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CDSCO Process for Permission to Import New Drug in India


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CDSCO stands for Central Drugs Standard Control Organization which is a National Regulatory Authority (NRA) of India comes under Directorate General of Health Services,Ministry of Health and Family Welfare,Government of India. The Drugs and Cosmetics Act1940 and rules 1945 have depended on different obligations to central and state controllers for guideline of drugs and cosmetics.It conceives uniform execution of the arrangements of the Act and Rules made there under for guaranteeing the well-being, rights and prosperity of the patients by directing the drugs and cosmetics. CDSCO is continually flourishing upon to bring out straightforwardness, responsibility and consistency in its administrations to guarantee security, viability and nature of the clinical item fabricated, imported and disseminated in the nation. Under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, CDSCO is liable for the endorsement of Drugs, Conduct of Clinical Trials, setting out the guidelines for Drugs, authority over the nature of imported Drugs in the nation and coordination of the exercises of State Drug Control Organizations by furnishing master exhortation with a perspective on achieve the consistency in the requirement of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act. 

In India, when an organization need to produce/import a new drug it needs to apply to look for authorization from the authorizing authority Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) by documenting in Form 44 (Grant of permission to import a new drug) moreover presenting the information as given in Schedule Y (contains guidelines and requirements for conduct of clinical trials) of Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 and Rules 1945. So as to demonstrate its viability and security in Indian inhabitants it needs to lead clinical preliminaries as per the rules indicated in Schedule Y (contains guidelines and requirements for conduct of clinical trials) and present the report of such clinical preliminaries in indicated design.

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There are several steps for permission to import a new drug (122A) in India

  • No new drug will be imported, aside from under, and in understanding with, the consent conceded by the Licensing Authority as characterized in provision (b) of rule 21;
  • An application for allow of authorization to import another drug will be made in Form 44 (Grant of permission to import a new drug) to the Licensing Authority, joined by a charge of 50,000 rupees
  1. Provided further that where a resulting application by a similar candidate for that drug, regardless of whether in changed measurement structure or with new cases, is made, the expense to go with such application will be fifteen thousand rupees; 
  2. Provided further that any application got following one year allow of endorsement for the import and offer of new drug, will be joined by an expense of fifteen thousand rupees and such data and information as needed by Appendix 1 (Form 40-Registration Certificate to import of drugs into India) or Appendix 1A of Schedule Y(contains guidelines and requirements for conduct of clinical trials). 
  • The importer of a new drug when applying for permission below sub-rule shall submit data as given in Appendix 1 (Form 40-Registration Certificate  to import of drugs into India)to Schedule Y( contains guidelines and requirements for conduct of clinical trials) including the results of native clinical trials administered in accordance with the guidelines specified in that Schedule and submit the report of such clinical trials within the format given in Appendix II (TR 6 Challan) to the same Schedule
  1. Provided that the prerequisite of presenting the consequences of nearby clinical preliminaries may not be fundamental if the drug is of such a nature that the authorizing authority may, in public interest decide to grant such permission on basis of information accessible from different nations.
  2. Provided further that the accommodation of necessities identifying with Animal toxicology, proliferation considers, teratogenic examinations, perinatal investigations, mutagenicity and Carcinogenicity might be changed or loose in the event of new drugs affirmed and advertised for quite a while in different nations on the off chance that he is fulfilled that there is satisfactory distributed proof regarding the well-being of the drug, subject to different arrangements of these standards.
  3. TR 6 Challan: If there should arise an occurrence of any immediate installment of expense by the producer in the nation of beginning, the charge will be paid through Electronic Clearance System (ECS) from any bank in the Country of Beginning to the Bank of Baroda, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi, through the electronic code of the bank in the head of Account declared above and the first receipt of the said move will be treated as an equal to the Bank Challan, subject to the endorsement by the Bank of Baroda that they have gotten the installment.
  • The Licensing Authority, subsequent to being fulfilled that the drug whenever allowed to be imported as crude material (mass drug substance) or as completed plan will be compelling and alright for use in the nation, may give an import consent in Form 45 (Permission to import finished formulation of a new drug) or potentially Form 45 A (Permission to import raw material), subject to the conditions expressed in that.
  • Given that the Licensing Authority will, where the information gave or produced on the drug is insufficient, private the candidate recorded as a hard copy, and the conditions, which will be fulfilled before consent, could be considered.

Cancellation of permission (122-DB)

If the importer or manufacturer under this Part neglects to consent to any of the states of the authorization or endorsement, the Licensing Authority may, in the wake of giving a chance to show since why such a request ought not to be passed, by a request recorded as a hard copy expressing the reasons therefor, suspend or drop it.

Appeal (122-DC)

Any individual abused by a request passed by the Licensing Authority under this Part, may inside sixty days from the date of such request, appeal to the Central Government, also, the Central Government might after such enquiry into the issue as viewed as fundamental, may pass such request in connection thereto as it might suspect fit.


Get help from an experienced legal adviser. Schedule your consultation at a time that works for you and it's absolutely FREE.

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