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What Is BIS 916 Hallmark Registration And Why It's Important?



The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has certified gold jewellery in India with the BIS 916 hallmark. Customers are reassured by this hallmark of the quality and purity of the gold utilized in the jewellery. As indicated by the "916" in the hallmark, the jewelry's gold content is 91.6% or 22 karats. This degree of purity is generally acknowledged as appropriate for creating strong and complex jewellery.

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In India, the national standards body BIS is in charge of creating guidelines to guarantee the security and caliber of a wide range of goods, including precious metals. A thorough testing process to verify the purity of the gold is required before the BIS 916 hallmark is awarded. It offers transparency in the gold market and gives customers trust in the legitimacy of the gold jewellery they buy.

This hallmark is essential for safeguarding customers against dishonesty and inferior goods and for fostering confidence in the gold jewellery sector. In the Indian gold industry, it serves as a trustworthy benchmark for manufacturers and customers alike, signifying adherence to established criteria.

BIS 916 Hallmark Registration: Advantages

There are various benefits that the BIS 916 Hallmark Registration provides for manufacturers and customers in the gold jewellery sector. First of all, the hallmark provides customers with a trustworthy indication of the quality and purity of the gold jewellery they are buying. The "916" hallmark, which expressly indicates 22-karat gold, assures customers that the item they are purchasing is of the required purity.

Second, it guarantees market transparency and serves as a defense against dishonest business practices. Knowing that the jewellery has passed stringent testing by the Bureau of India criteria to satisfy the required criteria allows consumers to make well-informed decisions.

A manufacturer's integrity and adherence to industry standards are demonstrated by receiving the BIS 916 Hallmark. Because consumers are more likely to trust and select products bearing the official trademark, it improves the brand's reputation. Moreover, it aids producers in setting their goods apart in a crowded market by offering a trusted mark of excellence.

In conclusion, the BIS 916 Hallmark registration helps the gold jewellery sector by encouraging transparency, assuring product quality, and building trust between consumers and manufacturers. It is an important accreditation that enhances the industry's general dependability and integrity.

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BIS 916 Hallmark Registration: Importance

The BIS 916 Hallmark certificate is quite significant when considering the Indian gold jewellery market. For consumers, this certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is an essential guarantee of quality and purity. The "916" hallmark, which provides a consistent level of purity that purchasers can trust, precisely indicates that the jewelry's gold content is 91.6% or 22 karats.

Crucially, the hallmark serves as a defense against dishonest business tactics and inferior goods. It guarantees that the gold jewellery satisfies the set national requirements and has undergone stringent testing. In addition to shielding customers against dishonesty, this enhances the legitimacy of the gold sector as a whole.

Furthermore, the trademark plays a crucial role in fostering consumer and manufacturer trust. Manufacturers exhibit their dedication to quality and compliance with industry standards by getting the BIS 916 certification. This, in turn, improves the brand's reputation and gives customers more confidence, motivating them to buy gold jewellery with knowledge and assurance.

To sum up, the BIS 916 Hallmark registration is crucial because it ensures purity, guards against fraud, and builds trust - all of which help to maintain the integrity and openness of the Indian gold jewellery market.

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BIS 916 Hallmark Registration: Process

Several procedures are involved in the BIS 916 Hallmark registration process to guarantee that gold jewellery satisfies the requirements established by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

  • Application Submission

Manufacturers must apply to the BIS regional office or online platform to be eligible for the BIS 916 Hallmark. The application contains information on the sorts of jewellery to be hallmarked, the producer, and their facilities.

  • Document Verification

BIS carefully examines the filed documents to make sure they fulfill the requirements. This includes evaluating the production facilities, quality assurance procedures, and compliance with pertinent standards.

  • Testing of Samples

Samples of the manufacturer's gold jewellery must be sent to hallmarking and assaying facilities accredited by the BIS for examination. To ascertain the quality of the gold, these facilities carry out extensive testing.

  • Audit of Manufacturing Facilities

To confirm adherence to BIS requirements, including the hallmarking procedure and quality control measures, BIS audits the manufacturer's facilities.

  • Granting of License

The maker is granted the license for the hallmark by BIS upon the successful completion of the aforementioned processes. The license gives gold jewellery that satisfies the requirements permission to use the BIS hallmark.

  • Regular Surveillance

BIS keeps an eye on the manufacturer's operations by conducting tests and inspections regularly to make sure that quality requirements are being followed.

All things considered, the BIS 916 Hallmark registration procedure is a thorough system created to ensure the purity and caliber of gold jewellery that is offered on the market, giving customers confidence in their purchases.


To sum up, the BIS 916 Hallmark is essential to maintaining quality, legitimacy, and openness in the Indian gold jewellery market. With a purity of 91.6%, or 22 karats, this certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) indicates that the gold content in jewellery is of the highest caliber. The hallmark, which provides consumers with a trustworthy indicator for recognizing real and pure gold products, is essential to safeguard their interests.

Beyond ensuring customer satisfaction, manufacturers place a great deal of weight on this hallmark. It represents adherence to strict quality standards and production procedures and acts as a mark of compliance. In addition to improving producers' reputations, the BIS 916 certification promotes market trust and empowers customers to make knowledgeable decisions when buying gold jewellery.

Strict testing, documentation verification, and facility audits are all part of the BIS 916 Hallmark registration process, which guarantees that only goods that satisfy the highest requirements are awarded the hallmark. This methodical approach not only protects customers from dishonest business practices but also enhances the general honesty and dependability of the Indian gold jewellery sector. The BIS 916 Hallmark, which establishes standards for purity and excellence in the world of gold jewellery, is essentially a badge of confidence.

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