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How To Start Jeans Manufacturing and Denim Manufacturing Business in India?


Ever heard of Denim?

I am sure you must have. Denim Jeans are no longer a rare sight but have stormed the market or fashion industry. The jeans are a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe, but the environmental impact of denim manufacturing is often unnoticed. The fashion industry is notorious for its unsustainable practices, but there is a growing movement towards ethical and sustainable fashion. Denim manufacturers are now exploring new technologies and Practices to reduce the environmental impact of denim production, from using recycled materials to implementing water-saving techniques. 

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In this article, We will look into the Sustainable Future of Denim Manufacturing and the innovations implemented by Companies to strive towards a more Ethical fashion. From upcycling old denim to reducing chemical usage, many exciting developments in the industry are paving the way for a more sustainable future. Join us as we explore the exciting new world of ethical denim fashion and discover how you can make a difference with your fashion choices.

Global Denim Market Size 

According to Statista, Most commonly used for jeans, a fundamental component of the casual wardrobe, denim has become a staple textile within the global apparel market. The market value for denim fabric was estimated to be worth 27.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2022 and was expected to increase to over 35 billion U.S. dollars by 2027. The offline channel is by far the most valuable in the denim jeans retail market, with a value projected to reach about 70 billion U.S. dollars by 2030. The Global Denim Jeans market was forecast to be worth around 95 billion U.S. dollars that year.

What Brands are Leading the Way in Sustainable Denim Manufacturing?

Denim manufacturing is not new to our understanding But, knowing about brands supporting sustainable denim manufacturing is. Many such brands have stepped up the ladder and wish to top this game by adopting greener approaches and ways to advertise this sustainable fashion. 

The gen-z and millennials of today are aware of them and adopt the same in their lifestyle. 

Let us look at those brands-

  •  LEVIS:- Levis being the Popular clothing Brand is said to have saved about 5.5 billion litres of water in denim manufacturing and recycled over 5 billion. Their strategy encompasses reducing water usage while increasing manufacturing in the key areas by 50%. Also, their factories or mills have Waterless facilities by fulfilling environmental standards that acquaint them with water-saving guidelines. 
  • Tommy Hilfiger:- Your very famous brand is the sustainable one too. Ask us how? Well, Tommy Hilfiger has been producing recycled cotton jeans from unused/leftover material obtained from the waste pieces of clothing found on factory floors that are now recycled innovatively using a sustainable strategy like Saving water and using lesser chemicals while reducing carbon footprint. 
  • Wrangler:- One of the celebrated brands called; Wrangler uses denim apparel made from foam with Indigood using technology that saves 100% less water. The dyeing process reduces energy use and waste by more than 60 per cent compared to the traditional denim dyeing Process. In addition, their target is to source 100% sourced cotton by 2023. 

How To Get Started With The Jeans Manufacturing Business?

We offer a comprehensive guide on how to get started with Jeans Manufacturing Business. With the ever-growing needs and demands of the people, setting up a Jeans Manufacturing business can be a lucrative venture that can be rewarding. Worry not, we will help you with your business.

  • Market Research:- Before Starting a business, Conduct market research to determine the demand for Jeans manufacturing in different parts of India. Identify customer choices and needs while analysing their buying behaviours. Focus on Your competitors and manufacturers to understand them better. 
  • Have A Business Plan:- You need to create a business plan. By creating a mission and vision, you get to set goals & navigate your success.  Develop a plan to outline and determine what type of jeans you wish to produce. There are jeans, Trousers, jackets, etc. Focus on target market, marketing strategies, financial projections, and future growth. 
  • Register Your Business Name:- If you wish to start a Jeans Manufacturing business, you should register yourself. And if you want to reach out to the export market, you might need an Export license.  Not just this, but you might require other Licenses as well. 
  • Establish a business name:- You should devise a name for your Denim manufacturing business. Make them unique and catchy. In addition, Do not book a similar website domain name or register it. 
  • Equipment:-  Look for high-quality raw materials from suppliers. Solidify partnerships and collaboration to strengthen demand-supply. Moreover, you require different types of machinery like Simple stitching machines, Chain Stitching machines, folding machines, Cutting machines, Embroidery machines, Electric, etc. Not just this, you might require other pieces of office equipment too. 
  • Raw Material:- The materials required for Jeans manufacturing are cotton dyed with different colors. Also, the cotton fabric of material used to make denim varies and is usually composed of Hard material or denim cloth. It can be purchased, imported or bought from the market as it is of proper quality.  The rest includes raw materials such as threads, buttons, rivets, zip, stickers, washing acid, labels, etc.
  • The manufacturing process:- Denim manufacturing is a stepwise process that keeps in check Raw materials, Embroidery work and Cutting and laying the various pieces.
  • Promoting Business:- You may set up a jeans manufacturing store and sell your products among local garment owners and retailers. Encourage brand promotions, and use the means of advertising by connecting with the locals in your locality. They will act as mini ambassadors and spread the word about your brand. Inculcate interests and make them buy your product using marketing tactics. In addition, have your Website, set up an about us page, product descriptions and other options. With demographic data in mind, you can focus on your target audiences Effectively. 

What Are Sustainable Denim Manufacturing Practices?

It is to acknowledge the sustainable denim manufacturing process and how it can contribute positively to our surroundings. All the companies should take care of the best practices involved in the process of Denim jeans making, out of which the following are of importance- 

  • Incorporate the use of Organic Cotton:- Growing Organic Cotton using the right strategies or materials poses lesser risk environmentally. Such properties make them free from pesticides and toxins while conforming to ecological standards. 
  • Eco-friendly dyes:- Many times, chemical dyes are Used for denim colouration. But when thought sustainably, Dyes were taken from vegetable sources and used as a colourant for denim fabric manufacturing. In such a process, SITARA brings forward a sustainable strategy, which involves the usage of Natural indigo when mixed with alkali and environmentally less impacting agents, contributing positively to the environment instead of harming them. No wonder, These practices are used by other firms too. 
  • Recycling denim:- Denim Jeans are recycled into newer products, and such a practice is adopted by European countries such as Sweden, where wasted materials are recycled into new denim with litres of water now saved. 
  • Laser treatment:- In Jeans Manufacturing, laser treatment adopts a technology that emits laser beams and changes the Colour of the surface colour on denim fabrics. 

What are the Benefits of Sustainable Jeans Manufacturing?

It is believed that Jeans manufacturing uses fewer resources that are hostile to the environment. Such an idea is widely proposed and earns significance as mills use innovative approaches. It is to protect the environment from harm while supporting denim production at large. The Idea of sustainable denim is people-friendly and matches the health of the people involved in its manufacturing process. With this, companies are primarily head bent towards introducing sustainable ways of Jeans-making, while eliminating the risks that come with it. The other benefits of sustainable denim manufacturing are-

  • It is less time-consuming.
  • It uses less water and adopts a greener approach to manufacturing. It makes it eco-friendly and follows what is called sustainable fashion. 
  • The government even provides manufacturing businesses with the required incentives as well as subsidies under various schemes.  

What are the Licenses & Registrations for Jeans Manufacturing Business?

One is not unaware of acquiring Registrations for the Denim Manufacturing business.  The registration regulations might vary state-wise, and you should check with the Governmental laws in such cases. Nonetheless, let us look at the required licenses for such Businesses-

  • Register your firm:- You should register as a firm or a small Business Manufacturing, Either in a partnership or proprietorship firm. If you start it as a sole owner, Then register as a latter. 
  • GST certificate:- You require a GST registration with insurance and a tax identification number.
  • Trade license:- Appropriate trade license from the required authorities. 
  • MSME Registration:- MSME Registration will help you avail yourself of government schemes and other incentives. And if you are willing to obtain that for your Denim Manufacturing Business, you should apply for this registration. 
  • Trademark:- Registering your business under a trademark can protect the interests of your brand.
  • Indian Standards Institute or ISI Registration:- ISI Mark Registration is a must-have for the Denim Manufacturing Business, as it guarantees and ensures that the produced good is of high quality and safe as per the standards of this regulation. It is a well-known certification mark that verifies the quality of procured goods. 
  • Fire Noc:- To Mention, Fire NOCs state fire service to ensure that a building is not susceptible to fire-related accidents. Ensure and meet the criteria by the fire department. For this, An applicant requires NOC for his residential/ commercial building.

What Is The Future Of Sustainable Denim Manufacturing?

The Future of Denim Manufacturing Will be a boon to the sustainable fashion industry and will focus on Being the changemakers while serving as the environmental ambassadors.  It wishes to establish a renewable fashion by ensuring it lives up to the ideal idea of fashion while transforming manufacturing much better and more effectively than before. Renowned brands such as Wrangler, Tommy Hilfiger and Levis have taken a step forward in achieving EIM (Environmental Impact Measurement) to attain green levels in utilizing to save water during the manufacturing process. 

One cannot deny the existence of Denim in our wardrobes and how it has brought a change in taking a step forward in improving the raw material and enhancing the Sustainability of the Planet. The Future of Denim mainly centers around the 3 R’s - Reuse, Repair, Re-cycle to see who’s innovating in extending the life of our denim. With this in mind, soon when we use Denim jeans, we are not just reminded of the environmental costs, but the ways to utilize such clothing are some of how we preach the idea of re-wear and repairing our jeans.

Therefore, The Future of Denim Jeans will Immortalize sustainable fashion in the coming years. 


Denim manufacturing is a prospering industry in India. It constitutes one of the largest producers and competitors of denim fabric and garments in the World, with production exported to countries like Europe and Japan. In addition, the Denim Manufacturing Business in India is highly-Driven with zeal, involving marketing tactics. As a result, it competes with numerous players operating in the sector. 

No wonder, Denim industry today is marching towards sustainability that wishes to eliminate the harm caused to the environment by being more conscious of the practices that support renewable action. The Denim industry equips itself with High-quality raw materials, machinery, modern technology and a supply chain network. With this, the jeans manufacturing process consists of various stages that require expertise and talent. Nonetheless, with the growing demand for denim products, the Denim Manufacturing Business in India will record growth and expansion in the coming years.

Starting a Denim manufacturing business in India requires comprehensive planning with a strong knowledge of the demographics of the market understanding. With India's favorable market conditions, with the coming of a skilled labor force, and the rising demand for denim products, launching into this industry holds scope for success.

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