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BIS Hallmark Registration, Certificate and Renewal


Understanding BIS Hallmark Registration

Gold is a priceless possession in India. The value exhibited by this artifact does not melt away like a whiff in the air. It is an unsaid lifebelt, against heavy mortgages or loans during the testing times. It is something even your grandma preserved for generations to inherit or adorn proudly. It is by keeping the legacy of gold alive, that it is interconnected to us like a scared thread.

Besides, gold is so much more than just a familial possession. In addition to holding the lucrative power, it is involved in the circulation of exports or domestic goods. Just like that, gold’s significance continues to surge because of its lofty demands. Similarly, gold’s value remains non-negotiable, which amounts to 600-800 tonnes as estimated by the Bureau of Indian Standards. This is not it. The concept of BIS Hallmark Registration is a crucial aspect in ensuring the reliability, quality and safety of precious metals against the idea of adulteration. 

Besides, whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or a burgeoning start up, grasping the fundamentals of BIS hallmarking is comparatively non-negotiable in today’s competitive market. Make sure to stay ahead of the curve, by harnessing the benefits that come with the BIS hallmarking.

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Background of Hallmark Registration 

Long ago, when consumer protection was a concern in terms of BIS hallmark registration, the Government of India took notice of the same and wanted to do something about it. As a plan of action, a mandate was issued to the Reserve Bank of India standing committee, discussing gold along with the precious metals, endorsing the idea of standardization of gold products, and welcoming the Gold Hallmarking in the country. 

At that very moment, the committee knew how the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) were to step in as the sole agency to undertake the art of hallmarking scheme in India, by assigning the ability to protect the consumers against cheating or developing export competitiveness in contributing to make India a leading market for gold jewellery in the world. It was only later that the hallmarking of silver articles was launched in 2005.                                                                                                                                 

Importance of BIS Hallmark Certification

Hallmarking refers to the accurate identification of the quantity of metal in the valuable articles. Accordingly, they are the official marks defining the purity along with the fineness of these metal-based articles. The main objective of this hallmarking scheme focuses on safeguarding the public against the persisting adulteration, by ensuring the standards to maintain the fineness. When talking about India specifically, gold and silver are indeed considered within the bracket of hallmarking.

Regardless of anything, the hallmarking of gold jewellery as well as artefacts is essential in India. It serves as a crucial step towards the idea of the gold purity standardisation. While doing so, it has become significant how the Ministry of Consumer Affairs declared the hallmarking of the gold standard as per the Consumer Protection Act of 1986. 
Additionally, the Bureau of Indian Standards came up with the Gold Hallmarking scheme in the year 2000 along with the Silver Hallmarking scheme in 2005

Since 1 April 2023, the government has made 6-digit hallmarking with Hallmark Unique Identification Number (HUID) mandatory for selling or buying gold.

Benefits of BIS Certification

BIS is the National Standard Body of India that was formed under the BIS Act 2016 to foster the activities of standardization, ensuring the quality certification of the goods along with safety and reliability. To know the benefits of this certification, you must understand the following points, which include- 

  • Adherence to the quality standards

BIS Certification is a mark for reliability as well as quality, assuring customers that the products they are purchasing meet the prescribed standards and are comparatively safe to use. By availing of this, one can rest assured that this certification mainly improves the quality of your business, by fostering trust and allowing them to stand out from the competition. 

  • Gives a competitive edge 

In a relatively competitive market, having BIS Certification makes you stand out from the crowd, ensuring that you adhere to the commitment to ensuring quality and safety. It is especially true of cases when you intend to make the purchasing decisions. As a result, this certification can be a real game-changer and rightfully attract customers. 

  • International recognition 

As the name itself, BIS Certification is widely recognized in India, that holds great potential internationally as well. In a way, this certification ensures that your product caters to safety and quality standards, by allowing the business to enter the global markets. 
Most importantly, the international recognition based on the BIS Certification may even open up new opportunities for businesses to expand their operations beyond the Indian borders. And such is how this certification can benefit at large, just by ensuring the traceability and tangibility may offer. 

Step-by-Step Guide to the BIS Hallmark Registration

If you are someone, who wishes to apply for the BIS Hallmark jewellery Registration, then you must follow the below-mentioned steps, which include the following-

Step 1- Visit website 
In the first step, the jeweller seeking the hallmark registration must visit WWW.MANAKONLINE.IN.

Step 2- Enter login details 
In the following step, you must enter the login details (with credentials), if you have a persisting account. However, if not, you must create the account and fill in the necessary information as required or asked for.

Now, once you have created your account, you must log in using the credentials 

Step 3- Application for jeweller registration 

In the next step, you can apply for the application for jewellery registration, by filling in the necessary fields as required. This is what the page will look like, as displayed below-
Step 4- Upload documents 
In this step, you must upload the requisite documents as asked for in the required format, by adhering to said guidelines by the terms and conditions.

Step 5- Make payment 
Soon after, once you have completed the above steps, you must make the payment as displayed on the page. Once you have adhered to these steps, you will be able to receive the grant of certificate of registration. 

Note- The grant of the certificate of registration can be downloaded easily after uploading the required documents along with submission of the application form and fees online. 

Therefore, such are the required steps that you need to follow for the BIS Hallmark Registration online. 

Granting Certificate

If you are wondering how you would get the certificate of Registration for the selling of the hallmarked jewellery, then you have reached the right place. Allow us to help you acknowledge the key points as informed by the Bureau of Indian Standards in keeping with the BIS Hallmark Registration. 

To begin with, any jeweller that is willing to obtain the certificate of registration for the hallmark jewellery must visit the Manakonline portal of BIS. In doing so, it is anticipated that the registration will be granted to you immediately. 

After doing so, a mail or an SMS alert will be sent to them, informing them about the status of the registration number, while they download and get the Certificate of Registration with the Registration number. 
With that said, the BOs will examine the registrations received from the antecedents, and in the case of any discrepancies noted, the jeweller will reply the same within thirty days on the portal itself. 

If no reply seems to be satisfactory, then it is anticipated that you request the cancellation by adhering to the cancellation procedure per the hallmarking regulations. 

Renewal Process for BIS Hallmark Certification

If in case you are wondering how to new the BIS Hallmark Certification, then you must note that is valid for two years. The manufacturers must renew the BIS Certification when there are no alterations in the respective products or specified standards. Moreover, the renewed BIS Certificate is said to be valid for a total of one year with a maximum of five years. 

The renewal of the BIS certificate depends upon the annual advance minimum marking fee and license fee. Additionally, if the renewal application related to BIS Certification has to be filed after the expiration period of the certificate, the applicant will be charged a late fee of Rs.5000. 

Important notification regarding the Hallmarking of Gold Jewellery and Gold Artefacts 

As per the recent declaration issued as per the Hallmarking of Gold Jewellery and Gold Artefacts order, 2020, within clause 2, after the sub clause mentions that no person shall, after 31st March 2023, sell or display or offer to sell any gold jewellery or Gold Artefacts unless it is hallmarked as per the specified standards in BIS 1417:2016 as amended by notification number Ref: HQ-PUB014/1/2020-PUB-BIS (191), dated the 7th July 2021, published in the Gazette of India, Extraordinary, Part III, Section 4, dated the 15th July 2021. 


As per the analysis, we conclude that BIS Hallmark registration is one of the most essential factors in determining the quality of precious metal articles. The primary aim of this registration is to safeguard the public against adulteration, while ensuring that the article meets the specified standards, adhering to the quality or fineness. Additionally, BIS has been emitting benefits to the economy, by ensuring safe reliable quality goods, reducing health hazards, and promoting exports along with control and proliferation of the varieties, through the conditions, such as certification or standardization. 

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