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Procedure to get Patta Chitta online in India


Overview: Patta Chitta

Patta Chitta online is property revenue reports which are preserved by the Tamil Nadu Government comprising every detail of the property associated with every individual. A Patta Chitta record has a significant role in most property coping transactions in Tamil Nadu like property assurance, land transport, land legal view, etc.

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Now in the following guide, we'll update you with the keen points' associated with this Patta Chitta just like the way to get Patta Chitta, the way to use for Patta Chitta online .

Now, let us wipe the dust out of the Patta Chitta

What's Patta?

Patta and Chitta are different files. Patta is a government document which comprises the facts of the property ownership, place of property, place with questionnaire details. The Patta enters the picture if you go for buying any house in Tamil Nadu. This document guarantees that the property has been bought from the rightful owner in accordance with the government information.

To get a fresh property listing name, the individual who's selling must possess a legitimate Patta for the property and also ensures he or she's selling the house in the ideal method. Following the agreement, the buyer has the obligation to notify or use to the worried Taluka Office for transport of Patta with client's title to keep a name.

The following one is about Chitta.

What's Chitta?

This Nanjai describes the property covering lots of water typically with water bodies such as rivers, ponds, canals etc.. Punjab, on the other hand, signifies that the land covering a few water bodies and with amenities such as bore molds etc..

Now, moving farther to know the procedure of accessing Patta Chitta Online

Process to buy Patta Chitta Online?

They possess the referenced documents of this Patta Chitta that are created online. Listed here will be the method to get Patta Chitta online.

  • Pick the choice of your requirement and acquire the district where the property is situated.
  • Specifics of this Home 
  • After picking, fill the facts of the house where the Patta Chitta Is needed in line with the dialogue box appearing on the screen. The Dialog box will request Taluk, Village, Ward as well as the block using the poll amount and Sub Division Amount.
  • On entry of your house information, a certification is issued from the Town Survey Land Register on line with particulars of the property. The certificate comprises the information like kind of structure on the house, municipal door , and area, type of property etc.. The issued certificate validity can be assessed online very quickly.

What exactly do we mean by Transport of Patta Chitta?

In the time of transport of Patta Chitta, the property owner could knock on the door concerned Taluka village or office administrative officer as well. In the event of Transport of Patta Chitta to the subject of their house transfer, a program for move ought to be made in the prescribed format to the concerned authority.

Documents Needed for Patta Chitta Transport

These documents must be filed for Patta Chitta move --

  • Signed Patta transfer program
  • Copy of the sale deed along with the records have to be submitted for confirmation
  • Evidence of this ownership like EB charge or property taxation receipt
  • Encumbrance certification 

The best way to confirm the status of Patta Chitta?

You can inspect the status of the Patta Chitta, the thing you have to do is to enter your Application ID and the standing of your Patta Chitta is going to be reflected.

What's the Validity of this Patta Chitta Certificate?

  • The validity of the issued certification can be assessed anytime by accessing the website online. All you will need is to simply add the reference amount.
  • Which will be the Requisite Fees?

A Patta Chitta could be acquired by simply paying the minimal fees of Rs 100 through online means.

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