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CDSCO MD 5 License for Class A and B Medical Devices Manufacturing



The State Licencing Authority (SLA) issues the MD 5 Medical Device Manufacturing Licence to directors of Class A and Class B medical bias in India. Class A medical bias is regarded to be low trouble, whereas Class B medical bias is considered to be low to moderate trouble. In India, the manufacture, marketing, and distribution of Class A and Class B medical bias requires an MD 5 Licence. 

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What is an MD-5 License?

The State Licencing Authority of the applicable state issues the MD 5 Licence to makers of Class A and Class B medical devices. The MD 5 Licence is required for the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of Class A and Class B medical devices in India.

What is the CDSCO MD 5 License for Class A and B?

The CDSCO MD 5 licence is a critical regulatory need for Class A and Class B medical device makers in India. Class A and B biases are generally regarded as independent, low to moderate threats. The MD 5 licence is part of the nonsupervisory frame established by the Medical Device Rules of 2017, which divide medical bias into four classes (A, B, C, and D) grounded on the threat. 

Medical equipment is classified as Class A or B

  • Class A devices: They have a low risk. Surgical bandages, tongue depressors, and other simple devices are among examples.
  • Class B gadgets: These are moderate-risk gadgets. Suction outfits, medical gloves, and hypodermic needles are many exemplifications. 

Regulatory Body for CDSCO MD 5 License for Class A and B

  • Manufacturing medical bias necessitates severe processes that must be followed in agreement with the morals and regulations established by the Central Drug Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO). 
  • In addition, applicants who want to produce Class A or Class B Medical Devices must go through a licencing process in order to sell or distribute them. The CDSCO ensures the quality and safety of medical equipment offered on the market in this manner.
  • Depending on their area, such applicants must apply for clearance from the State Licencing Authority via the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare's online portal. To obtain a licence, submit an application in FORM MD-3 along with the appropriate papers in FORM MD-5

How can apply for MD-5 Medical Device Manufacturing License?

  • Go to CDSCO SUGAM Portal
  • Log in with your own registered Username and with your Password.
  • Go to Submit Application
  • Choose the MD 3 Manufacturing License
  • Fill out the Device Details
  • Upload the Mandatory Documents for MD 5 License
  • Pay the Prescribed Fee for MD 5 License

Process of Manufacturing Licence of CDSCO MD 5 for class A and B Medical Device?

  • Application submission:
    • Manufacturers must submit an application in Form MD-3 to the appropriate State Licencing Authority (SLA) or Central Licencing Authority (CLA), depending on the device category and production location.
    • The application should provide detailed information about the device, such as its design, manufacturing methods, risk assessment, and quality management systems.

Quality Management System Manufacturers must have a quality operation system in that compliance with the ISO 13485 standard. This includes creating protocols to assure the device's safety, performance, and nonsupervisory compliance.

  • Technical documentation: 
    • Detailed technical documentation is required, which includes design and production details, intended usage, risk management reports, and clinical evaluation data.
  • Audit and Inspection:
    • The regulatory authority may inspect the manufacturing site to ensure conformity with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and other applicable standards. 
    • The audit focuses on the quality management system, production processes, and the Manufacturer’s ability to consistently create products that match the specified requirements. 
  • Grant of Licence: 
    • The CDSCO provides the MD 5 licence for manufacturing Class A or Class B medical devices following a satisfactory application examination and inspection. 
    • The licence is only valid for a set time period and must be renewed on a regular basis.
  • Post-Market Observartion: 
    • Manufacturers must have a post-market surveillance mechanism in place to monitor the performance of their products once they are in use. This involves reporting unfavorable events and taking corrective action as needed.

What are the essential documents are required for MD-5?

  • Covering letter to the State Licencing Authority 
  • Memorandum of Articles/List of Directors/Partners/UDYAM Aadhar/PAN etc. Sale or Rent Deed of the Premises.
  • Plant Master File or Site Master File for Manufacturing Unit • Plant Layout with dimensions
  • ISO 13485 certificate 
  • Previous Notified Body audit reports (where applicable)
  • Competent technical staff for device manufacturing and testing – 
  • Any necessary test licences
  • Comply with the Fifth Schedule of the MDR 
  • Provide a certificate of analysis for three consecutive batches
  • Provide a performance evaluation report for IVDs alone.

Validity of MD-5 Licence for Class-A and Class-B

A licence received by FORM MD-5 approval is valid indefinitely, as long as the licence retention fee is paid on time, before the expiration of five years from the date of issue by the State Licencing Authority, as specified in the Second Schedule. However, the State Licencing Authority may suspend or cancel a licence at any moment for competent reasons.


The CDSCO MD 5 licence assures that Class A and B medical devices satisfy the required safety and quality standards, protecting public health. It also improves market access and credibility for Indian firms in the global market.

In conclusion, the CDSCO MD 5 licence is a regulatory requirement that ensures the safe and effective production of Class A and B medical devices in India. The procedure entails rigorous documentation, quality management, and regulatory compliance to ensure that these medical devices are safe for use in healthcare settings.

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