How to obtain DPCC Consent/NOC from Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC)

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Delhi Pollution Control Committee Consent/NOC/CTO/CTE means No objection certificate which is issued to ensure that the proposed/existing business entity being set up will not cause any harm to the environment or society. For setting up of industries or for change in modernization/ production process/ capacity improvement, provisions has been made that the entrepreneur shall have to obtain No Objection Certificate from the Board

Procedure for DPCC Registration

Our Expert team will draft & file the application with the DPCC Department & will follows-up with DPCC Department. For more information contact our customer care on +91 7558 640 644 or


DPCC General Guidelines

The Delhi Pollution Control Committee will continue to grant Pollution Control No Objection Certificate (NOC/consent to establish) to any category of industries, which are permissible in the mixed land use areas or zones as per by-laws of the notified Master Plan or draft master plan. 

  1. No proposed industry of any category shall be allowed in the approved residential area of any town/city of Delhi and no red/orange category of industry shall be given consent to establish by state pollution control board within the Municipal Corporation limits except in the designated industrial area/zone. 

  2. All Red/Orange/Green category of industries, which shall be established in the areas / Zone other than designated/approved areas such as /Industrial Focal Point /Industrial Area/Approved Industrial Park/Industrial Estate/Industrial Zone of the statutory/non-statutory Master Plans, will be allowed to set up at a distance of 100 meters outside the Municipal Council limits/ phirni of village/ designated residential area /residential area comprising of 15 pucca houses by the Competent Authority of the State. In such cases, certificate of its location/situation from the nearest village lal lakir/ phirni/ Municipal Corporation limits from the Revenue Authorities such as Deputy Commissioner/ Additional Deputy Commissioner or the Sub-Divisional Magistrate will be required for grant of consent to establish (NOC)/ authorization by the State Pollution Control Board


DPCC Fee Structure

Fee for NOC may vary depending on the total project cost, business category and other monitoring requirements of the proposed/existing business entity. Specific fee details here


Documents required To Apply For DPCC License / Registration / Certificate

Documents required for Pollution Control Board Consent/NOC/Consent to Operate/Consent to Establish/Authorisation

  • CA Certificate

  • Location Plan/ Site Plan of the Business Entity.

  • Land documents such as Registration deed/ Rent deed/ Jamabandi/ lease deed indicating the details of the property.

  • Partnership Deed/Resolution of Board of Director/ Memorandum of Article of Association /Proprietorship certificate.

  • Municipality/Local Body Water Connection Certificate .


Application for Extension invalidity of Consent to Establish (NOC)  for Red/Green / Orange Category

  • Request letter giving the reason for the non-completion of the project in estimated time along with the status of installation of pollution control devices / plant and machinery.



  • Delhi Pollution Control Committee has stated that the application shall be accompanied by 50% of  NOC Fee / year  as per the total project cost 

  • 2. In case the NOC was not granted online, you are requested to submit a copy  of NOC granted, Feasibility Report  and copy of Project Report submitted at the time of obtaining No Objection Certificate.         


How to apply for Delhi Pollution Control Committee Consent / NOC?

  • Connect to Team Corpseed 
  • Fill-up ur requirement form on corpseed portal
  • We would collect all your documents and file them directly (Online & Offline) with Delhi State Pollution Control Office.
  • You would receive your completed Pollution Control Consent to Established/Operate registration certificate by E-mail and courier


Procedure to DPCC Registration

Our Expert team will draft & file the application with the DPCC Department & will follows-up with DPCC Department. For more information contact our customer care on +91 7558 640 644 or



Prohibited / Negative Industries As Per DPCC

Prohibited / Negative list of industries as per DPCC Notifications

Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) has issued a notification with a listing of fuels permissible for industrial use at intervals the NCT of Delhi, a move that has been hailed by the Centre for Science and atmosphere.

All existing industrial units and business institutions World Health Organization square measure presently victimization fuels that aren't approved. Click here to learn more about Prohibited Industries

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