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CDSCO MD 9 License for Class C and D Medical Devices Manufacturing



In India, all the makers of Class C and Class D medical outfit must get have an MD- 9 Licence. The Central medicines Standard Control Organisation( CDSCO) oversees these bias to insure that they meet specified safety and quality criteria. carrying this licence is needed for manufacturers to lawfully produce and vend their widgets in the country. It signifies conformance to India's strict medical device rules, which cover public health.

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What is CDSCO MD 9 License?

The CDSCO MD 9 Licence is a licence issued by India's Central medicines Standard Control Organisation( CDSCO). CDSCO is India's public nonsupervisory agency for medicinals and medical bias, in charge of guaranteeing the safety, efficacity, and quality of the country's medicines and bias.

The MD 9 Licence is designed for the manufacture of medical bias in India. Companies or installations involved in the manufacturing, importation, or distribution of medical outfits must get this license from CDSCO. This licence assures that the manufacturer follows CDSCO's applicable quality norms and regulations for medical bias.

The particular procedures for getting and maintaining an MD 9 Licence, as well as the laws governing medical device manufacture in India, may change and are subject to CDSCO changes. As a result, medical device companies must stay up to date on the most recent nonsupervisory regulations and compliance norms.

Classification of CDSCO MD 9 License for Class C and D

Class C Class D

Class C( Moderate-High threat) bias poses more advanced pitfalls than Class B and are generally implantable or life- supporting.

Class D( High threat) includes bias that support life, are implanted, or pose an unwarrantable threat of illness or injury.

Regulations Include general and particular controls, as well as MD9 licensing. Regulation is Subject to the loftiest nonsupervisory conditions, including premarket blessing.
Examples include bone plates, powered wheelchairs, and infusion pumps. Examples include heart faucets, implanted leaders, and ventilators.
Safety Concern Can beget serious injury; constantly implantable or life-saving.

Safety Concern The loftiest threat of injury; essential for life support or food.

Requirements for Obtaining CDSCO MD 9 Medical Device License for Class C and Class D Devices

Conditions for carrying MD 9 Medical Device License for Class C and Class D Devices

To get an MD 9 Medical Device Licence for Class C and Class D Devices, aspirants must complete the ensuing conditions

  • The product installation must cleave to the Quality Management System ISO 13485 or ICMED 13485.
  • Compliance with environmental conditions.
  • All needed paperwork for the MD 9 Licence.
  • The aspirant must hire a good specialized labor force for the manufacture and testing of medical bias.

Manufacturing staff

It should have the following qualifications and experience

  • A degree in engineering, drugstore, or wisdom from an estimable university, as well as at least two times of manufacturing experience with medical bias.
  • A parchment in engineering or drugstore from a recognized institute, as well as at least four times of medical device product experience.
  • Qualifications for testing staff include a degree or parchment in engineering, drugstore, or wisdom, as well as at least 2 times of medical device testing experience.

How to Apply for CDSCO MD 9 License for Class C and D?

 A manufacturer must apply for a Grant of Licence to manufacture and distribute Class C or Class D medical equipment. The application is being evaluated by the CDSCO. A Notified body or Medical Device officer may inspect the manufacturing site, with or without the presence of an expert. Based on this, the CDSCO may decide to award a valid licence in Form MD-9.

The applicant must follow this rule:

  • The Central Licencing Authority accepts applications on Form MD-7. The application requires the following documents:
  • Cover letter, plant master file, and device master file
  • Quality Management System specified as per the 5th schedule of Medical Device Rules and performance evaluation report (IVDs only)    
  • Constitution detail of the firm, the establishment/site ownership/tenancy Agreement
  • Copy of duly notarized, valid copies of the quality certificate for the production site Valid Test License obtained for testing and generation of quality control data    
  • The signed undertaking confirms compliance with Fifth Schedule provisions at the production site.

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Documents Required for Registration of CDSCO MD 9 License for Class C and D? 

  • Residence Proof
  • Constitution Proof (GST Certificate / CIN / MOA AOA)
  • Premises Ownership Proof 
  • Documents of Manufacturing Chemist
  • Documents of Chemical Testing Staff
  • List of Products
  • Fire and Pollution NOCs
  • Layout
  • Machine Details
  • Device Master Files
  • Plant Master Files
  • Trademark Certificate


The CDSCO MD 9 Licence is critical for Indian makers of Class C and Class D medical devices since it ensures strict adherence to safety and quality standards. This license, issued by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO), requires compliance with ISO 13485 or ICMED 13485 quality management systems, adequate environmental requirements, and the employment of certified technical people. 
The application process includes extensive documentation and possible site visits by CDSCO officials. This licence is required for the legitimate production and distribution of moderate to high-risk medical devices in India, as well as to protect public health and ensure the reliability of crucial medical equipment.

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