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Gumasta License: Registration and Required Documents in Maharashtra

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Introduction: Gumasta

If one wishes to run a business in Maharashtra then there is a requirement to obtain Gumasta License. It assists in the formal registration of a trading company under state law. Maharashtra Shops and Establishments Act regulates this license and is issued by the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai. This certificate permits individuals and groups to perform and practice their business in a specific location in Maharashtra. It is indeed a necessary requirement that enables companies to qualify for loans and other benefit programs.

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Maharashtra Shops and Establishments Act, 2017

This an act that regulates the employment and other service conditions of staff working in stores, restaurants, theatres, etc. This act regulates the following:

  • Registration of establishment
  • Payment if ages
  • Welfare
  • Inspection
  • Penalties

Registration of establishment 

For registration purposes, any employer with 10 or more employees must send an application for registration online in a specified form to the Facilitator of the local area in question, along with any fees and self-certified documentation that may be required. 

New businesses and establishments: Registration

The registration must be made in form-A. New shops and establishments will only be able to register online. Citizens would have to fill out an application on the Municipal Corporation's online website to register new businesses after the necessary documents have been uploaded. The online application will be instantly accessible on the computer in the Ward Office's Shops & Establishment Department.

Registration certificate: Renewal

It has to be made through form B. Citizens can renew their licenses online under the Citizen Facility tab in the Shops and Establishments section. The renewed registration certificate, along with the receipt for fees charged, will be sent to the applicant on his email id after he submits an online application for renewal and pays the fees online.

Registration certificate: changes

Amendments to the Shop & Establishment Registration Certificate can be made only via a computerized online system. Citizens can upload the required documents for changing their registration certificate under the Citizen Facility tab of the Municipal Corporation's website's Shops and Establishment section together with the applicable online fees.

By whom Gumasta License is Issued?

The Gumasta license is issued by the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai.

The registration process for Gumasta license

  • The registration form can be found on the online website.
  • You should fill out and apply the form under the Shops and Establishments category.
  • A challan number would be generated, and the requisite fees have to be paid which must be charged in order to receive the UTN number.
  • The form must be printed and is required to be sent to the Municipal Corporation's Shop License Department along with all relevant documents.
  • After inspecting the documents, the shop license would be issued by the officer.
  • If deemed appropriate, the officer can pay a visit to the location where the shop and establishment are located.
  • Within thirty days of the initiation of a business, an application for registration must be forwarded to the Area Inspector.

Required documents for Gumasta license

  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Photo ID
  • Letter of authority for  business
  • Ownership of property proof
  • Incorporation certificate in case of a company
  • Partnership deed in case of partnership

Validity of Gumasta License

The Gumasta license would retain its validity for one year. It's worth noting that if your license is about to expire, you must apply for the Gumasta license renewal process 30 days before the expiration date. Furthermore, if you operate a company in Maharashtra, you must have this license.

Gumasta License: cost

As prescribed by the state the cost of a Gumasta license varies. On the official website of each state's Shop and Establishment Act, one can check for that very same. 

Benefits of Gumasta license

  • To raise money from customers, every company needs a business bank account. To open a business bank account, most banks require the Gumasta license as proof of identification.
  • Once registration for a Gumasta license has been made, one would be able to take advantage of all the benefits and subsidies in tax provided by the Maharashtra State Government under this scheme.
  • Further, it acts as evidence of a legal entity, granting permission to conduct business in the state of Maharashtra.


In the nut shell, it can be concluded that the Gumasta license is required by new businesses planning to commence in the state of Maharashtra. It acts a proof of identity as well and hence has several benefits.

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