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Demonstration License


Introduction: Demonstration License

A demonstration License is a non-network license issued by WPC to persons wishing to own wireless or radio-frequency-related products for demonstration purposes. Demonstration Licenses are only issued to persons who have a Dealer Possession License and are provided by regional offices in major Indian cities. As a result, if you have a dealer possession license and want to display the items, contact registration. India's telecom business is reliant on innovation to stay afloat. However, the demonstration is the only way to introduce new technologies to the general audience.

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However, demonstrating any telecom product necessitates that the demonstration is qualified for the task. As a result, a demonstration license is required. You'll understand why you need this permit to show off telecom items in India in this article. The increasing number of complex telecommunication goods is driving India's telecommunications growth. As a result, the demand for the license to demonstrate more items has grown. And the Indian government is more than eager to help by giving a demonstration permit. It has established a number of laws and regulations to that goal. However, the number of these rules and regulations is so many that people are still apprehensive about this certificate. 

Why Demonstration License Is Required?

  • Telecommunications products quality is always in question.

India is a late adopter when it comes to new technologies. You have to admit, whether it's the internet or cell phones, we're late to the party. Many overseas corporations, however, misinterpret this "lateness" as gullibility. They try to sell us inferior telecom products, believing that "everything goes" in the Indian telecommunications business. However, with a demonstration license, the product must be demonstrated before it may be sold.

  • There Is No Innovation without Awareness

To genuinely introduce new innovations in the telecom sector, you must spread awareness. Therefore, the telecom sector can only innovate if more and more people are ready to be aware of the new technologies. With demonstration licenses, the manufacturers and importers have a way to impart this awareness among the people.

  • Marketing Is the Only Way to Capture the Imagination of the People

Showing a demo of the telecom products – demonstrating the devices – is a way to market a product. Without marketing, people won’t show interest, and without interest, there is no purchase, which leads to no profit. Thus, if you want to make a profit through telecom devices, show them off to the public.

  • It Establishes A Regulatory Framework For Future Generations.

A one-year demonstration license is available. It means you only have a certain amount of time to show off your item. When you're obsessive about rules, the Department of Telecommunications isn't hesitant to provide you a hand when you need it. Your product can stand out from the rest of the telecommunication devices by setting the norm for regulatory standards. It's an aspect that often goes unnoticed, which is inconvenient.

  • Mandatory Part.

Let us not consider the final point. You require it because it is required. A demonstration license does not provide you with any options because it is an obligatory certificate. It offers you a command. If you want to show off your product, you'll need this license, or you'll face a fine if you do so without the government's permission.

Major Eligibility Criteria for Demonstration License:

  • Importers and Manufacturers

Before selling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities in India, importers and manufacturers must get WPC certification and a Certificate of Import authorization.

  • Appointment of a Representative

If the application is a foreign company, it must choose an authorized Consultant in India to obtain WPC clearance. The authorized representative will be a company that will represent the foreign company in the WPC permission filing procedure in India.

  • The Effects of Frequency

At all instances, the frequency result of the specific wireless accessory must be present in the results. In the individual results, the resolution bandwidth, video bandwidth, frequency, and sweep must all be given.

  • Report of the ISO Laboratories

There is no requirement for specific in-country testing if the product is made in the country. The only need is that an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory provides a specific RF (Radio Frequency) report.

  • Frequency Bands that have been de-licensed are required.

All devices must work on the specific de-licensed frequency bands, and all devices with wireless capability must be able to work on the de-licensed frequency bands.

  • Technical Information Sheet

The technical data sheet, which can be obtained from the relevant authority upon request, is required of the application.

Documents Required for Demonstration License in India

Following are the documents required for the demonstration license

  • Applicant must have a Certificate of incorporation (COI) for the registration process of demonstration license in India.
  • MOA (memorandum of association) and AOA (Articles of Association) are also the major required documents for the registration of the demonstration license in India.
  • Experimental/Technology Trial/Manufacturing & Testing/Dealer Possession license (DPL), if any held by the applicant.
  • Primarily, applicants have to fill out the application form before the due date of submission of the application. And after completing the filling process applicant have to submit that application form offline. Applicants can download the application form from the website of wireless planning and coordination (WPC) website.     
  • Applicant has to write a write-up and describe the experimentation intention and procedure of testing with the help of the diagram of the setup.
  • Technical literature is also a major requirement for the experimental license in India. Technical literature is a document that contains all the specifications of the equipment.
  • A printout of the online application.
  • Test-setup
  • Details of the test- setup for standalone and non-standalone if applicable.
  • WPC experimental license processing fee DD.

Procedure for Experimental License in India

These are the following ways to receive an Experimental License from WPC:

  • Fill out the WPC demonstration license application online.
  • Save the completed application form to your computer.
  • Attach the required documents to the application.
  • Submit the application and documentation to the WPC in hardcopy.
  • WPC will begin reviewing your application form and the materials you've attached.

If you meet all of the WPC's requirements, you will be granted a demonstration license by the WPC (wireless planning and coordination).

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