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BIS Hallmark Usage License and Renewal



When applied to precious metals, the BIS Hallmark certifies conformance with the standards established by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in India. An essential part of this certification procedure is the BIS Hallmark Usage Licence, which permits companies to use the Hallmark on their goods. This license assures customers of the authenticity and purity of precious metal products by demonstrating that a specific organization complies with the strict quality standards set by the BIS.

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This license must be renewed regularly to maintain the legitimacy and dependability of the certification. To confirm their sustained adherence to the guidelines and demonstrate their continued commitment to quality control, entities must undergo a renewal procedure. A detailed assessment of the licensee's compliance with BIS rules, including the upkeep of manufacturing procedures and quality control systems, is usually part of the renewal process. It serves as a guarantee for customer confidence in the quality and purity of precious metal products on the market and upholds the integrity of Hallmark. Thus, the renewal of this license is essential to maintaining the efficacy of the hallmarking system and guaranteeing the highest standards in the precious metals sector.

BIS Hallmark: Importance

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) uses the BIS Hallmark as a certification symbol to denote the purity and quality of precious metals, such as gold and silver. By ensuring that jewelry is real and standardized, this hallmarking technique gives customers confidence in the caliber of their purchases. This hallmark entails meticulous examination and confirmation of the metal's purity, guaranteeing that it satisfies established criteria.

The hallmark denotes the purity percentage for silver and gold's caratage and purity. The year of hallmarking, the jeweler's identification mark, and the BIS logo are all included on the hallmark.

To stop fraud and preserve the integrity of the jewelry market, BIS Hallmark must be used. Customers can use this symbol as a quality assurance and make well-informed decisions when buying jewelry. It supports a just and transparent marketplace, helps to safeguard consumers, and fosters confidence between buyers and sellers. It is an important instrument that protects consumer interests, maintains quality standards, and promotes an honorable jewelry sector in India.

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BIS Hallmark Usage Licence: Procedure 

A methodical process is required to obtain a BIS Hallmark Usage Licence, guaranteeing that jewelry satisfies the established quality criteria. Typically, the process comprises the subsequent steps:

  • Application Submission

The jeweler must formally apply to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to be granted this license.

  • Documentation

The application must submit all required paperwork, which includes information about the company, its manufacturing facilities, and its quality control procedures.

  • Quality Management System (QMS)

The jeweler needs to put in place a strong QMS that complies with BIS guidelines. This entails creating protocols for testing, quality assurance, and maintaining records.

  • Infrastructure Inspection

BIS conducts factory inspections to make sure the facilities meet all requirements and are set up for high-quality output.

  • Sample Testing

To confirm that the jewelry complies with purity and quality standards, BIS may gather samples of the jewelry for testing in its accredited laboratories.

  • Granting of License

This license is issued, enabling the jeweler to use the BIS Hallmark on their products, if the jewelry satisfies the requirements and the manufacturing process complies with BIS guidelines.

  • Surveillance Audits

BIS may carry out regular surveillance checks to guarantee continued adherence to quality requirements.

Through adherence to these guidelines, jewelry producers can secure and preserve a BIS Hallmark Usage Licence, signifying their dedication to providing customers with uniform and superior products.

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BIS Hallmark Renewal: Process

Several procedures are included in the BIS Hallmark Renewal process to guarantee that jewelry producers will consistently fulfill the required quality criteria. The renewal is essential to preserving the BIS Hallmark's reputation and guaranteeing customers the jewelry's constant excellence. Usually, the procedure for the renewal is as follows:

  • Application for Renewal

The jewelry producer is required to start the process of license renewal by applying to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) no later than the deadline for the present license to expire.

  • Documentation Review 

BIS examines the documentation provided by the manufacturer, which includes information on quality control procedures, manufacturing processes, and any updates since the last renewal.

  • Infrastructure Inspection

To make sure that the manufacturing facilities are still meeting the requirements for high-quality production, BIS may conduct inspections.

  • Sample Testing

Like the original certification, BIS may gather samples for examination to confirm that the jewelry continues to meet purity and quality standards.

  • Compliance Assessment

BIS evaluates the manufacturer's adherence to the Quality Management System (QMS) and other BIS-established requirements.

  • Renewal Grant

The BIS renews the manufacturer's renewal license if the manufacturer passes the evaluation.

Jewellery makers show their continued dedication to upholding high standards by adhering to this renewal process, which strengthens consumer confidence in the BIS Hallmark. Frequent renewals contribute to the market's jewelry continuously meeting the designated quality standards.


In summary, the BIS Hallmark is a crucial component in protecting consumer interests and promoting an open and reliable industry in the Indian jewelry market. It is recognized as a symbol of quality, purity, and authenticity. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is responsible for overseeing the hallmark, and the jewelry industry has benefited greatly from its extensive use.

Customers can trust this hallmark to provide them with a trustworthy indication regarding the authenticity and caliber of jewelry made of precious metal. To help consumers make wise decisions, it offers details on the caratage, purity, and authenticity of gold and silver items. In addition to shielding customers from dishonest business practices, this fosters a level playing field where trustworthy jewelers can prosper.

To make sure jewelers follow guidelines, acquiring and renewing this license requires thorough quality checks, infrastructure inspections, and compliance assessments. This careful method enables producers to continuously uphold high-quality production practices while also preserving the integrity of the hallmark.

It is more than simply a logo; it's a pledge to uphold industry standards and implement quality management systems. Manufacturers help the jewelry industry build a strong framework for quality assurance by putting these standards into practice.

Moreover, the hallmark's impact transcends national boundaries, since its acknowledgment cultivates confidence in Indian jewelry in the international arena. International recognition of BIS Hallmarked goods boosts Indian jewelers' competitiveness internationally and solidifies the nation's standing as a trustworthy supplier of fine jewelry.

Essentially, this hallmark is a pillar of the jewelry market, guaranteeing that the glistening gems that consumers wear are both aesthetically beautiful and uphold the strict quality standards established by regulatory bodies. It is a mark of reliability and excellence, that keeps shining brilliantly, shedding light on the way to an established and customer-focused jewelry sector in India and abroad.

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