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Everything You Need to Know About CRO Phase-V(5)

Everything you need to know about CRO Phase-V-corpseed.jpg

Understanding BIS and its Objectives

BIS means Bureau Of Indian Standards. The following are the objectives that are set out under the umbrella of BIS:

  • The very first role of the BIS lies in providing national standards that must be contemporary and user-friendly. These national standards must pay due attention to technological developments and also focus on the interests of the consumers. National trade must equally be taken into account while the national standards are formulated.
  • Secondly, the BIS must ensure that it actively participates when it is about the formulation of International standards. This should be done in order to provide backing so that the Indian interests are kept in mind and given due weightage. Moreover, it is done to make sure that the Indian standards are harmonized well under the realm of any scheme.
  • Next in line, concerning the objective of the Bureau of Indian Standards is that the branch offices must be given due regard and be seen as the focal points with respect to the organization.
  • BIS also entails the role that involves working on improving its brand image, thereby increasing brand value. Necessary measures must be resorted to give effect to it.
  • BIS must make sure that the Web-enabling is done pertaining to the Certification Marks Management System.
  • Further, the BIS is required to ensure that all its associated laboratories are well taken care of. It can range from the need to upgrade the laboratories to streamline its functioning.
  • It is to be ensured by the BIS that the appropriate work is being done so that productivity is increased. 
  • efforts must be made by the BIS in the direction of intensified training. The training is required in various fields with a special focus on the norms related to standardization and the aspects of the certification. The field of testing must be given due attention.
  • The implementation of the schemes must be overseen by BIS from time to time.
  • It should be noted that with regards to the working of the BIS, there has to be the introduction of the IT tools that would enhance the overall processing.
  • BIS must also take care that the I-CARE programmers are effectively implemented which would in a way paved the way for providing the benefits pertaining to standardization and other related activities.
  • BIS has to work on expanding the product certification and its types. Unique standard marks must be designed by the BIS so that they can be applied to the certification schemes. These marks would help the customers in identifying the kinds of quality.
  • BIS should work towards the implementation of the schemes in the field of consumer protection.
  • All the products that are certified by the BIS must entail improvement with regard to market surveillance.

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What do we understand by The Term CRS?

CRS simply stands to mean compulsory registration scheme. In accordance with the Bureau Of Indian Standards (BIS), the main aim of the CRS is to work towards providing a lift to the sectors that deal especially with electronic items and information technology.

This compulsory registration scheme also focuses on giving protection to consumers in India from that product that are considered to be substandard. The protection in case of spurious products as well.

An order came into effect in the year 2012 which is called the “Electronics and information technology Goods (Requirement for Compulsory Registration) Order”. This order was duly notified by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. This was regarding the electronic items finding a place in the first phase.

In accordance with the provisions of such an order, no person is allowed to manufacture or indulge in distributing goods that do not comply with the Indian standards as laid down in the order. The products must also have to bear the Standard mark along with the registration number that has to be unique in order that they can be manufactured, imported or sold.

A license is granted by the Bureau of Indian Standards to the manufacturers so that they can make use of the standard mark or even put it into the application. It can be done via registration which forms its basis on the self-declaration which runs in conformity with the articles.

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The requisite license is granted given under the provisions of the Compulsory Registration Scheme. The license would be granted in compliance with the conformity assessment scheme II as given under Schedule II. This schedule is a part of the BIS (Conformity Assessment) regulations, 2018.

CRO Phase-V: Guidelines with Respect to Product Categories

Given below are the categories of the products as given under the CRO Phase V followed by the guidelines.

Wireless Microphone

  • In the first place, it's about the microphone and its associated types which have to be the same and must find its basis on the external transmitters which can range from the handheld to the headset. Built-in type can also be the basis of the microphones.
  • The wireless microphone would entail the same enclosure material with the exception of showcasing the decorative parts with the differences.
  • Next in line speaks about the fact that the acceptance would be made pertaining to any change in aesthetics or regarding the button’s location, only when it is duly received by the lab pinpointing that they certainly would not have any effect on the safety.
  • The important thing to be taken into account is regarding the need to have a similar design of the PCB. It also includes the need to have a similar layout concerning the PCB. Further, it is to be ensured that the same IP rating has been resorted to in the case of the mic and also the transmitter.
  • Another thing to be taken care of is regarding the transmitter and of course the mic. It is to be ensured that these two things must embrace having the input voltage that is the same. In case of the batteries, especially the ones that are registered, must have the same rating.
  • In addition, it is really crucial to be noted when it's about wireless microphones, the thing being that the charging must be confined to probably the same type which can be the case of the wireless or USB.
  • Also, due attention must be given to the fact that the output rating has to be the same in the case of the power bank or registered adapter as that of the input associated with the microphone.

Digital camera

  • In the very first place, the first thing that must be adhered to is that the enclosure material should be the same with an exception in case of the differences related to the decorative parts.
  • The second important thing in the case of the digital camera is that there has to be invariably the same type of input voltage. Also, the design layout of the PCB must be the same. Subsequently, the ip rating must also be the same.
  • Following it, with respect to the registered batteries, it must be resorted to having the same battery rating, if it seems applicable and feasible. It should also have the functionalities that ought to be the same. To exemplify, we can name printing.
  • Last but not least, if applicable, the adapter that is registered must entail an output rating similar to the Digital camera’s input.

Video Camera

  • The first thing to be marked in bold is pertaining to the video camera’s type which can be with the display or can be even without the display. Following this, the enclosure material used must be the same with an exception with respect to the decorative parts and the related differences.
  • Next in line is the need to embrace the class of construction which should be the same. Further, the input voltage must remain the same. Along with this, the design layout pertaining to the PCB must also be the same.
  • It must also be highlighted that with regard to the mounting mechanism, it has to be the same. Handheld is the perfect example of this followed by the tripod. Further, it is to be ensured that the adapter which is registered must have an output rating that ought to be the same as that of the video camera’s input.


  • In the first place, pertaining to the webcam as the finished product, it should be made sure that the enclosure material must be of the same type with an exception in the case of the decorative parts and the associated differences.
  • The very next thing revolves around the need to have the design layout pertaining to the PCB which ought to be of the same type. Further, it is with respect to the type of the webcam, which can include the webcams having the microphones or wireless etc.
  • It has to be made sure that the webcam should have the ip rating that must be the same. Also, the input voltage should be the same as well. Further, with respect to the rating of the battery it has to be ensured that it should be the same, especially in the case of the registered batteries. Also, it must be remembered that the mounting mechanism has to be the same.

Smart Speakers 

With respect to the Display:

  • Firstly, pertaining to the type of display, it must be kept in mind that it remains the same. In addition, with respect to the input voltage, it should entail similarity.
  • Next in line, is about having the class of construction that entails the similarity. Also, the design layout pertaining to the PCB should be the same. The enclosure material should share the similarity with the exception of the decorative parts and their associated differences. The IP rating should also be the same in regard to the smart speakers with the display.

With respect to without display:

  • In the first place, there has to be the input voltage being the same. The class of construction must also be the same along with the design layout pertaining to the PCB which has to be the same.
  • Further, the enclosure material used should be the same with an exception in the decorative parts and the associated differences. Besides this, the IP rating is required to be the same.
  • In the case of the power transformer, the insulation system has to be the same along with the design that is incorporated. If applicable, the rating of the battery has to resort on a similar basis. Also, the adapter that is registered must entail a similar output rating in parallel with the smart speaker's input.

Bluetooth Speakers

  • In the first hand, it is to be kept in mind that the input voltage has to be the same. Together with this, it must be highlighted that the class pertaining to the construction be the same.
  • On the other hand, the design layout of the PCB has to be the same. Together with this, the enclosure material should also be the same with an exception regarding the decorative parts and its associated differences.
  • In the case of the power transformer, the system of insulation has to be the same. At the same time, the power transformer must also follow the same design. If it's applicable then the rating of the battery should be the same, this is much applicable in the case of the registered batteries.
  • The registered adapter should embrace having an output rating that is parallel with that of the Bluetooth speakers and their associated input. 

LED Products and the Dimmers

  • In the first instance, the input voltage has to be the same together with the class of construction. Pertaining to the power transformer, the insulation system that is to be incorporated must entail the same ground along with a similar design.
  • The focus must also be on having the enclosure material that ought to be the same with an exception in the case of the decorative parts and the related differences. It must also have the same design and layout pertaining to the PCB. The IP rating must be maintained on the same level ground.


IN a nutshell it can be concluded that the role played by the BIS is very interesting wherein it looks after proper national standards are brought into place without any problem. The music-associated technical committee of the BIS assists it in making decisions pertaining to adopting the subjects under which the standards would be formulated.

As mentioned above, guidelines have been issued with regard to certain categories of products that must be adhered to. These guidelines are with respect to the CRO Phase-V.

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