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Environment Consultation Services in India | Environment Consultant


Introduction: Environment Consultation/Consultant

Running any business successfully in India not only requires infrastructure, capital, or labor but also compliance with the environmental laws because a violation of them can not only result in legal action from the government authorities in the form of penalties or shutdown of facilities but also damage the reputation one has built over the years in the market. This has become truer given the initiatives that the Indian government has taken in recent years, including the introduction of waste management rules and the Extended Producer Responsibility policy. And, given the poor state of our air, water, and land, the enforcement of these environmental regulations and norms becomes of paramount importance to the government today.

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Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that understanding the complicated legalities associated with environmental laws and their time-to-time development can be challenging for any business. But with the availability of environment consultation services in India, this problem can be tackled easily by businesses. 

Environment Consultants and the Consultation

Environmental consultants are the experts that provide businesses with expert assessment and guidance on matters related to the management of environmental issues. In simple terms, they help businesses comply with the environmental regulations and norms that apply to their regular operations. This way they protect them from any legal consequences that can be potentially fatal to their businesses. 

With scientific knowledge and familiarity with regulatory requirements, environmental consultants guide businesses with consultation to run their activities more sustainably and avoid anything that can violate current laws. And in doing so, they contribute their valuable parts to the preservation of the environment and human health.  

Why Hire an Environment Consultant?

In today’s world where the level of pollution has been growing for years, the need for strict environmental regulations has come to the forefront, and considering this, the Indian government has put several measures in place which are mandatory for every business in the country to follow. This is where the significance of environmental consultants comes to attention.

Let’s take a look at why businesses should get environment consultation services.

  • Identify Applicable Environmental Laws

Several legislations are directly or indirectly associated with the environment, and for sure, not every one of them can be applied to your business. Every industry works in its ways, hence required to comply with only those regulatory frameworks that apply to them. But the problem that arises here is businesses often fail to identify under which environmental laws they come under. Here, an environmental consultant can not only help you understand the environmental laws applicable to your activities but also offer a path to comply with them.

  • Ensure Compliance with Environmental Policies

As per the needs of the situation, the Indian government has been introducing and making changes to environmental policies from time to time and it can be quite tricky for business people to focus on them and their compliance, alongside running their regular work operations. Hiring an environmental consultant can ease this burden to a great extent by keeping an eye on the compliance checklist and suggesting measures to put in place required under the applicable laws and regulations. 

  • Identify and Mitigate Environmental Concerns

Before a business devises measures to improve the environment, what’s important for it is to first identify the areas where the actual harm is happening and what the existing potential risks are that can become too difficult to handle in the future. An environmental consultant can play its role here by evaluating and assessing the business's operations and identifying the spots where it fails to comply with the regulatory requirements. These will ensure two things, first that everything is going as per the laws and regulations, and second the reduction of negative impacts on the environment.

  • Health and Safety Standards

Businesses indulging in activities harmful to the environment also raise concerns about the health and safety of the people working with them. With guidance from environmental consultants, a business can efficiently take care of its workplace hazards associated with the quality of air, exposure to dangerous goods, etc. Environmental consultants can also help businesses comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and develop plans to handle potential risks.

All these can lead to the well-being of employees working at such business facilities, improving their health and safety standards as per the laws and avoiding any legal hassles.

Types of Environment Consultation Services in India

Hiring an environmental consulting company has numerous advantages for a business over taking care of environmental compliances on its own. With years of experience and expertise, environmental consulting companies have everything to ensure their clients are not violating any laws and complying with the regulatory framework. Let’s go through the services an environmental consultant can offer to a business:

  • Check on environmental compliance
  • Environmental site assessment for potential contamination issues
  • Environmental audits to identify environmental compliance and implementation gaps.
  • Risk and impact assessment through the quality of air, water, and soil.
  • Environmental impact assessments (EIA) for assessing the effects of an activity or plan on the environment.
  • Environmental Remediation & Management Programs
  • Risk Assessment and guidance for biological and chemical hazards
  • Waste management and channelization policies
  • Sustainability and Energy Solutions
  • Human health and safety standards in the workplace

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Environmental consulting companies are well versed in the regulatory frameworks and hiring one for your business not only will help you comply with them but also evaluate the impact your day-to-day operations have on the environment and develop plans for how to make improvements. If you’re not sure where to start, then experts from Corpseed can offer you their expertise. Being India’s leading environmental consulting company, Corpseed is a one-point solution for all environmental issues, ranging from registrations/certifications, authorization, and compliance report preparations to complete waste management.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental impact assessment is an instrument to evaluate the consequences of the establishment of a new project or expansion of projects related to industries, mining, pipelines, etc. Enjoy simple processing and no hidden fees.

Environmental Audit

An environmental audit is an important part of a company’s environmental policy and performance. It checks whether the company has complied with the environmental regulations and requirements, and achieved the environmental goals set by them.

Environmental Consultancy

An environmental consultancy firm consists of a team of experts, who’re qualified in the studies of law, geology, environment, engineering, and have years of experience dealing with the aspects of regulations & norms associated with environmental laws.

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