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SA 8000 2015 Certification - Social Accountability System


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SA 8000 – Social Accountability System

The SA 8000 Certification also referred to as SA 8000:2015, is the Social Accountability System standard. It is relevant to organizations of any size that desire to address the social and moral parts of

SA8000 is an auditable affirmation standard that urges associations to make, maintain, and apply socially sufficient practices in the workplace. It was created in 1989 by Social Accountability International, formerly known as the Council on Economic Priorities, by an advisory board consisting of unions, NGOs, civil society associations and companies.

SA 8000:2015 Certification

It depends on the standards of human rights standards depicted in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, International Labor Organization, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and so on to create a typical standard for social welfare compliance. It can be applied worldwide to any association in any industry. Validity for certificate is three years.

It measures the performance of organizations in eight territories essential to social responsibility in the work environment: Child labor, Forced & Compulsory labor, Health and Safety, Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining, Discrimination, Disciplinary Practices, Working Hours and Compensation/ Remuneration

  • Child Labor: No utilization or support of Child Labor; strategies and composed systems for remediation of children found to be working in circumstance; give satisfactory financial and other help to empower such youngsters to go to school; and employment of young workers conditional.
  • Forced and Compulsory Labor: No utilization or support for constrained or compulsory work; no required 'deposits'- monetary or something else; no retention compensation, advantages, property or documents to compel faculty to proceed with work; staff option to leave premises after workday; work force allowed to terminate their employment ; and no utilization nor support for human trafficking.
  • Health and Safety: Provide a sheltered and healthy working environment; prevent potential word related mishaps; appoint senior executives to ensure OSH;; guidance on OSH for all staff; framework to identify, avoid, respond to dangers; record all mishaps; provide personal protection equipment and medical attention in event of work-related injury; evacuate, remove, reduce risks to new and expectant mothers.
  • Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining: Respect the option to frame and join worker's organizations and bargain collectively. All staff is allowed to: create worker's organize trade unions of their choice; and bargain collectively with their employer.

An organization shall respect right to organize unions & bargain collectively; no interfere in workers’ organizations or collective bargaining;

  • Discrimination: No discrimination based on race, national or social starting point, caste, birth, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership, political opinions and age. No separation in contracting, compensation, access to preparing, advancement, end, and retirement.
  • Disciplinary Practices: Treat all staff with nobility and regard; zero tolerance of corporal punishment, mental or physical abuse of staff; no harsh or inhumane treatment.
  • Working Hours: Compliance with laws & industry principles; normal workweek, not including overtime, shall not exceed 48 hours; 1 day off following every 6 consecutive work days, with some exceptions; overtime is voluntary, not regular, not more than 12 hours per week; required overtime only if negotiated in CBA.
  • Remuneration: Respect right of staff to living wage; all workers paid at least legal minimum wage; wages sufficient to meet basic needs & provide discretionary income; deductions not for disciplinary purposes, with some exceptions; wages and benefits clearly communicated to workers; paid in convenient manner – cash or check form; overtime paid at premium rate.

Certification is granted by independent certification bodies that are accredited and overseen by Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS).

The most effective method to become certified to the SA8000 Standard

SAAS is an accreditation body and doesn't create principles or convey affirmation administrations. SAAS attempts the appraisal and assessment of the licensed accreditation bodies that lead SA8000 reviews. Different partners, including brands and retailers, just acknowledge and perceive SA8000 authentications gave by certify affirmation bodies. SAAS will just rundown certify SA8000 authentications on its site.

In order to be certified, SAAS suggests that associations contact a few of the SAAS-certify accreditation bodies to give an offer to affirmation administrations. Auditors from these affirmation bodies visit offices and survey corporate practice on a wide scope of issues and assess the condition of an organization's administration frameworks important to guarantee to progress adequate practices.. SAAS likewise distributes an affirmed offices rundown, and testaments can be affirmed by the evaluating organization giving the declaration.


  • Proves your duty to social responsibility and to treating your representatives morally and in consistence with worldwide principles
  • Improves the administration and execution of your supply network
  • Allows you to ensure consistency with worldwide standards and decrease the risk of negligence, public exposure and possible litigation
  • Supports your corporate vision and assemble and strengthen the devotion of your representatives, Staff, clients and partners
  • Enables you to exhibit legitimate social responsibility when offering for global agreements or expanding locally to accommodate new business
  • No Need for Multiple Certifications: Organizations that work in different areas over the globe do not need country-specific registrations/certifications in the event that they are SA 8000, they can use their conformance to a globally perceived standard, for example, SA 8000 with no compelling reason to look for various Social Accountability Standard accreditations.
  • Getting a SA 8000:2014 confirmation exhibits your commitment to social responsibility and employee welfare. It additionally supports you when you are offering for local or global agreements.               

Embracing SA 8000 accreditation implies an association must consider the social effect of their tasks notwithstanding the conditions under which their workers, accomplices and providers work. It very well may be applied to any organization, of any size, around the world. Confirming your association against SA 8000 with a SGS review will assist you with creating and improve social responsibility over your tasks. Working with our accomplished inspectors to execute the most all inclusive acknowledged work environment standard shows social responsibility when offering for contracts and extending your association.


Get help from an experienced legal adviser. Schedule your consultation at a time that works for you and it's absolutely FREE.

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