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How to apply for NOC/CTO/CTE/Authorization from Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB)


Introduction To Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB)

Consent to establish (NOC) means No objection certificate which is issued to ensure that the proposed industry being set up will not cause any harm to the environment or society. For setting up of industries or for change in modernization/ production process/ capacity improvement, provision has been made that the entrepreneur shall have to obtain a No Objection Certificate from the Gujarat State Pollution Board

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General Siting Guidelines For Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB)

  • Every Industrial unit, after installation of required Environmental Management System (pollution control measures) and on starting production activities, immediately shall apply for Consolidated Consent and Authorization (CCA) under the provisions of the Water Act, the Air Act and the Hazardous Waste Rules.
  • Applicant shall ensure to obtain Consent to Establish (CTE) prior to apply for the Consent to Operate (CCA).
  • On receipt of CCA application, Board officials will inspect the industrial plant to verify the installed Environment Management System (EMS) to prevent and control pollution and also get checked its efficacy. After careful legal and technical scrutiny, the Consolidated Consents and Authorization (CCA) will be issued to the applicant specifying various terms and conditions and discharge standards.


  • CTE and CCA are being issued with validity of 5 years.
  • Before expiry of validity of the CCA, applicant shall have to apply for the renewal of it.
  • Applicant industry shall have to comply with all the conditions and standards stipulated in its CTE/ CCA order and shall have to submit Monthly as well as Annual returns/forms.

Fee Structure

Fee for NOC may vary depending upon the category and amount of capital investment of the proposed industry. 

Documents Required To Apply For Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB):

  • Application processing fees for the period of five years with break-up.
  • Site plan showing the distance of (not applicable if the industry is to be located in GIDC estate
  • Nearest residential area with certificate of Talati /Mantri from the proposed site.
  • Nearest of state/ national highway from the site of the unit/industries.
  • Nearest Lake/ Pond/ River/ Sea/ Canal/ Forest area and any water body.
  • Nearest spaces of tourist and historical importance.
  • School, collage, Temple, Mosque etc.
  • Lay Out plan showing the location of the:
  • Vents/ Stacks/ Chimney and emission points.
  • Drainage and final disposal for liquid effluent
  • Solid waste collection/ storage/ disposal facility
  • Total available open land in the industrial premises
  • List of partner/ Directors (names along with residential address) and telephone number.
  • Details of effluent Treatment Plant along with flow diagram.
  • Letter of membership of common effluent Treatment plant if applicable.
  • Analysis report of Treated and untreated effluent (Air, water and Hazardous solid waste for Schedule II category from Laboratory specified under HW Rules)
  • Break-up of water uses and water balance.
  • Details of manufacturing process, with process flow diagram and all chemical equations.
  • Environmental statement (form-V)
  • Certificate of SSI. (Compulsory for HW fees)
  • Details of air pollution control measures: stack/ chimney wise for flue gas and process emission.
  • Boiler, Steam generating certificate indicating steam generation and consumption of coal tons per day duly certified by office of boiler inspector (in case of IBR Boiler)
  • Compliance regarding public hearing /environmental clearance certificate, if applicable.
  • List of raw material with quantity per month (MT/M) (Verify Applicability of CPCB Registration)
  • List of product/by-product with quantity per month (MT/M) (Verify Applicability of CPCB Registration for disposal).
  • Copies of consent order /authorization order along with CC&A for which they have last consent.
  • C.A. Certificate for project (if SSI unit)
  • C.I. NO. For Dyes
  • Properly filled up Form: I as per Hazardous waste (M&H) amended Rules, 2003.
  • Annual Report in Form-IV (in case of renewal application), with documents of disposal complying Generation, Stock and Disposal justifying stock (Every Year by 31st January).
  • Annual Report in Form 12 in case of recycler/ re-refiner of HW as covered in Schedule 4, 5 and 6 of HW Rules.
  • Annual Report in Form 13 in case of Generator or Auctioneer of HW as covered in Schedule 4, 5 and 6 of HW Rules.
  • Form-V under Hazardous waste Rules-1989 in case of accident.
  • Form-VI & Form-VII in case of important of Hazardous waste under Hazardous waste Rules-1989.
  • Photographs of Hazardous Waste Storage facilities.
  • Undertaking should be checked as per amended Rules, 2003 – In case of non-applicability of HW Rules.
  • Details of step taken by the applicant for reduction and prevention in the waste generated or for recycling or reuse (Copy of under taking for the same).
  • Membership certificate of common TSDF /Common incinerator (if applicable)
  • Details of HW as per 2003 amended rules or for all categories with Quantity, for Reception (Reprocessor/ Re-cycler), Generation, Collection, Storage, Treatment (Details of Method) and Disposal (Details of Method).
  • Compliance of earlier authorization in case of renewal.
  • Copy of CPCB registration or proof of application made to CPCB in case of recycler/ re-refiner of HW as covered in Schedule 4, 5 and 6 of HW Rules.
  • Copy of Inter State Transport NOC under Rule 7(6) in case of Selling/ receiving HW To/ From State other than Gujarat.
  • Inspection Report in CPCB Performa in case of authorization for registration as recycler/ reprocessor.
  • In Case of rejected application compliance of reasons of rejection.
  • Form I of Environmental Clearance, if Environmental Clearance is applicable
  • For ground water, central ground water authority permission, if in dark zone.

How to apply for Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) NOC / License / Consent?

  • Fill-up our requirements.
  • We would collect all your documents and file them directly (Online & Offline) with State Pollution Control Office.
  • You would receive your completed Pollution Control Consent to Established/Operate registration certificate by E-mail and courier

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