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Download Resignation Letter Format Online In Word & PDF


Resignation Letter Format

A resignation letter is an official letter that maintains records of the end of each employment along with the organization that should become after you specify your decision to leave as in person or through email.

It is always right to speak straight to your manager prior to sending a resignation letter to hand over them because you got time to prepare for every possibility. If you are working in a remote area, and you are not able to meet your, manager, physically then just ask them, if they can have a conversation through video conferencing or on a voice call.

Generally, a resignation letter contains the following points:

  • Statement of resignation
  • Mention the date of the last day of work
  • Statement of gratitude
  • Last para or important information
  • Signature

Why Resignation Letter is Important?

It is a professional courtesy to submit a resignation letter if you decide to leave your job. It I as important for the HR department to keep on hand as a proof of record of your service period at the company for things like salary and to reference in the future, if necessary.

It is also necessary because it contains important information like the operational framework to your direct manager such as the last day of your serving period and what is needed as you plan your departure from the organization.

How to Write a Resignation Letter?

It is a very simple process if you allow yourself to follow the following key points.

Before going to write a letter, you should ask or take suggestions from your supervisor or HR manager that is there any process or format of the company to write a resignation letter. For instance, they will instruct you to send your resignation letter to one of their concerned person in the company. 

Free Download Simple Resignation Letter Format in Word and PDF

Free Download Simple Resignation Letter Format in Word, PDF - Corpseed

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