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SOP For Inspection of Electrical Installation - DG Set Annual Inspection


Electrical Installation can be dangerous at times, especially if periodic inspections for safety precautions are not performed regularly. The safety installations are placed but over time they may get bad and start malfunctioning. To ensure the safety of premises having electrical installations, the government has prescribed annual inspections by the electrical inspector of the State government. They have also prescribed the process to apply for the inspection according to the SOP for the inspection of electrical installation and get clearance from the electrical inspector. Let's dive deeper into the process and sop followed by the stakeholders to get the electrical inspection done and comply with the rules and regulations governing the electrical installations and DG Set Annual Inspection in the country.

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Need for DG Set Annual Installation

Although the inspection is performed at the time of installation too and the installation is complete only after the approval of the electrical inspector. The same may experience failures later on which require repairing and the repeated process over time may change the status of the electrical installation and make it vulnerable to hazards. The potential causes for the failures and accidents are identified during the installation which makes it crucial for the safe operations of the unit. The major problems identified and rectified during the inspection include open wires, rust and scratched wires, loose cables, wrong circuit breakers, loose connections, open junction boxes, and overcrowding of wires. It is mandatory to perform the inspection of electrical installation and DG sets annually while some low-voltage installations can perform inspection at a higher interval.

Authority to Inspect the Electrical Installation

The state has an office of an electrical inspectorate that performs the inspection and issues the clearance certificate to the electrical installations if they comply with the rules prescribed for such installations. The procedure may vary from state to state but generally, the application is made online through the government website and the team visits for the inspection at the given premises.

SOP for the Inspection of Electrical Installation

The process to get the electrical installation inspected involves various steps but the procedure may differ for different states. The person responsible for the installation needs to apply online through the government portal for the inspection following which the electrical inspector will visit your premises along with the team. It checks various components of the electric installation as per the checklist prepared in advance to go through it while looking for errors in the installation. The step-by-step guide is as follows-

  • Application Submission

This process may differ for different states but most states use the online portal to receive applications for the inspection of Electrical Installations. You need to provide information including the inspection type, applicant’s name and address, aggregate capacity for the DG set, drawing approval, location of the installation etc.

  • Uploading of Documents

Supporting documents shall be attached to the application as annexures including the self-attested identity card which can be the passport, driving license etc. Other documents are the list of equipment, compliance document of the last inspection etc. If you are applying for the initial inspection then some other documents are also required to be submitted like the completion certification by the contractor, test reports etc.

  • Receipt of Acknowledgement

The receipt of acknowledgement can be downloaded from the portal after the successful submission of the application. You can also check the status of the application from the same window. It is important to download the receipt of the acknowledgement as it will be the proof of submission of the application and contains the information which can be used to track the application progress.

  • Intimation of the Date of Inspection

When you enter the applicant details, ensure that there are no mistakes in the contact information including the phone number and the email address. This is because various confidential and crucial information is shared with you using this contact information. Such information may include reasons for the rejection of the application, any compliance that you need to fulfil before moving further into the process of electrical installation inspection, any correction or rectification you need to complete in the application or if everything goes right then the date of inspection will be intimated to you on the provided contact number or the email address.

  • Deposition of Inspection Fee

The next step in the process of electrical installation or DG set annual inspection is the deposition of the inspection fee. The amount to be deposited will be decided by the inspecting officer after the scrutiny of the documents and intimated to you on the contact information you provided. If required, you may also need to pay some additional fee after the inspection.

  • Visit by the Electrical Inspector

The electrical inspector will visit the premises on the scheduled date as intimated to you on your mobile number and email address after the successful submission of the application.

  • Rectification of Defects on the Installation

After the inspection, there may be some defects which you may need to rectify. The inspector will inform you about the same after physical observation of the DG set or other electrical installation. The compliance shall be fulfilled by the owner of the electrical installation before the date of re-inspection. The electrical inspector may either approve the application, suggest changes to it, reinspect or fully reject the application after a physical inspection of the premises. If everything is in consonance with the guidelines then the electrical safety clearance certificate is provided to the owner of the electrical installation.

What Electrical Safety Clearance Certificate?

If the electrical inspector finds the electrical installation in compliance with the safety regulations then the electrical safety clearance certificate is generated by the inspector which can be downloaded online from the same portal after logging in using the credentials generated at the time of application submission. This certificate is an assurance to the authorities that the electrical installation is operating under the guidelines as specified in the regulation and compliance is fulfilled by the owner.

What are Electrical Safety Recommendations?

If the inspector is of the opinion that the electrical installation needs to take some further precautions then he also provides the recommendations to be implemented to the electrical installation. These may be the factors which are not crucial for the issuance of an electrical safety clearance certificate but will surely enhance the safety of the electrical installation and the premises. The owner or the responsible person for the electrical installation may implement the same after receiving the electrical safety clearance certificate.


It is crucial to conduct regular electrical inspections to ensure the safety and compliance of your electrical installations. Just like how health check-ups help detect and fix potential health risks, these inspections help identify and address any electrical hazards in your premises. State electrical inspectors play a vital role in this process and the application procedure. It varies slightly from state to state but typically involves online application submissions, document uploads, and payment of fees. Obtaining an electrical safety clearance certificate is equivalent to receiving a clean report of health for your electrical installation, providing assurance to authorities that it meets safety standards. Any suggestions for improvements are akin to receiving valuable health tips. In a nutshell, these inspections are your best defense against electrical mishaps. Therefore, you should embrace them to keep your premises safe and sound and to comply with legal regulations.

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