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Compulsory E-Waste Recycler Registration on CPCB Online Portal


The E-Waste Recyclers need to get the registration from the Central Pollution Control Board. The E-Waste Management Rules of 2022 prescribe that recyclers get registered before they can engage in the waste management process of any kind. Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) manages an online portal to provide such registrations and track compliance fulfilment under the E-Waste Management Rules. Recently the CPCB has informed the e-waste recyclers through a notice for compulsory registration through the CPCB online portal.

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Why is CPCB Registration Needed?

The CPCB Registration is compulsory for businesses that are involved in e-waste management processes. The E-Waste Management Rules prescribe various other compliances to follow along with the registration of business entities through the online CPCB portal. This is to ensure the tracking of e-waste-related data as the stakeholders are required to feed the same on the portal. The producers need to file reports about the e-waste collected, recycled and disposed of and the recyclers need to enter the data recycled by them. The CPCB portal managed by the Central Pollution Control Board plays a key role in the proper auditing of this data.

Consequences of Non-Registration

According to the E-Waste Management Rules of 2022, no producer, manufacturer, importer or any other business entity is allowed to engage with any recycler, refurbisher or dismantler who is not registered with the Central Pollution Control Board. If the e-waste recyclers fail to register themselves on the CPCB Portal they will have no job to do as other business entities will abstain from engaging with them. If the e-waste recyclers continue to recycle the e-waste without a valid registration, they will need to face strict action from the Central Pollution Control Board. The CPCB can charge the recyclers a penalty for not following the provisions as prescribed under E-Waste Management Rules.

Contents of the Notification Issued

The recent notification addresses the E-waste Recyclers and informs them of the necessity to register on the CPCB Portal. The registrations for the e-waste recyclers are processed through a centralised EPR dedicated portal. It is called the E-Waste Management System or the E-Waste EPR Portal. The E-waste recyclers can visit the portal on E-Waste EPR and submit the details to get registration. The Portal for E-Waste Recyclers Registration was not operational but made operational by the Central Pollution Control Board on 25 July 2023. From this date the registrations are ongoing and applications are being processed.

Requirements for Recycler Registration

The E-Waste Recyclers often deal with hazardous waste too, as some electronic products contain hazardous materials. This is why e-waste recyclers are bound to get hazardous waste management authorisation under the Hazardous Waste Management Rules of 2016. Apart from the Hazardous Waste Management Authorisation, the e-waste recyclers also need to get the Consent to Operate (CTO) from the State Pollution Control Board. The CTO is required for the industries to operate in any state. The notification further informs the e-waste recyclers that they must have already procured a CTO, which means the Consent to Operate, from the SPCB and the authorization under the HWM Rules of 2016. If they have these documents they can proceed with the recycler registration through the online E-Waste EPR Portal of CPCB.

How to Get E-Waste Recycler Registration with Corpseed?

The e-waste recyclers that have not registered yet can register themselves through an experienced partner Corpseed. Corpseed provides facilities for registrations and compliance management for businesses that are engaged in any kind of waste production and management including manufacturers, producers, importers, recyclers, refurbishers and dismantlers. Our experienced team will not only ensure that you get the requisite registration on time but also get the same renewed before expiry so you do not need to worry about the compliance requirement any further.

Compliance After Recycler Registration

Once you get the registration, you can start performing the activities relating to e-waste management or in other words you can start managing the waste of producers, manufacturers and importers by recycling it and providing them the recycling certificates. But every registration has a purpose to fulfil and bind you in some conditions as well as prescribe you the responsibilities you need to fulfil along the lines. If you are engaged with a faithful partner like corpseed, you do not need to worry about the documentation involved in this compliance as our team at corpseed will take care of it. The e-waste recyclers are responsible for the following activities under the E-Waste Management Rules of 2022 after getting the recycler registration-

  • They need to ensure that the recycling processes and the activities in the recycling facility take place following the updated guidelines and standards prescribed by the Central Pollution Control Board and the E-Waste Management Rules.
  • If any parts of the materials received cannot be processed in this recycling facility, the same shall be transported to the appropriate registered recyclers.
  • The recyclers should not deal with any unregistered producer, importer, manufacturer or recycler.
  • The recyclers need to ensure that the residues generated in the recycling process are disposed of in an environmentally safe and sound manner through an authorised treatment, and storage disposal facility.
  • The Recyclers need to maintain the records of collected, dismantled, recycled, and transferred e-waste. These records shall be furnished by the recycler as and when asked by the appropriate authorities for verification and auditing purposes.
  • Under the E-Waste Management Rules, the registered recyclers also need to file annual and quarterly returns on the CPCB portal about the e-waste managed by them in the previous quarter and year.


To wrap things up, the Central Pollution Control Board issued the notice to inform the e-waste recyclers to get the registration on the CPCB Portal compulsorily as the portal is operational and accepting new applications. The e-waste recyclers are bound to get the CPCB Registration before performing the waste management activities under the E-Waste Management Rules. If they do not get registered and still recycle e-waste, it will violate the rules so prescribed and CPCB may incur penalties on such recyclers. Hence the e-waste recyclers who have not obtained a registration yet should as soon as possible get the recycler registration for e-waste management through a reliable compliance management partner like Corpseed. This will not just ensure the safe disposal of e-waste but also help the regulating authorities in tracking compliance fulfilment and punishing the offenders.

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