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APAAR ID card: Full Form, Registration, Benefits, How to Download


Uncovering the Significance of APAAR ID

There are times when I raise an eyebrow in suspicion and wonder if the Student's academic data are stored under a single integrated platform. How I wish it were like that. But, wait let me Google it first. 

Well, there is a concept of the APAAR ID, which is the Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry, launched by the Ministry of Education, the government of India. As a motive of the APAAR card, One Nation One ID Card Registration is a student’s all-in-one approach to collecting academic credits, degrees or other information related to co-curricular activities. 

To reap the benefits of an APAAR CARD, you must apply for registration. It is only then that you can download the ABC card with a 12-digit APAAR number as told. 

After doing the APAAR Card Registration, you will be able to download the ABC Card on which your Unique 12-digit APAAR Number is mentioned. But besides this, let us read the following blog to know more about it. 

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APAAR ID Full Form 

The full form of APAAR ID refers to the Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry. To cater to this, the government of India launched the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC Bank) to issue the APAAR ID Cards.

What is an APAAR Card?

The APAAR Card was launched by the Ministry of Education, also serving as a digital ID for students from government and private institutions across India. The card functions as a digital archive of students' academic records that they can optimally utilize in collecting their resources, such as degrees and certificates or other information online. 

The APAAR ID card consists of a number that can track the student’s academic journey, making it an easy transfer from one school to another. This card will be given by the schools and colleges to students, from pre-primary to higher education. Likewise, the APAAR card is just an addition to the Aadhaar ID for the students. 

The students can download this APAAR card, through APAAR Card registration. It mainly consists of a unique 12-digit APAAR number, along with a unique identification number, with which the students can have a peek at the benefits and academic records efficiently. 

The card also goes by the One Nation One Student ID card, which will also be linked with the Aadhar card number of the student. Likewise, the APAAR ID is an essential step to uplifting the academic experience of the students

APAAR ID Registration Online

APAAR ID is an initiative that was started by the Ministry of Education, Government of India with a motive of One Nation One Student ID card. It is a forward-looking approach for the students, who can find their academic data, such as scholarships, rewards and other related credits under this integrated platform. 

If you are a school or a college-going student, you must utilize the benefits One Nation One ID Registration has to offer. To do so, you must follow the following steps, which include-

The process of APAAR ID registration online is as follows:

Step 1- Visit ABC Bank 
In the first step, you must visit the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC Bank) website

Step 2- Click on ‘My Account and visit the ‘Student’ option 
In the next step, you must choose the option My Account and then select the ‘Student’ option.
Step 3- Create a Digilocker account 
In this very step, you need to sign up and enter the details, such as mobile number, address and Aadhaar to create your DigiLocker account with the respective credentials.

Step 4- Seeking consent 
Soon after, DigiLocker will seek your permission and consent regarding the Aadhaar Card Details regarding the ABC account for KYC verification. 
In doing so, you may even enter your academic details, including the college or university name with course or class name. 

Step 4- Submission of the form 
Now, you may submit the form, for which the APAAR ID will be automatically generated. 

Thus, this is how APAR ID Cards are registered. It can be done smoothly and seamlessly without any major hindrance. 

The registration of institutions and services will be a critical function of the academic bank of credit.

Benefits of APAAR Card

The APAAR Card is an educational boon to students, as it enables them to track their academic progress as well as achievements efficiently.  

  • Storing the Academic Information 

The APAAR ID Card is a valuable resource, a one-stop solution that stores students’ information under one roof that can be accessed by them easily and efficiently. As a student, you can gauge the educational information,  such as exam results, and co-curricular achievements along with the report cards on this very platform.

In short, it has the academic data of the students, which enables them to transition into the student’s admission (elsewhere) even more seamlessly and efficiently. 

  • Recognition of Co-curricular Activities

Besides storing the student’s records, APAAR ID is more than the academic repository. It encompasses the archive of the co-curricular achievements, such as specialized skilled training and rankings acquired in Olympiads. Doing so, will showcase the student’s involvement beyond textbooks and embrace holistic growth, which is valued by employers.

  • Streamlines the Admission Process  

The benefit of the APAAR ID Card holds the potential to simplify the admission process, making the transition from one school to another. With that being said, you can navigate a student’s academic history, by streamlining the admission process like a walk in the park. Accordingly, this system has revolutionized the way the academic journey can be tracked today. For instance, children whose families relocate due to a job transfer or any other reason will benefit from this.

Features of Academic Bank of Credits 

According to the National Education Policy 2020, the Academic Bank of Credits was established to make it easier for students to move between the higher education institutions in the country. It is mainly achieved through the transfer of credits earned from one program to another, by those who are pursuing the degree, Diploma and integrity of credits. Therefore, the main features of the APAAR ID consist of the following, which is-

  • Ensures the authenticity and confidentiality of the student credits
  • A seamless credit transfer in a digital manner 
  • Encourages the faster credit recognition process 

How to Download APAAR ID Card?

If you wish to download the APAAR ID Card, then you must follow the steps, which are as follows-

  • You may log in to the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC Bank) website 
  • You may visit the dashboard, and then opt for the APAAR Card Download option.
  • By doing so, the APAAR card would appear, after which you can download the same. 
  • Soon after, the APAAR Card will get downloaded 


We conclude that to streamline the student’s journey, the One Nation One Student ID card is one of the viable initiatives that revolutionizes this pedagogical approach and adds to a student’s educational experience. To avail of the benefits, you must register with APAAR ID and ensure that you can access the academic data along with other services efficiently.

Not only has it made huge strides in the field of education, but has achieved promising results. As a cherry on the cake, it has diversified the opportunities and simplified the administrative procedures for many students. 

This digital archive houses the student’s academic records, data and scholarships with other such credits. Accordingly, it will even be linked to the ABC Bank. Due to this, the student's records are constantly updated, be it the exam CGPA or prizes related to scholarships or other student credits. 

The APAAR ID is usually linked to the ABC bank during this process. Whenever you complete a course and semester, ABC will enter the credits recognised by other institutions. Therefore, APAAR ID will be a game changer and contribute to streamlining the educational journey for the times ahead of us.

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