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Trademark Law in India: Registration of Company Logo


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Trademark is considered to be a mark that helps in making a distinction between goods and services of one person from that of another, it can be represented graphically and it can be any symbol which maybe a word, combination of colors or label etc. Trademark ensures to safeguard the exclusive interests of its owner and prevents any unauthorized use. It helps in creating goodwill and confidence among the consumers and also ensures reliability. 
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Types and Example of trademark

The types of trademark are as follows:

The above logo is an example of the combination mark that is a combination of colors and words.

Trademark registration of company logo

As per the Trademarks Act, 1999 the following provisions are laid down

Every person seeking to be the owner of a trade mark that he uses or intends to use and who wishes to get it registered must submit an application in writing to the Registrar in the specified manner. A single application can be submitted for trade mark registration for various classes of goods and along with the payable fees. The application needs to be filed in the Trade Marks Registry office that lies within the territorial limits of the place of business of the applicant. The registration can be refused at the instance of the Registrar, and in such event of refusal, the grounds on the basis of which the registration has been refused shall be recorded in writing by the registrar.
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The acceptance of the application can also be withdrawn at the instance of the registrar, where he is satisfied that an error was made while accepting the application or the registration of trademark should not be done.

After acceptance, the said application shall be advertised by the registrar, provided that within 4 months of such advertisement, a notice in writing can be issued by any person to the registrar, who is opposed to such registration. A counter-statement needs to be served by the applicant on the registrar explaining his grounds failing which the application would stand abandoned.

The trademark after due process of verification would be registered by the registrar within 18 months from the date of which the application has been filed. In pursuance of the registration, a registration certificate shall be issued to the applicant having a seal of trademarks registry.

  • Trademark registration procedure simplified
  1. Firstly, choose an authorized trademark agent, Advocate or constituted attorney.
  2. The authorized agent would draft the trademark application as per client’s requirement. Make sure you have a unique trademark which is not similar to the existing ones.
  3. After due verification the trademark would be registered in the nearest trademarks office by the registrar.

Registering company logo: apply for trademark

In the application for registering company logo the applicant must first select the trademark category.

Standard Mark

Collective Mark

Certification mark

Series Mark

The requisite certificate must be provided in case the applicant is a startup or small enterprise along with the fees which amounts to Rs 5,000 for physical filing and Rs 4,500 in case of E filing. In all other cases the fees to be paid in case of physical filing is Rs 10,000 and in case for E filing it is 9,000. 

Thereafter the following details must be specified with respect to the agent of the applicant, like, 

Now, select the category of trademark and mention about description of the trademark.

If the language of the mark is other than Hindi or English then the applicant must specify the following:

  1. Language
  2. Transliteration of the mark in Roman script
  3. Translation of the mark in English

Also the applicant must mention his/her personal details and verify at the end that the mentioned facts are true and correct.

Trademark registration in India: cost structure

Company logo registration: Required documents

  1. Identify a company logo
  2. Details of the applicant including personal details as mentioned above
  3. In case you have used the logo prior to applying, then you must mention the date you first used it in India.
  4. The applicant must sign the verification and power of attorney.

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Trademark registration: Rights

The trademark that is registered under the trademarks Act shall enable its holder to enjoy the exclusive rights associated with the trademark and also in case of trademark infringement, its holder would be entitled to obtain relief. 

Trademark infringement

Trademark infringement takes place when there is any violation of the exclusive right of the holder by virtue of trademark registration. The infringement can occur where a person makes use of a similar mark or uses the registered trademark without prior permission of the holder.

The trademark in respect of goods and services would stand infringed in an event where a person other than the proprietor of the registered trademark makes use of identical or deceptively similar mark with that of registered mark that causes confusion on public’s part. 

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Also the trademark is infringed when it is advertised by any other person in a manner that it hampers its reputation and is detrimental to its distinctive character. Therefore no use of the trademark must be made without permission of its holder.

Trademark alteration

For alteration of the trademark that is registered, the holder of the trademark needs to apply in a specified manner to the registrar. The registrar holds the sole discretion to either refuse or grant the alteration in the trademark.


In order to register the company logo, which is a trademark, one must apply to the nearest trademark office and get it done through the authorized agent. Make sure the trademark you choose must be unique in itself.


Get help from an experienced legal adviser. Schedule your consultation at a time that works for you and it's absolutely FREE.

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