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How to Apply For Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board License

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Introduction: Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board

Tamil Nadu pollution control board was shaped in the year 1982. The board works from its administrative center situated in Chennai. Aside from its administrative center, the board has 7 zonal workplaces and 38 local workplaces. The board is going by the Chairman, the zonal office by the Joint boss condition designer, and the area office by the District condition engineer. The load-up likewise has two flying crews situated in Tirupur and Erode. For logical examination and investigation, the board has shaped 8 state-level research facilities and 8 area level labs

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The board is entrusted with control and reduction of pollution. The board upholds the accompanying laws –

  • Water Prevention and Control of pollution act
  • Air Prevention and Control of pollution act
  • Environment protection act

Aside from authorizing the previously mentioned laws, the board additionally exhorts the state government on issues identifying with the earth. It gathers and scatters data about condition pollution. The board is likewise dependent on making effluent standards, which are to be followed by the ventures. The board gathers outflow and emanating guidelines from ventures, and in the event that there is infringement by a specific industry, at that point the board sends show-cause notice to that defaulting industry. It additionally directs courses and conference programs including individuals from the business, government, and condition NGOs to frame arrangements and rules to limit pollution.

Documents Required for Tamil Nadu State Pollution Control Board Orange and Green Categories:

  • Authorized Person Pan card
  • The authorized Person's Aadhar card must be connected with refreshed Mobile No.
  • Pan card of the unit if there should arise an occurrence of Partnership/Company
  • Authorization letter (aside from Proprietorship)
  • Municipal/Industry permit
  • Factory/Trade/wellbeing Trade License
  • Proof of enrollment in the Unit
  • CA Letter for total project cost
  • Site Plan
  • FSSAI Certificate for food businesses
  • Electricity bill
  • Proof of Ownership
  • Water Bill
  • GST Certificate 

Procedure for Obtaining Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board License

  • Consent to Establish under Water Act & Air Act (CTE)
  • Consent to Operate under Water Act & Air Act (CTO)
  • Renewal of Consent to Operate under Water Act & Air Act (RCO)
  • Authorization/ Renewal under Hazardous & Other Waste Rules, 2016 (HWA) Procedure to be followed by Applicant to submit application:
  • The candidate should enroll in his/her industry.
  • Post enlistment, the candidate signs in with particular client qualifications.
  • Once signed in a candidate can decide to apply for the concerned application (CTE/CTO/RCO/HWA).
  • Documentation
  • Once the documents are compiled and the application is filed, an application number is produced.
  • The candidate pays the charges (auto-determined by the framework) through an online installment entryway for CTE, CTO, and RCO.

Note: For applications under HWA, there are no expenses charged.

The Central Pollution Control Board has determined, as requiring a pollution license in the red, orange, green, and white classes.

  • The red class industry has the most elevated pollution file, for example, enormous assembling enterprises, huge lodgings, medical clinics, and so on.
  • Orange class is a moderately medium-sized venture, which despite everything creates relatively significant levels of pollution.
  • Green class is the arrangement of a business with a low pollution Index.
  • White class is essentially non-dirtying.

Elements of Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB)

Here are the following key elements of the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board -

  • Reasonable Development: - Sustainable advancement is a wide idea that adjusts the requirement for monetary development with natural security and social value.
  • Counteraction: - Prevention of common assets.
  • Waste Management- Effective Waste Management is an incredible source to secure the earth.
  • Purchaser mindfulness: - contamination can be decreased by mindfulness, for example, by persuading the overall population to utilize CFL, Paper Bags, open vehicles,s and not to utilize sparklers.

Who Are Required to Take Tamil Nadu State Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) NOC/Consent?

  • Manufacturing Entities
  • Human services Establishments
  • Dealers
  • E-squander Management elements.
  • Strong waste management elements
  • Perilous Waste Management elements
  • Battery Waste Management elements
  • Plastic Waste Management elements
  • Bio-Medical Waste Management elements

Validity of Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) Consent Order:

Consent to Established (CTE) and Consent to Operate (CTO) under the Orange class will be given for the greatest five years and in the Green, classification will be given for a limit of ten years. After a specific period, it is obligated for restoration. Any business element experiencing an adjustment in business action, development, and so forth is required to petition for new assent/CTO from Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Committee.

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