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Procedure to Obtain an NOC from CDSCO for Manufacture of Drugs for the Purpose of Examination Test and Analysis of Vaccines

Procedure to Obtain an NOC from CDSCO for Manufacture of Drugs for the Purpose of Examination Test and Analysis of Vaccines - Corpseed.png

Introduction: Central Drug Standard Control Organization

CDSCO (Central Drug Standard Control Organization) is a regulatory body under the Ministry of health to look after the medical device industries and pharmaceutical products. 

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  • In order to obtain NOC from CDSCO for the manufacture of drugs for the purpose of examination, test, and analysis for biological products (vaccines & r-DNA products), guidelines have been stated by the organization and any applicant applying for such NOC must follow the procedure as stated by the government through CDSCO
  • No person or firm shall conduct the manufacture of drugs for the purpose of examination, test, and analysis of vaccines without obtaining a prior license from the License Authority and NOC from CDSCO. 
  • NOC from CDSCO is a must requirement for any firm applying for the License for manufacturing drugs for the purpose of examination, test, and analysis of vaccines. No license can be issued unless a NOC is obtained. 
  • A firm has to simultaneously apply with CDSCO for such NOC when applying for a license with the concerned State Licensing Authority (SLA) under whose jurisdiction the manufacturing site lies, to obtain form 29. 
  • Form 29 is the license issued by SLA to a firm for the manufacture of drugs for examination, testing, and analysis of vaccines for which NOC from CDSCO is requisite. 
  • For the purpose of procuring NOC from CDSCO a firm is required to apply for the issuance of NOC to CDSCO Head Quarters as well as the concerned CDSCO Zonal Office along with requisite documents and undertaking. 
  • It ought to be applied by hard copy as well as soft copy 
  • Soft copies of requisite documents with undertaking and application must be sent to these zonal and headquarter via e-mail and hard copies to headquarters and concerned zonal/sub-zonal offices. 

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Documents Required to Obtain a NOC From CDSCO for the Manufacture of Drugs for the Purpose of Examination, Test, and Analysis of Vaccines : 

  • Covering Letter clearly mentioning the purpose of test license for Development/Preclinical studies/Clinical studies 
  • Name of Drug/Drugs 
  • Source of MSL/WSL with their Biosafety Level requirement. 
  • Details of the proposed site: New/Existing 
  • Site plan for manufacture of the proposed drug. 
  • List of existing drugs manufactured in the proposed facility (with their BSL requirements), if any. 
  • Details of the manufacturing license (with product permissions) for the proposed site, if any. 
  • Details of previous joint inspection of the proposed site 
  1. Date, 
  2. Purpose, 
  3. Compliance status. (Proposed site shall also include details of particular manufacturing Blocks which was inspected earlier along with the name(s) and type of product(s) produced in this particular manufacturing Block) 
  • Process Flow 
  • List of equipment and testing facility 
  • If technology transfers, details thereof 
  • Name, and qualification experience of personnel responsible for manufacturing and testing of trial batches 
  • Undertaking by applicant. These documents must be submitted with the desired application for the purpose of procuring NOC. 

Procedure for Manufacture of Drugs for the Purpose of Examination, Test, and Analysis of Vaccines

  • After scrutiny of documents, a No Objection Certificate will be issued by this directorate within 07 working days. If NOC is not issued within 07 working days, NOC will be deemed to be granted by the Central Drug Standard Control organization. 
  • State Licensing Authority (SLA) would issue form 29 only after NOC and within 03 days working days from the date of receipt of NOC from CDSCO-HQ. It is only possible for a firm to continue with the process of obtaining a license by way of Form 29 after NOC from CDSCO. 
  • Such process includes joint inspection conducted based on a risk-based approach as per the criteria if the seed/strain falls under BSL III & IV or BSL I & II. 
  • All the information about the BSL of the microorganism/strains with supporting documents shall be submitted with the application. 
  • If seed/strain falls under BSL I & II, the joint inspection may not be required, if the manufacturing facility has already jointly inspected earlier. But it is mandatory to conduct inspections for all new facilities which have never been licensed/incorporated. 
  • NOC can be suspended/canceled if a firm does not submit the Corrective and Preventive action along with documents within 30 days to CDSCO, HQ for review. And in case of unsatisfactory reply/compliance, form 29/NOC so granted may be canceled/suspended. 
  • The targeted time line for the grant of a vaccine manufacturing license are set to be 30 working days from the date of submission of the application for scrutiny of the documents. 
  • If any deficiencies are found in the documents, a notice of compliance is forwarded with a tentative inspection date to the firm as well as the State Licensing Authority and after confirmation of the date, inspection must be done. 
  • To conclude NOC from CDSCO is a must document required for a firm applying for the license to manufacture drugs for the purpose of examination, test and analysis of vaccines. 
  • To procure such desired NOC, a firm must send all the required documents with undertaking to CDSCO, HQ, and Zonal/Sub Zonal Office by way of hard copy as well as soft copy. The procedure for procuring NOC is not that difficult but must be done extreme caution as after scrutiny of documents CDSCO holds the right to reject any application and without such desired NOC it is impossible for a firm to procure License in form 29 from State Licensing Authority.

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