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How to obtain a Building Permit


Introduction: Building Permit

A local government agency issues the building permit allowing you or your contractor to proceed with the construction on your property. It is meant to ensure that project plans comply with local standards for construction, land use, and zoning. It is issued by a local government when an individual wants to build a new structure or start constructing the existing one for repair or expansion. If there is a movement, conversion or demolition then a building permit is necessary. 

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When is a Building Permit Required?

A building permit is required when :

  • The project involves additions or major alterations to your home structure and requires you to apply for an appropriate permit from the local building department. If you hire a contractor for your project, he shall handle everything. If you are working on it by yourself, it is your responsibility to apply for the permit. 
  • The requirement for a permit differs from place to place. 

Building Permit Process 

This is a detailed process for building permits.

  • Contact your local building office and describe the project you want to do. If you plan, a building permit would be required, an application form shall be provided to you outlining the requirement for applying for the building permit. 
  • Prepare the permit application including additional materials required. Construction projects require drawing of the work you plan. 
  • Submit the application and pay the fees. An official permit certificate shall be issued by the licensing office.
  • A building permit is essential as the work starts. 
  • Call the inspection office for the inspector to visit and review the quality of the work. If there are any alterations ordered by the inspector, complete them and ask him to review the work again. 
  • Once your work is approved by the inspector, there is no longer any need to display the permit certificate. 

What are the Steps Involved in the Process of Obtaining a Building Permit?

Following are the steps involved in the process of obtaining a building permit - 

Step 1: Submit the application with plans for review 

The building permit application review takes 3 to 5 business days. If edits are needed, you shall be contacted and will be provided additional information. 

Step 2: Pay fees and obtain building permits

Once your plans are approved, you’ll be notified. Once the building permits are issued then only construction shall start. The permit holder shall notify City Inspector when construction work is ready for inspection. 

Step 3: Arrange for building inspections

Inspections are required at various points during construction. City Inspector shall be notified by the permit holder when construction places are ready for inspection. After an inspection, corrections are completed and re-inspected before continuing construction. 

Step 4: Build while permits are valid 

From the date it is issued, the building permit is valid for 180 days. If the construction is delayed, you’ll have to request an extension of the permit. 

Step 5: Receive final approval 

Call for final inspection after completion of the project. The onsite inspection shall be conducted for improvement.

Commercial Permits cover a wide range of purposes. 

They allow properties to be built, renovated or added to. Commercial construction refers to buildings erected to earn a return on your investment, it isn’t meant for residential purposes. 

  • New commercial property permits - These permits are for new construction types and also for the properties where the tenants are known. 
  • Remodel a commercial property - When you have a building already but wish to make changes to the interiors and exteriors. You need to get a remodel permit. 
  • Construction Trailers - Your construction crew needs to park their trailers on your property until the project finishes. 
  • Adding a solar component to an existing structure - Many businesses prefer opting for solar power because it is environmentally friendly and a sustainable source of power. Before you add solar to the existing building, you shall need a solar permit to proceed. 

Cost of a Building Permit 

The current scale of fees for a building permit is as follows :

  • Industrial buildings:- Rs 5 per sq of covered area on all floors 
  • Residential buildings:- Rs 2 per sqm of covered area on all floors 

Note: Fig. varies from state to state. For more information, you can consult corpseed or directly visit the government's official website.

List of Documents for Approval for Sanction of Industrial Building Plans 

  • Environmental Clearance from the competent authority 
  • Three copies of the drawing 
  • Affidavit duly notarized regarding rainwater harvesting 
  • Affidavit duly notarized regarding tree plantation certificate undertaking 
  • General Specification Sheet 
  • Appendix -1
  • Supervision of building work
  • Copy of certificate of town planner 
  • Application for drainage of premises in duplicate 
  • Appendix-1
  • The Indemnity bond owner signed and the notary 

Ownership Documents to be Submitted by the Applicant 

  • Copy of lease deed 
  • Copy of allotment letter 
  • Copy of lease plan 
  • Copy of possession certificate
  • Copy of NOC from pollution department
  • Fire NOC 
  • No dues Certificate from Industrial Department
  • Copy of SSI Registration

Copy of Fees Chalan as Per Provision in Building Laws

  • Plan Processing fee
  • Layout plan fee
  • Water Connection
  • Sewer Connection
  • Drain Connection
  • Temporary structure fees
  • Revision fee
  • Revalidation charges
  • Rainwater harvesting fees 
  • Completion Fee
  • Malba charges
  • Copy of challan service connection charge already paid 


In this article, we talked about the building permit, when it is required and what is the process of acquiring a building permit. Commercial permits are used for a variety of purposes and there are ways to find when and why your building needs the permit and most importantly what could be the repercussions of not getting the building permit. For more information and to get your queries resolved contact corpseed. 

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