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Cloud Kitchen Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Online Sales

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Introduction: Cloud Kitchens

Shipping containers rather than a dining room and delivery fleet on their mopeds rather than actual diners.

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We’re talking about cloud kitchens – a restaurant model free from a typical front-of-house, and serving the food-delivery market.

  • But why are cloud kitchens (or delivery) at the forefront for all restaurant trends? The long and in need of it's this – massive growth.
  • Investment bank UBS forecasts that delivery sales could rise an annual average of more than 20% to $365 billion worldwide by 2030, from $35 billion. 

So if you've got a cloud kitchen or are getting to open one, prepare to form the simplest of this hyper-growth.

This begins with a focused marketing plan.

The ease of operating delivery models also brings with itself tons of competition. you would like to face out for your customers. Find how to draw in new customers and retain existing ones, turning everyone who visits your restaurant into a lifelong brand ambassador.

In this post, you’ll find different marketing channels for your cloud kitchen.

  • The marketing planning process.
  • Tips to urge optimized results.

Let’s get started!

Social Media

As per the National Restaurant Association, 90% of the restaurants believe that their success is essentially hooked in to their social media marketing style. Social media possesses an undeniable power to influence people’s choices and decisions.

On Pinterest for instance, food is that the most browsed and pinned. Using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, you'll attract thousands of potential customers.

Here are a couple of social media posts from your fellow cloud kitchens for inspiration:

SEO & Adwords

It is important to extend your restaurant’s online visibility by creating and optimizing your website for search engines. it'll help in gaining more organic traffic. If you’re looking to urge a start, consider testing Adwords to:

  • Drive traffic to your online ordering site
  • See which keywords people are checking out to succeed in your site
  • Appear in results across multiple locations
  • Google’s ad costs depend upon the keyword you’re bidding on. Some keywords, like restaurants near me, could cost many dollars per click due to the various people searching.

Sponsorships & Events

Charity and event sponsorship are a number of the foremost popular sorts of restaurant marketing.

As you decide on from various events and sponsorship opportunities, ask the organizers for the typical number of attendees and take information about their previous events. It’s important to believe how well the event fits your target demographic.

Influencer Marketing

This marketing method involves using influential personalities or entities to market your restaurant. They can be chefs, cooking show hosts or noted food bloggers.

There are two kinds of influencer marketing:

  • Earned Influencer marketing – covers a pre-defined relationship with the influencer and involves their personal growth too.
  • Paid Influencer marketing – can take shape in sponsorships, testimonial messages and videos, which you have to pay for according to the decided arrangement.
  • Search a list of influencers relevant to your cloud kitchen model. There’s everyone from a wine taster to an Italian food connoisseur that you can find online.

Marketing Planning: In 4 simple steps

Situational analysis

Conduct a SWOT analysis of your cloud kitchen business. Determine the strong points you would like to showcase to your customers. Study about the places you'll lack and wish external help with. Also, study your competition and market conditions you’re building for.

Create your customer personas

Evaluate the people you intend to serve. Customer research is an essential aspect of marketing. These steps will help you to choose the appropriate marketing ideas:

  • Make a brief profile of your target customers.
  • Understand their food choices and study statistics of their average incomes, age group, and lifestyle choices.
  • Gauge roughly the frequency with which they will order from your cloud kitchen in a given time frame.
  • Consider the geographical locations of the customers so that you can decide the area under your coverage.
  • Keep in mind how tech-savvy your prospective customers are.

Evaluate the people you plan to serve. Customer research is an important aspect of selling. These steps will assist you to settle on the acceptable marketing ideas:

  • Make a quick profile of your target customers.
  • Understand their food choices and study statistics of their average incomes, age group, and lifestyle choices.
  • Gauge roughly the frequency with which they're going to order from your cloud kitchen during a given time-frame.
  • Consider the geographical locations of the purchasers in order that you'll decide the world under your coverage.
  • Keep in mind how tech-savvy your prospective customers are.

You’re all set!

Well, looks like you’re all set to make a killer marketing plan for your cloud kitchen. Use our tips to deliver massively hit campaigns. We’d love to know what worked for you and what didn’t.

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