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Terms and conditions for BIS Recognized Labs


The following terms & conditions shall be applicable to the recognized laboratories:

  • The recognition of a laboratory shall be for a period of three years. Recognition fees as notified from time to time is payable in advance. The recognition is renewable as per the provisions of this scheme.
  • BIS may suspend, de-recognize, reduce scope of recognition or ask for reassessment, if required.
  • The laboratory shall timely inform BIS about the major changes/ breakdown of equipment and shifting of the laboratory etc affecting administration and/or quality of testing of the relevant products.
  • The testing charges declared by the lab at the time of recognition/renewal shall be valid for a period of three years. No interim revision will be permitted during this period unless the Indian Standard is revised or an amendment is issued to it.
  • If the recognized laboratory does any subcontracting, it shall be as per Cl The responsibility of the subcontracted test result(s) shall lie on the recognized lab who is subcontracting the test. Test report issued by the lab shall invariably make a mention of subcontracted tests and the name of the subcontractor.
  • The laboratory shall issue the test report(s) within a week of completion of test(s).
  • Test report/Certificate shall include information as per the details given in IS/ISO/IEC 17025 or ISO/IEC 17025 including information with respect to amendment(s) considered while performing the test, clause reference of the test and its specified values as per relevant IS and dates of commencement and completion of testing.
  • The laboratory shall agree to participate in proficiency testing/Inter Laboratory Test Comparison Programs organized by BIS for assessing its technical competence. BIS will not pay any testing charges in this connection when BIS organize the proficiency testing.

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The laboratory shall not misuse its recognition in any manner.

  • When the laboratory carries out its functions for BIS, it is required to comply with the instruction contained at Cl.6.2 "Instructions for testing of samples by BIS recognized labs" and any specific instructions issued by BIS.
  • BIS shall carry out the surveillance audit of the recognized laboratories and the concerned laboratory shall provide all reasonable facilities for carrying out the necessary audit.
  • The laboratory can surrender recognition by giving 30 days notice in writing to BIS. The lab shall comply with the instructions of BIS for disposal of pending samples/ remnants.
  • The laboratory shall pay such fees for application for grant of recognition, recognition, renewal, audits and other services as notified by BIS from time to time.
  • The laboratory shall submit application for renewal of recognition six months before the date expiry of recognition along with the requisite fees.
  • During deferment of renewal/suspension of recognition, the laboratory shall not accept or test samples for testing meant for BIS certification marks scheme unless specifically permitted to do so by BIS.
  • The laboratory shall ensure integrity and maintain full confidentiality with respect to BIS samples.
  • The laboratory shall document all changes made to the Management System and make records of such changes available to BIS. However change in key personnel in relation to quality assurance, the laboratory to BIS without any delay shall inform key technological functions or senior management. Competence of changed testing personnel will be assessed by BIS, if felt necessary.
  • The laboratory shall permit access to audit team(s) appointed by the Competent Authority for purpose s of assessment. Laboratory shall give full details of action s taken in response to complaints or discrepancy in test results and allow access to all relevant records and documents for the purpose of any investigation s and provide certified copies thereof.
  • The lab shall update their test facilities in view of issuance of amendment or revision of any Indian Standard covered in the scope of recognition and confirms availability of appropriate test facilities to BIS.
  • The Lab shall test BIS samples for only those ISs which are covered in the scope of recognition. In case the lab tests any product not covered in the scope on the request of BIS, the information about the same will be sent to CQAPD, Central Laboratory, BIS with a formal request for its inclusion in its scope of recognition.
  • The lab shall maintain valid copies of relevant Indian Standards required for reference with respect to their recognition.
  • The lab shall intimate BIS their minimum uncertainty in measurement at 95.45% confidence level (k=2) for all tests / products covered in its scope.
  • Any unclaimed samples after testing shall be the property of BIS. Disposal of such samples shall be with the permission of BIS.
  • The lab shall be required to establish a documented procedure for handling of samples received from Branch Offices (BOs) of BIS and applicants/licensees of BIS. The procedure shall address the receipt of samples, coding/de-coding/masking of samples, test report numbering system and movement of samples from receipt to the end as remnants. The procedure shall also clearly indicate the retention period which shall in no case be less than the period specified by BIS i.e. three months as per Cl.6.2.5. The procedure shall be fully transparent and visible for the auditor to facilitate obtaining any report like samples received from BIS licensees/applicants, samples received from BIS-BOs, samples transfer to testing sections, test report issued, remnants available, remnants disposed off etc for any period chosen. Any change in such documented procedure shall be with due notification to the BIS.

Instructions for testing of samples by BIS recognized laboratories

  • The lab with respect to the sample shall do a thorough contract review and accompanying test request before testing is taken up.
  • The laboratory shall take up for testing only those samples which are received in good condition and have proper BIS seal as indicated in test request and a statement to this effect is to be given in the test report by the concerned laboratory. In case of any doubt on integrity of sample(s) delivered with BIS test request or the quantity of sample being inadequate, a formal report shall be sent to the concerned BO under intimation to CQAPD.
  • The test laboratory shall carry out the tests strictly as per the test methods and test conditions as specified in the relevant IS and use properly calibrated equipment and reliable reference materials.
  • The test report is required to be sent to BIS only. The Laboratory shall send the Test Report to the concerned Regional/Branch/Inspection Office/Lab who has sent the sample. In case the test report is required to be sent to another office of BIS, the same shall be indicated in the test request. The lab may also have provision for electronic transmission of test results if so required by BIS.
  • The laboratory shall keep the remnants of the sample after testing for a minimum period of three months before they are disposed of or returned to the manufacturer/BIS.
  • The test report shall be kept strictly confidential between the testing laboratory and BIS.
  • The payment towards testing charges for the samples tested shall be made by the respective RO/BO of BIS who has sent the samples and the concerned laboratory shall forward the bill, in duplicate, to them along with the test reports. Lab should invariably indicate sample code number on the bill raised for payment.
  • The laboratory shall maintain the record of observations/raw data/graphs etc. and a copy of the test report for a minimum period of three years.

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