Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC) Certificate | TEC Certification

TEC Certificate

TEC is a Government body for the Testing and maintaining of standards for Department of Telecom, Government of India. TEC takes care of testing and certifying of products for the Telecom Industry.

As of October 1st, 2018, the Government of India, Department of Telecommunications, officially implemented mandatory testing & certification of all telecom equipment that is to be marketed or imported into India for selling purpose. Telecom Equipment Certification (TEC) is valid for a period of five (5) years. TEC-accredited labs test reports or any other labs certified from MRA partner countries can be used to obtain TEC. These test reports are valid within one (1) year of generation. Manufacturers will also be able to obtain series or family certifications but must meet particular parameters set by DoT. It is to be prominent that Telecom Equipment Certification must be acquired prior to the sale and import of telecom equipment into India. As per the Indian National Policy 2012 & amended Telegraph rules 2017, testing & certification of all telecom products are compulsory to make sure safety to connect & seamless functioning in existing & future network. Every Telecom Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) needs to have their devices certified by Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC). For testing purpose, there are four regional telecom engineering centers (RTECs). New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata.


Products not covering under TEC:

  • Test Instruments
  • Batteries
  • Passive Telecom Components which includes Antennae, Towers, Smart Cards, Waveguides, etc.
  • Power supplies
  • Spare Parts / Modules/ Components
  • Integrated systems and networks containing more than one telecom device
  • Solar Equipment


Why TEC Certificate is necessary?

TEC certificate guarantees the safety and standard of the equipment. Details below

  • The Indian telegraph rules 2017, notified that every OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer or importer who wishes to market any telecom products in India must obtain TEC certificate and mark or fix the product with appropriate certificate labels.
  • To protect end users by ensuring that RF or Radio Frequency emission from equipment does not exceed the approved standards.
  • That the telecom equipment complies with applicable national and international standards & technical requirements.
  • TEC certificate make sure that telecom equipment does not degrade the performance of an existing network where it is connected.
  • To ensures the safety of product.
  • The telecom products meet all TEC approved ERs or mandatory standards.


Activities of Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC)

  • TEC department Issues
  • Generic Requirements (GR)
  • Interface Requirements (IR)
  • Service Requirements  (SR)
  • Technical evaluation of products or systems
  • Support to DoT on technology related issues
  • Testing & Certification of Telecom products & systems
  • National Fundamental Plans


TEC Requirements and their Functions

Interface Requirement (IR)

  • IR issued by TEC ensures that telecom equipment inter-works appropriately with the other products/network of Indian Telecom Network.
  • Telecom equipment satisfied the required EMI/EMC (Electromagnetic Interference/Electromagnetic Compatibility)
  • Telecom equipment fulfills the mandatory safety standards specified by TEC
  • Telecom equipments fulfills the minimum standard required for electrical compatibility as specified by TEC
  • Telecom equipments compliant with the standard regulations of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)


Generic Requirement (GR)

Generic Requirement of telecom products refers to a set of mandatory requirements related to the performance and technical features as well as Interface Requirement of the product.


Service Requirement (SR)

Service Requirement of a telecom service refers to a set of specific requirements/ technical specification conveyed by TEC pertaining to roll-out obligations, service quality etc. as described by Licensor in the relevant License.


Types of TEC certification

Type Approval

Type approval is the process of testing and certification of telecom product, in accordance with Test Schedule & Test Procedure (TSTP) of TEC, for conformance with the Generic Requirement GR of the product issued by TEC.

Interface Approval

Interface Approval is the process of testing and certification of products falling under telecom category, in accord with Test Schedule & Test Procedure (TSTP) of TEC, for conformance with the Interface Requirement (IR) of the product issued by Telecommunication Engineering Center.

Certificate of Approval

Certificate of Approval is the process of testing and certification of telecom product as per the manufacturer’s technical specifications. This certificate is issued only when TEC does not have a Generic or Interface Requirement of the product. The testing shall be conducted in accordance with the Test Schedule & Test Procedure (TSTP) approved by Telecommunication Engineering Center.


Documents required for TEC Certification

  • Income Tax Return for the last financial year.
  • Balance Sheet of last financial year.
  • Authorization letter for signing Form A.
  • Import/Export code as applicable to the product or part.
  • Specification of equipment containing features, facilities and physical description.
  • User Manual of the equipment preferably.
  • EMI/EMC test certificate, Safety test certificate etc.
  • Copy of earlier valid certificate in case of renewal or testing of additional optional interfaces of products.
  • Copy of Industrial License
  • SSI registration
  • Certificate of incorporation for Indian manufacturers.
  • Authorization from the foreign OEM that the trader is authorized for applying to TEC
  • Authorization by foreign manufacturers


Procedure to apply for certification

  • Apply to the respective Regional TEC office.
  • Fill application Form-A to RTEC along with required documents.
  • Deposit testing fee if Form-A and documents are satisfactory.
  • After successful payment, submit duly filled registration form (Form-B)
  • If Form-B and test fee charges found proper, the application will be registered.
  • The test schedule and testing are done in accordance with the Test Schedule & Test Procedure (TSTP) prescribed by TEC for particular GR/IR.
  • Approval certificate issued by TEC.


How to get Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC) Certificate


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