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UAN Login, Portal Registration, Universal Account Number Activation and Status Check


Unlock Your UAN Login: Simplify Portal Registration, Activate Your Universal Account Number, and Check Status Hassle-Free

Are you new to corporate air and constantly rethinking jargon, such as UAN by EPFO? Or are you someone who has recently migrated to a new office abode?
If so, you have reached the right place!

As professionals, when we debut our entry into the corporate world, we seek remuneration in exchange for the services we provide and the benefits that come along, such as fixed PF, leaves, Insurance & etc. However, as we head closer, we acknowledge ourselves for the incentives that encourage savings for the employees associated with the respective sectors. 

Additionally, the employee is accustomed to paying a certain amount of money, where the employer contributes to the same equally, with interest charged on both the employee's and employer's contribution. To manage this comes our rescue, UAN (Universal Account Number) that the Employee Provident Fund organisation grants. Within this, you can manage your savings and keep track of them. 

So, why wait? Take control of your UAN Login and unlock the potential of the Universal Account Number. Moreover, you must streamline your registration process, activate the account and check your status effortlessly. Let us get you started on this journey to a convenient UAN experience. 

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Why is the UAN important?

The UAN or Universal Account Number is a Unique Identification Number provided by the Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). This number is mainly used to allocate various IDs to the individuals provided by their respective establishments. The main aim behind this initiative is to connect the multiple member IDs to a Single UAN, making it easier to manage the Provident Fund Accounts. Moreover, this would encourage the members to peek through the Member Identification Numbers linked with it. 

If a member already has a Universal Account Number (UAN), they should provide it when joining a new establishment. This will help the employer link their newly allocated Member Identification (Member ID) to their existing UAN. 

Benefits of using the UAN portal

The UAN portal emerges with many benefits, which have streamlined transactions, with them reaping their benefits at one's fingertips. For instance, earlier, one had to juggle with the complex system. However, the advent of technology has revolutionized how EPFO works on the portal today. 

Less Involvement of the Employer 

Before UAN, PF withdrawals were approved by the intermediary, including the employer, after which they were sent to EPFO. 

As per this case, the involvement has decreased, which requires little yet no primary intervention of the employer, where the generated PF amount, ranging from old to new, is automatically transferred, leaving no room for confusion. 

Seamless Transaction  

The onset of the UAN portal comes with its superpowers, which simplifies the complex procedures and endorses security with every activity performed on the portal. Within this digital magic, one can easily keep track of the activity in the PF account, such as the employer's monthly contribution, alerted with a text message.  
As a cherry on top, individuals can even check their account balance via UAN. Catering to this, they can (easily) refer to the portal and download the PF passbook from the main website. 

Advantages of Employee Pension Scheme 

Before UAN stepped in and made our lives easier, employees were accustomed to extracting the amount from their Employee Pension Scheme, which could somehow dwindle the savings to be obtained after retirement.
However, as soon as it arrived, the Employers Provident Fund and the Employee Pension scheme's record were transferred to a new account, adding up to the amount during retirement. 

How Does PF Benefit the Employees?

With PF being the lifesaver, it shields the employees' lives and serves as financial aid for retirement. But besides this, there are plenty of other reasons why PF encourages employees to live those benefits. Let us have a look at it- 

  • One of the supreme benefits is the ability to eye or check the status of your EPF balance at any time. 
  • The information related to the account status stays entirely with the employee (based on the KYC details)
  • You may even gauge whether or not your employee is crediting your account from your monthly deduction. 
  • Your UAN is your identification number, deemed independent of the employer Identification number, which is independent of your employer.

Member joins EPF for the first time.

A) If a member joins EPF for the first time, the employer is responsible for acquiring UAN from the EPFO portal using the information provided in the declaration form. In doing so, the employer must realize and submit the ECR of this member only after the UAN is acquired from the portal. 

The process flow includes the following steps:-

  • Obtaining UAN-The employer would obtain the Universal Account Number (UAN) for first-time users from EPFO through the online portal.
  • Employer filling details- Only then must the employee details of the member, including the member's name, father's/husband's name, date of birth, and date of joining, along with the KYC details uploaded on the portal. 

It is to be noted that the fields required to furnish information concerning such members are clearly stated in Annexure "A" and mainly include the points that cover aspects such as

  • The employer must provide the member details, depending on the KYC document, such as Aadhaar and avoid any formalities, such as the member's name, father's name/spouse, date of birth, gender, etc.
  • The employer will receive a UAN from the portal, which will be available to validate the employer's ECR file. 

It is reiterated that this process is mandatory for the employer to include the new
Members in the ECR.

B) In cases when the member was initially a member of EPF before joining the present establishment, imply the following points, which consist of the factors-

  • The member declares the UAN/EPF Account Number details to the employer through a declaration form with the existing process. 
  • Accordingly, the employer must link the present employment with the Universal Account Number before filing ECR. 
  • The member details found as per UAN would be used in the ECR of the present employment. 

In the final step, the employer can begin to remit the dues through ECR as per the Linked UAN. 

How to generate UAN for EPF?

If you have recently joined as an employee at any establishment, then you must register on the UAN portal and follow the steps, which are as follows-

Step 1- Visit EPFO Online Member Portal

In the first step, you must visit the EPFO member portal on the following Member Portal link- EPFO member portal and click on "Know Your UAN".

Step 2-  Enter Details 

In the next step, you must enter the OTP and proceed with the verification. In doing so, you must enter details, like your name, date of birth, and Aadhaar/PAN/Member ID along with your Captcha code. Then, you can finally opt for submission of these details.

Step 3-  Show My UAN

Soon After successfully submitting these details,  you must click on the option- “Show my UAN” to seek Universal Account Number. 

Activating your UAN

Once you have generated the UAN successfully, with a linked EPF Account, the employer will provide the employee with UAN  and PF details. With that piece of information, you can easily activate your UAN in the simple and easy steps, which are-

Step-1:  Visit EPFO Website 

In the first step, you must visit the EPFO member portal on the following Member Portal link- EPFO member portal.

Step 2:  Click on the Activate Your PAN
In the next step, you must click on the option on Activate Your Pan as displayed in the image and further proceed with the process.

Step 3- Filling Details

After you have successfully clicked on the option of Activate Your PAN, you will need to fill in those details, by reading the instructions as shown below- 
As an employee, you would be provided with UAN along with the Member ID, where soon after, you are required to add the other necessary information to get the authorisation PIN generated. 

Step 4:  Request for Authorization Pin

In the next step, you must request the authorization PIN, which is sent to your registered phone number with EPFO. Now, you may enter this PIN and click on “Validate OTP and Activate UAN”. 

Soon after, your UAN is activated, along with the password shared on your mobile number. You must recheck and log in to your EPF account with the generated UAN and passwords. 

Conclusion: Simplifying your UAN login experience

The UAN or Universal Account Number is a unique identification number given by the Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). This number usually provides the individuals with multiple IDs by their respective firms, making digitized technology an essential part of a smoother and more efficient process when managing the Provident Fund accounts. Moreover, it may even assist people in tracking the identification numbers connected to a single UAN. Overall, UAN is considered a crucial asset that would streamline the management of the Provident Fund accounts. 

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