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Role of Corpseed in Ease of Doing Business


About us: Corpseed

Corpseed is a business enabler making it easy for new businesses to start, grow and succeed with our compliance services. "Compliance" in the business sense relates to a company's legal obligations, which are frequently to safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of others. Obtaining a business license in your town and paying your taxes are two simple instances of compliance. Compliance becomes increasingly important as your company grows and challenges get more complex. Hiring, firing, discrimination, harassment, safety, wages, payroll, and benefits will all fall under your expanded responsibilities. A government entity may oversee the way you create and sell your product or service, such as a restaurant that must adhere to health department regulations. 

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Importance of Compliances in Ease of Doing Business

Firstly we need to understand the exact meaning of ease of doing business. Ease of doing business is an Index/figure which is published by the supreme financial institution of the world “the world bank”. Ease of doing business is an aggregate number/figure which has different parameters to define the ease of doing business in any country. It is a World Bank Group rating system devised by top economists. It rates economies according to their 'ease of doing business,' a formula based on a study of a country's legal laws. There are twelve additional parameters that influence the study of business rules, each of which is weighted to get an overall rating. It is vital to highlight that this study does not include all regulatory requirements. Regulations relating to the environment or intellectual property, But our question was about the Importance of compliance in ease of doing business. Compliances are usually considered a burden for any business but compliances play an important role in the process of working in a business. One of the advantages of compliance is the ability to promote it on your website and in your marketing materials once you've met your legal obligations. Include the fact that you are an equal opportunity employer in your employment adverts, for example. Declare that you do not discriminate based on race, sex, creed, or sexual orientation in your mission statement or on your website. When hiring new employees, emphasize your company's dedication to both physical and emotional health by mentioning significant policies and benefits for proactive healthcare and wellbeing, such as longer maternity and paternity leave or complimentary gym memberships. They will be able to trust you more if they know that your company is legally compliant, that you support excellent practices, and that your staff are happy. Legal compliances are built in such a way that they represent a company's culture, and adhering to them strictly improves your reputation as a result. 

Role of Corpseed for Ease of Doing Business in India

Our mission is to give quality in all of the firm's services. We have a clear vision and try to achieve the gold standard in everything we do. We hope to be known as the best brand by 2020. We have big ambitions, so we pay special attention to the job we produce for our clients. We are a fintech company on a mission to provide an exceptional range of services at an accessible price, including start-up legal services, CA support, licensing, corporate compliance, and finance outsourcing services. We have a clear vision and strive to achieve the gold standard. We have big ambitions, so we pay special attention to the job we produce for our clients. This is how Corpseed is contributing to the ease of doing business in India and our long-term goal is to promote start-up culture in India. Despite having the world's third-largest start-up environment, 80-90 per cent of Indian Start-up fail during the first five years of their existence. But corpseed can play a major role in decreasing this failure ratio for the start-up it would also be beneficial for ease of doing business In India as well. We are dedicated to developing a long-term fair, transparent, sustainable, and performance-driven firm. We think that all businesses' fates are solely determined by their customers. We think that a business will prosper if its customers find value in the products and services it provides. A business would close down if its clients did not see value in it. It's as easy as that. As a result, we place a high focus on creating value for our consumers.

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