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How to Start a Achar or Pickle Manufacturing Business in India?


When you hear the word pickle, you imagine savoring the sour and ignoring its taste when it changes your facial expression. Yes, it does cause a grimace that is purely a subject of laughter. 

Now think that if the whiff of a pickle can give you unbridled joy, how about someone who wishes to start a pickle manufacturing business in India?

I am sure it sounds tempting. Let us walk you through how to start a Achar or Pickle Manufacturing business in India. 

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The Spicy Success: How Achar Business Thrives in the Market?

With the rise in consumption patterns in India, the demand for the Indian-made pickle has skyrocketed. In recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of spicy pickles, also known as achar, in the market. These tangy and fiery condiments have become a staple in many households and have gained a loyal fan base. But what makes the achar business thrive amidst the sea of Condiments available today? 

From homemade recipes to commercial production, the achar industry has undergone significant changes and innovations to meet the increasing demand. In this article, we will explore the spicy success of the achar business - from its humble beginnings to its current status as a lucrative enterprise. Discover how small-scale producers and big players in the industry can capture the hearts and taste buds of Consumers and how they leverage digital marketing strategies to reach a wider audience.

The Pickle Market size was valued at USD 10.9 Billion in 2022 and is projected to reach USD 14.1 Billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 3.3% from 2023 to 2030.

Unquestionably Pickle as a staple has a huge demand and is used as a side dish with the main course (especially) India. Pickles carry a Special taste and add texture with preservation.  Additionally, marketers have been learning to expand the geographic reach of their products. These Products have even been reaching e-commerce websites including Amazon, IndiaMart, and many others. As a result, these websites are getting more traffic also because of the discounts & offers granted by them. 

Get ready to spice up your knowledge on achar and the Thriving Business behind it.

What are the Benefits of Starting a Pickle Manufacturing Business in India?

Starting pickle manufacturing in India does not need a reason. Nonetheless, let us shift our gaze to the benefits it has in store for the consumers as well as entrepreneurs-

  • Flexibility:- As a business owner in the pickle industry, it gives you all the flexibility. It allows a Scope to grow and to carry out business effectively. You may take as much time as you wish to expand your business. 
  • Home-based business:- To start a pickle business is no new to our understanding, provided you can continue with the pickle business from the comfort of your home without establishing a full-fledged manufacturing unit. However, once you continue to expand, you might need a store with other essential business requirements. 
  • Continuous Rising Demand:- Pickle is one of the fastest-growing foods with a never-ending demand. It is largely Consumed Making it a famous and highly well-known affair in Indian households. With this, pickle as food continues to make Huge demand in the market. 
  • Restart Career:- the Pickle Manufacturing Business is the ideal Option for women looking to kickstart their careers as budding entrepreneurs in pickle-making. Such business idea makes their skills a full-time hobby and gives them a platform to set up their businesses on a much larger scale. 

How to Start a Pickle Manufacturing Business in India?

Now comes the most famous question on setting up a manufacturing business and the pickle business is no exception. Let us take you through a quick tour to help you with the same-

  • Produce the choice of your Pickle:- The very first step is to choose or decide the pickle you wish to produce. There are varieties you can choose from; such as mixed vegetable pickles, lemon pickles, chilly pickles and whatnot. As a result, it consists of tastes like sour, sweet and bitter. Also, you won’t believe Pickle has different target audiences or customers.
  • Decide the infrastructure:- Before you think of manufacturing, you require a mapped plan with the required machinery at your rescue. It calls for a need to install needed equipment at your place. It depends on how you wish to use it or whether you want to begin a pickle business at home or a manufacturing unit on a large scale. You require equipment such as Vessels and containers to mix the pickle during the process.
  • Licenses & Procedures:- You should ensure that Licenses and registrations are in place when you begin a Venture like an achar business. Without them, you cannot manufacture or sell pickles at any cost. There are registrations of grave importance- let us have a quick look at them- 
  1. FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India):- It is responsible for ensuring and protecting the well-being of the people through proper regulation and supervision. This license comes under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The License and registration are to be achieved by anyone who deals with food products. FSSAI is compulsory for any organization that deals with food-related products. As a result, the packaged food comes with the FSSAI registration number to check whether the food meets the required quality standards. Therefore, To obtain an FSSAI certification, you must submit an application based on your annual turnover. Check the FSSAI checklist to see if you need registration. During the registration process, you will follow all the protocols and standards. These standards have to be taken care of. 
  2. Shop Licenses Act:- The shop licenses Act is required before establishing a shop within your locality. However, in most cases, a Home-based business does not require this license, but setting up a plant does( with a proper fire no-objection certificate). Under its broad umbrella, it carries out working hours, wages and other services or conditions for the shop. It is compulsory for the Pickle business too. 
  3. Other legislation:- Additional legislation entails registering for GST, Factory Udyog Aadhar, PAN Cards, and business entities. To establish yourself as a pickle manufacturing company, register under the Companies Act 2013. However, you need not adhere to the guidelines if you are the sole owner. 
  • Pricing details:- It is prudent to acknowledge; the packaging and ways you market your product. It is no exception that every food organization wishes to serve the best quality packaged food in the right ways. The packaging that you choose or the material of products you want to store should be high quality and safe. In addition, depending upon the price of your product, the packaging material. You can package based on budget, transportation considerations, and pickle production preferences. 
  1. Make sure you manage prices appropriately.
  2. Do not overprice or low them in a way that makes them a subject of suspicion for the consumers. 
  3. Keep the same as a standard marketing price. The price can vary based on production and distribution costs.
  • Managing promotions:- For any business to prosper, you should put your effective marketing strategies in the right place and ensure smooth branding. You may use such tools to catapult consumers while promoting your services. And if you are someone who wants to start a home-based pickle business, then you need loyal customers who will act as brand ambassadors and spread the word about your business via word of mouth. It is strategic to connect with the locals and form a loyal customer base. 

What is a Pickle Making Business investment?

A pickle business requires planning and investment to help it reach higher profits, even if you operate on a larger industrial scale or as a home-based business. As seed money, you should commence your achar manufacturing business with around Rupees 10,000 which would cover the costs of jars, utensils and other raw materials. The amount seems feasible as an initial investment and can keep the pickle handmade. All you need is the raw materials and a team required for pickle-making. 

How to Start a Pickle Export Business? 

You may start a Pickle Export Business through the following steps- 

  • Step 1:- Company Registration: In a Pickle Manufacturing business, you should get your Company Registered under the Indian official records (Ministry of Corporate Records).
  • Step 2:- Getting Export License:   Once you have applied for company registration, you should acquire an Export license from the Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). Nonetheless,an export license is not needed for All the exported items. In addition, an export license is meant for exporting goods listed under Schedule 2 of ITC (HS). The exporter Should verify whether the products one wishes to export require an export license. 
  • Step 3:- Markets: As of this, we can look for markets, where our products can be Exported. A reliable B2B website or company can also assist in selecting potential markets. Among India's leading consumers are the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and many others.
  • Step 4:- Hunt for professional & loyal customers-: Once you have adhered to the Steps, you need to hunt for potential customers who will be profitable for your long-term business. 
  • Step 5:- Import orders: After finding relevant buyers or importers, arranging export order manner becomes crucial. Now one has to fill out the order form with proper details and begin exporting your products. You may seek help from various companies that specialise in all processes, whether the Packaging of the products or the shipping process, management, or getting the work done. 

What are the Relevant Documents Needed for Pickle Export Business? 

If you want to establish any business, you should have the correct documents. These documents are: 

  • GST registration
  • PAN card
  • Forex-enabled bank account
  • Central Food License or FSSAI registration 


  • If your firm wants pickle export from India, refer to the protocols set by the FSSAI and other regulatory bodies in charge of this governance. 
  • For a pickle export business from India, you should have an FSSAI license. 

How to market your Achar Business Online? 

As for the achaar manufacturing business in India, the following is how you may get started-

  • Step 1:- You should have a store.
  • Step 2:- Publish an online store with a website.
  • Step 3:- Have a business name that connotes your product. Be creative and discuss your brand's ideas while making it customer-friendly. 
  • Step 4:- List your products on e-commerce platforms with other specifications like product description, features, pricing or payment methods. 
  • Step 5:- Promote your products through social media or marketing tactics like Social Media marketing, word of mouth, influencer marketing, etc. 
  • Step 6:- Fully utilise social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube while targeting the right audience. 

If you wish to promote your achar business online, these are the best strategies to help you get started. Online marketing has become feasible and has the potential to catapult maximum traffic. So when you start with the achar business, focus more on brand promotions and advertising.  

The online market is all set to grow at the highest rate due to the rising popularity of e-commerce apps and the growing tendency of people to work from home, which has granted individuals little or no time for offline shopping choices.


The Pickle Manufacturing business is one of the most lucrative careers and is highly demandable today. If done well, it can make huge profits and let you flourish in this business. As a cherry on the cake, these businesses are an ideal option for those who keep a keen interest in pickle making and prospects in the Same. Surprisingly With the growing demand in the consumption patterns of the people of today, who thought if people could utilise their skills and centre their entire business around it? 

Putting one’s feet in this business type would be a rational decision and can help you make huge strides in your venture if invested strategically. Furthermore, you can always utilise the incentive offered by government schemes that can act as a Catalyst in your business.

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