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TEC Certificate for GPON Devices


Introduction: Telecommunication Engineering Centre

The telecom sector has been impacted by rapid innovation and liberalisation. Companies in the telecommunications industry convey data in the form of words, speech, audio, or video across the world. The three primary subsectors of telecommunications are wireless communication, telecom services, and equipment. The telecommunications sector has developed along with technology. The Indian Government established the Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) in 1991 to develop standards for the telecommunications industry and to guarantee a top-notch network and smooth connectivity across different networks to preserve the telecom sector's advancement.

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Why Was The TEC Set Up?

Telecommunication Engineering Centre is referred to as TEC. It supports the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) of the Government of India in the creation and application of various standards and guidelines for the safe and secure application of developing technologies in telecommunications. For quality control measures of telecom equipment, TEC had published requirements. A variety of approvals, including Interface Approvals, Certificates of Approvals, Service Approvals, and Type Approvals, must be issued by TEC. This certification process is entirely dependent on the kinds of products and technical standards linked to interfaces. Certification is solely dependent on the criteria outlined in the Technical Standards and the results of the testing. TEC is the responsible Indian authority when it comes to certification for telecommunications products. 

Tasks of the TEC

The Responsibilities of the TEC Are:

  • Publishing standards, interface requirements, general criteria, and service requirements for telecommunications goods and services.
  • Field testing of systems and goods
  • National basic insurance.
  • DoT's assistance with technological issues
  • Telecommunications equipment certification and testing

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What are GPON Devices?

A point-to-multipoint network technology known as a Passive Optical Network (PON) provides broadband connectivity to the end user using fibre optic cable. GPON is a prominent standard in this field. Due to its affordability and convenience for widespread deployments of fibre optic cable, GPON has been growing in popularity for a while. It is a kind of passive optical network that gives families and businesses access to fibre-based broadband. 

How to get a TEC Certification in India?

  • Online portal generation on MTCTE portal- Applicant needs to register on the MTCTE portal for login credentials. Applicant must contact the Authorization Indian Representative (AIR) that is appointed by the Government. He must be available to respond to any grievance. 
  • Application submission with all relevant documents- The applicant may register online and fill in all information and upload relevant documents on the MTCTE portal. The documents cannot be changed once they have been submitted.
  • Scrutiny of application- TEC will evaluate the documents, and any document issues will be communicated to the applicant. After correcting any problems, the applicant's registration will be accepted; and then the applicant will be able to submit applications for testing.
  • Application submission for testing- Applicant must select the product to be certified, its variant details, and information about available interfaces and accompanying models, if appropriate, and upload the BoM and datasheet of equipment to the portal. Applicant must also submit the manufacturing location of the Telecom under certification and contact information for the location.
  • Payment of fee- After the submission of the application, the applicant will be shown the certification scheme, ER, and fee payable. 
  • Testing of product- Applicant can select CAB as per his choice on the MTCTE portal's testing section. Telecom equipment must be tested in a designated or recognized Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB) of an MRA partner country.
  • Submission of test report- Applicant must get his product tested at CAB and upload their test report. He must submit a summary of the test reports along with the test results, upload the test reports, and accept an online undertaking about the authenticity of the uploaded documents.
  • Scrutiny of test report- The submitted test results will be reviewed, and a certificate will be granted if the equipment is found to be compliant.
  • Grant of certificate- TEC grants a certificate if they are satisfied with all test reports and equipment per specified standards.

Documents for TEC Certification

  • An authorization letter authorising it to carry out MTCTE-related duties.
  • Articles of Association duly signed by a Director or CS.
  • The company's Memorandum of Association, properly signed by the Company Secretary or a Director following protocol.
  • Agreement between a foreign OEM and the AIR for the product's sale and support in India, and authorizing the AIR to carry out MTCTE-related duty.


With GPON transmitting downstream in a broadcast manner and upstream in a TDMA (time division multiple access) manners, different bit rates are possible with upstream, and downstream is most common. To deliver high-speed internet to our households, telecommunication operators have different technologies to choose from. It is mandatory to get a TEC Certification in order to manufacture, import or sell Telecom equipment in India. Any Manufacturer or Importer of Telecommunication Equipment must obtain a TEC Certificate from TEC India, the Department of Telecommunications, the Ministry of Communications, and the Government of India.

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