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10 Principles of Restaurant Design


Introduction: Restaurant Design

A restaurant consists of a kitchen, bar and seating area for the serving food and Beverages. An FBO must have a comprehensive design plan for his new restaurant. The design of the kitchen and the bar should be at the core of the restaurant design before planning for designs of interiors and decorations. The other components of a restaurant design could be the accessories required for serving the food like tableware, tables and chairs. People involved in the Design of a restaurant should also try to ensure that the food operations could be seen and understood by the incoming patrons. The design team must be in constant communication with the other professionals involved in the project such as architects, engineers, decorators, builders, managers and owners.

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The following points should be kept in mind while designing a restaurant:

  • An FBO should have a detailed concept with an Operational Plan wherein the details of exactly what owner wants in his restaurant, the expected customer experience, the location of the wash rooms, rest rooms and staff rooms must be clearly drawn out. 
  • An FBO need to have more space in the kitchens and/or bars. He is required to follow the following aspects for a restaurant design:
  1.   Flexibility and modularity
  2.   Simplicity
  3.   Efficient flow of personnel and materials
  4.   Facility of cleaning
  5.   Easy supervision
  6.   Efficient use of spaces  
  • An FBO has to identify future problems that may affect the operation of the kitchen. The kitchen is the engine of the ship, it must be well designed from thepoint of view of energy, space and functionality, and it should be properly organized and efficient, with the right equipment and accessories It must allow a good visual and electronic connection between those involved and apartof all this should be a pleasant work environment.
  • An FBO will have to identify the process flows within the 7 prominent areas of the new restaurant. These are:
  1.  Reception
  2.  Department stores
  3.  Food Preparation
  4.  Coction
  5.  Servido
  6.  Washed Dishware and Household
  7.  Waste Treatment 
  • An FBO should develop a program that indicates what the space needs. He should take notes and ask smart questionsto be able to fully understand the concept that we will allow him a sound basis for a good design.
  • An FBO needs to be realistic with the true dimensions as all designs look good until the plans are made with scale equipment. He should  work with scales and real measures, take into account the rules, laws, security codes and hygiene, distances, door measurements, among others. 
  • An FBO may visualize his design in 3D as working in 3D gives us a clearer vision of the design and we can decide what to put on the restaurant walls.
  • He should consider visual blocks. Not all the kitchen should be displayed as we have to present the best, use visual records, block noises, unpleasant smellsand  lights. 
  • He should always try to design and improve until he feels comfortable with all the pieces. He have to consider that a restaurant design is a process of teamwork andcollaboration.
  • An FBO need to make sure that his restaurant scores high on sustainability as there is no alternative to sustainable development. To survive in a competitive environment, companies and individuals should consider sustainability as a goal and those who act first develop competences that are very difficult to match for therivals: He should consider following points:
  1. Comply with the Rules. The first step of sustainability is compliance with current regulations. If an FBO focuses on  compliances before they are mandatory, he has more time toexperiment with materials, technologies and processes. 
  2. Value chain, once companies have learned to follow the regulation step, they become more proactive in the issues of  environment. Initially the objective may be to create a better image, but most end up reducing costs and creating new  businesses. 
  3. Sustainable Design. If an FBO thinks that his food products are not friendly to the environment, he should workto reverse this situation.
  4. New Model, we must think of novel ways that help the sustentation. 
  5. Everything Starts in Management, two initiatives in the field of company help companies become sustainable:
  6. When a senior management team decides to focus on the problem, the change is generated quickly
  7. It is important to recruit and retain the right people
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