.

Business Suite: - (Email, Docs) services are also a part of Corpseed IT solutions.

Business Domain Name Registration:

A domain name is your website name. A domain name is an address where Internet users can access your website, for example,

Domain Name booking: 

Having a domain name is the first step to showing your digital presence. A domain name is your brand name used to promote your website. It helps to create more global online strategies. Domain names are like the online window display of your shop where your customers/visitors visit and recognize you.

Benefits of Domain Name:

  • Your unique online identity: it reflects your business identity to the world and shows who you are.
  • The easiest way to find your shop online: domain name Helps your visitor/customers find you online.
  • Your domain name explains who you are and what you do: 
  • A domain name is your business's unique identity that your customers/visitors will follow
  • Booking a domain name is the first and foremost step to start with, even after designing or building your website.
  • It is the best strategy to secure and protect your brand online

Our package

(Standard package includes ( Rs 1,000 /-)

  • One-year domain name booking

(Executive package includes (Rs 1,999 /-)

  • One-year domain name booking
  • Strategies to select the best domain name

(Premium package includes (Rs 4,499 /-)

  • One-year domain name booking
  • Strategies to select the best domain name
  • Domain name consulting on different targeting countries.

Web Server Hosting:

Web hosting is a service that allows companies and individuals to provide storage space on the Internet. It’s similar to your phone memory, just like your phone memory stores pictures, media, music document etc., so that you can use them at any point in time, similarly, web server hosting services stores your website content, pictures, media etc., so that your web visitor can access it anywhere in the world at any point in time.

When you plan to launch a website, the first requirement is to look for a hosting platform that will provide you storage space on the Internet. Web hosting service providers store your website files on a server and connect it to a larger network which is the World Wide Web to present it to a wider audience. There are three types of web hosting Shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting. Among these three, a dedicated web server is often preferred due to its high efficiency and better performance.

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