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Download Resignation Letter Format Online In Word & PDF


Introduction: Resignation Letter Format

Resignation Letter is not a document we come across very often but whenever we have to write one for some unfortunate reason we mostly go blank and are not able to find the right words to write confidently. We have various doubts when writing a resignation letter, for example:-

  • Whether we should write this part or not?
  • Whether we should include this portion or not?
  • Whether we are missing something that has to be on this letter?
  • Whether we used the correct language or if it has to be altered a bit?

Many questions like these and others wander around in our thoughts and we may not be able to decide a thing correctly. But worry no more, because in this article we are going to discuss this problem as well as the ultimate solution to correctly write a resignation letter. A resignation letter format is also attached below but to use it to its full potential, you have to read the article till last and understand it thoroughly.

What is Resignation Letter Format?

A letter of resignation is a brief written notice that informs your employer that you intend to quit your job. It typically includes information such as your last day of work and how you plan to hand over your responsibilities to your colleagues or a designated successor. It is an important professional communication that formally communicates your decision to resign from your current employment. For this you need a good resignation letter format.

Do You Need to Write a Resignation Letter Format?

Before we proceed with the writing guide and the process it’s necessary to first find out whether you need to write a resignation letter or not. It actually depends on the practices of the company. It may be compulsory in many companies while in others it may be an optional practice. You first have to confirm with your human resource department about the official process of leaving the company. If it is required by the company to formally submit a resignation letter then you can follow this guide and write a good resignation letter. We have provided a resignation letter format for both offline and e-mail submissions.

If it is not required as per company policy to submit a resignation letter then you may have a face-to-face interaction with your manager/boss or HR department and convey your concern so that they can inform you about their intentions and follow up process. Further, as per their decision, they can proceed with the preparations for the exit process.

Types of Resignation Letter Format

There are various kinds of resignation letters. These types are decided based on the purpose, intention and industry of the employee. Various types of resignation letters are as follows:-

  • Standard Resignation Letter
  • Formal Resignation Letter
  • Email Resignation Letter
  • Resignation Letter for a New Opportunity
  • Resignation Letter Giving Advance Notice
  • Short/No Notice Resignation Letter
  • Resignation Letter for a Role That’s Not a Good Fit
  • Resignation Letter for Personal Reason

Based on these types of resignation letter format, the employee may add, remove or change a small part in the body of the letter according to the requirement. For example, if you are resigning for the reason of getting a new opportunity then you have to justify your tenure and convince the company to allow you to seek new growth opportunities while if you are resigning because of being a misfit to the company you have to justify the differences between your strengths and the company’s requisite skill-set.

Sections of the Resignation Letter Format

For the purpose of convenience, we can divide a resignation letter into the following different parts.

  • Date
  • Addressee
  • Subject
  • Greeting
  • Reason for Leaving
  • Date of last day at work
  • Gratification & Support
  • Signature

These are mostly compulsory for all types of resignation letter format but based on the situation we can alter the percentage of content we are going to put into these sections. In some cases we may focus more on the reason and in others we may put stress on future possibilities.

How to Write a Resignation Letter

A resignation letter format can be divided into three major parts. In the first part, we include the date, addressing the appropriate person, and the subject. In the second part, we start with greetings and continue with our main concern. In the third part, we show our gratitude to the company, appreciate being there and conclude with the signatures.

Header: In the first part, we must write the correct date of the day of resignation (the day you are going to submit the resignation letter format). You have to first make it clear, which is the appropriate authority for the submission of a resignation letter, it can be different for different organisations based on their distinct policies. Then you have to write the name of the person, who should be addressed followed by his designation and company name. Then add the subject in a new line which should in general read, ‘Resignation Letter’.

Body: In the second part, which is called the body of the letter, we should start with greetings. To address the person you should preferably use the word you usually use with that person in general work conversations. Otherwise, ‘Dear’, ‘Respected’, ‘Highly Regarded’, ‘Esteemed’, ‘Honourable’, ‘Gracious’ etc. words can be used. After greeting the person, you should follow up with your main concern which is the resignation letter format in the present case. The reason for the resignation should be conveyed honestly in very convincing language and it should be followed by the mention of your last working day. The last working day depends on the notice period of the company and can be calculated by adding the notice period to the date of resignation.

If you have any issues with the company, keep it very brief and explain it in person later on. If you are going to work somewhere else, you can be vague. It is not necessary to exactly tell where you will work, at what designation, and what remuneration. Also, make sure to convey that you are not absolutely happy with the decision but situations are pressing. If it is about taking a personal break from work or something similar then preferably try exactly get a break instead of a resignation. In some cases, companies may allow you to do so and continue working at the same place again but if that’s not actually an option then tell just enough to convince them that you are not hiding something and whatever is mentioned in the reason is true.

Footer: After you have explained the reason and mentioned the date of the last working day. It is time to make things more clear by gratifying the work you have done there and conveying the regret of not being able to contribute to the scheduled projects if any. Don’t forget to say thanks for allowing you to work in this company, the experience you got and the skills you learnt. Also, be ready to support the team in the transition. It may include training your replacement or completing the remaining tasks assigned to you. These points are very important and help to get a reference from the company for future opportunities. And this is all that a resignation letter format includes.

Free Download Simple Resignation Letter Format in Word, PDF - Corpseed

Things to Keep in Mind While Writing a Resignation Letter

You may go through the following points while writing a resignation letter format to avoid any unnecessary data and add if you have missed something:-

  • It should be crisp, short and addressed to the appropriate person.
  • It must have time and reason for resignation.
  • You should keep the next opportunity vague and not brag about it.
  • You should convey your gratification of working for the company.
  • You should convey the regret of not being able to be part of scheduled projects.
  • You should offer support for a seamless transition.
  • Avoid providing feedback or criticism in the resignation letter.
  • Fairly convey the reason for leaving but do not explain too much.
  • One page is the standard for a resignation letter and it should comply with that.
  • Make sure to edit well and avoid any possible blunder.
  • Keep the overall tone of the letter very civil and professional.
  • Do not include emotional statements.

Advantages of Resignation Letter

  • It helps the HR department to keep track of the records.
  • It helps in completing the exit process on time when the date of resignation is conveyed to the HR department in advance.
  • It is a customary practice of companies and fulfils compliance.
  • It helps to face the manager after you have conveyed your intention through a resignation letter format in advance.
  • It helps both parties to manage the conversation afterwards.

Disadvantages of Resignation Letter

  • You may not be able to get a reference for future opportunities.
  • There will be a lack of opportunity for a discussion after submitting a resignation letter format.
  • You may need to face legal implications if it is not in line with the policy of the company in terms of minimum tenure and notice period.
  • It will negatively affect the team and its flow which may ultimately impact the performance of the company.
  • It may affect your reputation in the industry and your next employer may take this into consideration.


Although untimely resignation has its disadvantages and you may need to face the implications afterwards. But if you resign after completing the minimum tenure and fulfilling all policies of the company, it may become a game changer and you may be able to multiply your growth manifold. We tried to explain everything you need to know about the resignation letter format and also attached a sample resignation letter which you can download and edit as per your requirement before submitting it to your employer. Keep in mind all the guidelines given above and possible implications before making a decision.

This portion of the site is for informational purposes only. The content is not legal advice. The statements and opinions are the expression of author, not corpseed, and have not been evaluated by corpseed for accuracy, completeness, or changes in the law.


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