FSSAI License for Bakery Shop

The Consumers in modern economy are so aware that they would always search for a logo or a mark from the Government certification agency before buying any food product. Everyone want to make sure that they eat only those food articles which are certified by the Ministry of Health or other governmental agency tasked to ensure the food safety. In 2006, The Food Safety and Standards Act 2006 was passed by the Indian Parliament to replace all the earlier laws on food business. Consequently, Food Safety& Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) was established under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to protect and promote the heath of the Indian masses by developing and establishing food standards. After sustained awareness drives and promotions by the FSSAI, common Indian consumer now search for the FSSAI approval mark on the packaging while buying food items to make sure that he is buying the product which is certified by the FSSAI.
Any Food Business Operator (FBO) or a company that wants to sell any food item in India or have any kind of food business in India, have to register  itself under FSSAI for an approval certificate and license to mark their food products as FSSAI approved. The same is applicable for Bakery products, it is even more important to get the FSSAI license and approval since the shelf life of bakery products is less and need to be replaced constantly at the point of sale. People try to buy fresh bakery items and the FSSAI needs to ensure that no food item that is being sold in the market harms the health of any citizen of the country. 

Procedure to FSSAI Registration
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An FBO can register itself as a bakery online on the FSSAI website in order to start the registration process for license and other necessary permissions. He is also required to pay online fee which is different depending on the size of the company, food product/s to be sold, nature of the items and many other things. After filling the registration form, he has to apply for the license within the time frame specified by the FSSAI in order to obtain the license and start his business operations. After the registration of the company, the following steps need to be fulfilled:

Form Filling 

An FBO need to fill an online application form to register for the food license. He should first download the form from the FSSAI website so that he knows the required information beforehand. 

Documents Sending

The FSSAI would then demand specific documents related to that particular food business and the food products so that the working of the company and the types of food items that will be produced could be understood. This also helps in creating form A and form B which will be required to process the registration request to the FSSAI.

Document Submission

After filling the application form and sending the documents to FSSAI, the documents are further sent to the local FSSAI office for inspection. It gathers all the information about the food product that would be produced and sold and performs the necessary quality checks for the food items that need to be registered.

Obtaining the food license

After the physical inspection of the work site, the local official submits his report to Head Office, a baker will be able to obtain the license after 10 to 30 working days and the FSSAI would mail the license to him after due following-ups with the food department.

An FBO may want to register a new product in his existing product line which is already registered and licensed by the FSSAI. He will have to pay an additional charge for the addition of the new item under the FSSAI list. He also need to follow the same registration steps in order to register the new product and obtain a license before commencing sale to consumers.

Payment of FSSAI Fees

An FBO can choose from any of the online payment method to pay the FSSAI fees. The registration fees can be paid by an SBI Challan if the FBO is located in Delhi. He can also proceed with an online payment made to the SBI bank account which is linked with the FSSAI website. The website offers all the required bank details and allows money transfer conveniently. 

FSSAI Registration Certificate

An FBO may apply for FSSAI registration on the state level for smaller companies and at the central level for larger companies. The size of the company is determined by the company size, total number of employees, annual turnover and product categories. The quality checks have to be carried out by an FSSAI official before certificate of approval for registration could be issued.

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