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How to Register a Brand in India



A brand talks a ton about a business association and its line of items and administrations it manages. In this way, brand enrollment or trademark enlistment is unavoidable for a wide range of business associations. A brand or trademark can be only an image or any sign which speaks to the entire organization or an endeavor at a first look and it works like a personality among enormous quantities of potential clients over the world. Brand enlistment or trademark enrollment followed the Indian Trademark Registration Act, 2008 so as to give a character to every single Indian undertaking and business association those are working together in various parts. Brand enrollment is a procedure and one should take the assistance of not many qualified and all-around prepared trademark experts according to the law and guidelines with regards to trademark enlistment or brand enlistment for business or people.

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Documents Required to Register a Brand in India

You have to supply the accompanying documents for organization enrollment in India:

  1. Passport sized photograph
  2. Copy of PAN Card
  3. Most recent Bank Statement/Telephone or Mobile Bill/Electricity or Gas Bill
  4. Voter's ID/Passport
  5. Legally approved Rental Agreement in English
  6. No objection Certificate from the landowner
  7. Service Bill for the enrolled address.

What is the procedure for enrolling a trademark?

Stage 1: Search for a unique brand name

You get the point, isn't that right? Concoct a whacky and eccentric brand name, since all the conventional ones are whichever way taken. Before focusing in on one name, you should do a snappy hunt to ensure that nobody else is as of now utilizing the name. What's more, your most logical option is to use developed or instituted words, in a blend with nonexclusive words.

Stage 2: Making the trademark application

Since your name is settled upon, fill in the trademark application for example Structure TM 1. The application costs INR 3500 and is a one-time expense.

Alongside the application, you should present two or three supporting archives:

  •    A Business enlistment concern: Depending on what sort of an enrolled business you have, say sole ownership, and so on you should present a personality verification of the chiefs of the organization and location evidence.
  •    A picture of your image logo in a standard size of 9 x 5 cm.
  •    If appropriate, confirmation of guarantee of the proposed mark being utilized before in another nation.

Stage 3: Filling out the application

There are 2 different ways to document the enrollment – manual recording or e-filling.

If there should be an occurrence of manual recording, you should actually stroll down and present the application for enrollment to any of the workplaces of the Registrar of Trade Marks. After which you get the affirmation of the application and the receipt, as a rule within 15-20 days of the documentation. Be that as it may, in the e-recording framework, the affirmation of the application is given right away.

What's more, after you get the affirmation, you can begin utilizing the (TM) image by the brand name!

Stage 4: Examining the brand name enlistment application

In the wake of getting the application, the Registrar checks whether the brand name consents to the law and doesn't struggle or contest with other existing enrolled or pending brands. That is the reason we stated, idiosyncratic brand names, individuals!

Stage 5: Publication in Trade Mark Journals by the examiner

After the assessment, the logo or brand name is distributed in the Indian Trade Mark Journal. In the event that nobody raises a resistance within 3 months for example 90 days or sometimes 120 days, from the date of distribution, the brand name continues to be acknowledged.

Stage 6: Issuance of the trademark enrollment endorsement

On the off chance that nobody raises any restriction, inside the stipulated 90 days time frame, the Registrar acknowledges the trademark application! Woohoo! What's more, gives a Certificate of Registration under the seal of the Trademark Registry.

You may now be permitted to utilize the enrolled trademark image (®) by your image name when the declaration has been given.

The entire procedure of enrollment of a brand name ordinarily takes anything between 15 years and a half. The trademark once acknowledged, is substantial for a time of 10 years from the date of issuance of the Certificate of Registration. After the finish of 10 years, the trademark should be recharged.

Let us see 7 reasons why trademark enrollment in India is critical to your business:

  1. Brand Uniqueness: Consider this, you can enlist your image's Logo as a trademark. OK need to have a logo that sticks out, is anything but difficult to recollect and is appealing or would you rather go for a logo that is difficult to recall or comprehend and doesn't portray your image in any capacity? The decision would be straightforward and everybody would go for the previous alternative. It is plain as day why you would need that.
  2. Sets a brand separated from the group: A trademark ought to be exceptional for a brand. Let us take our case of accepting the logo as a trademark indeed. In the event that your logo is one of a kind, basic - fundamentally it has everything referenced above, at that point, it gives your image an edge over any other person. With a logo, anybody can tell which brand an item has a place with. At the point when you see a silver colour half nibbled Mac on a PC or a telephone, you realize that it is an Apple item.
  3. Protects your Product's name: If you have an enrolled trademark, you can utilize it to publicly show your responsibility for the item. Having an enrolled trademark will give you the option to utilize it on all the items enlisted under your proprietorship and thus demonstrate that the item has a place with you and you have all the rights to sell, alter or utilize that item any way you need.
  4. Trademark stays everlastingly: Your enlisted Trademark will stay with you until the end of time. In this way, it resembles purchasing a dessert once and eating it until the end of time. Nonetheless, dessert won't keep going that long-don't attempt to do that, it would be ideal if you
  5. Protects your Brand's name: As noticed all throughout this article, you ought to apply for a trademark in order to prevent any other individual from utilizing it. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which there's another organization with a similar name as yours. Is there any approach to stop it? In actuality, there is. It is broadly recommended that you register your image's name as your trademark. Along these lines, on the off chance that any other individual uses the comparative name as yours, you can stop them.
  6. Trademarks can be crucial: What on the off chance that I revealed to you that your trademark can be significant? Over when your business develops, your trademark's worth goes up also. Along these lines, in the event that you and your business is doing extraordinary, so is your trademark.
  7. Trademark enables your business to develop: Let's say in the event that you have an organization that bargains in the PCs. In any case, after some fruitful difficult work, you need to extend your organization and need to bounce in sound equipment business also. In case you're no one important, there are high possibilities that you will come up short. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you're a known business and have a known trademark, at that point individuals can believe your image regardless of what field you are extending in.

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