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How to get BIS Certificate for Import in India


What Is BIS In India?

BIS certification indicates conformity to India's national standards body, the Bureau of Indian Standards, quality and safety standards. Having BIS certificate is crucial as it guarantees that specific requirements are being adhered to, especially for products falling under categories mandated by the Indian government, ensuring compliance with unique standards.

They synchronized the development of product standardization, labelling, and quality certification initiatives. To improve standardization and quality control for industry growth and development while meeting consumer demands.

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What Is BIS Certificate For Import?

Each nation has its guidelines for producing and distributing products. Likewise, in India, all imported and domestically produced goods must comply with Indian standards set by BIS.

BIS certificate for ImportThe Indian government mandates BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification for imports to ensure quality and safety standards are met. It makes sure that imported products entering India comply with the designated Indian standards and regulations. This certification is required for a range of imported items such as electronics, machinery, chemicals, and others. It includes a thorough testing and verification procedure carried out by certified laboratories to confirm product adherence. Getting BIS certification is crucial for importers since it ensures their products are secure, dependable, and aligned with Indian market standards, enhancing consumer confidence and easing their access to the Indian market. The BIS Certificate for Import in India is necessary to guarantee product quality and compliance with the standard mark.

Why BIS Certification Is Necessary?

  • Consumer Protection: The BIS certification serves as a safeguard for consumers by ensuring that the products they purchase meet the necessary quality and safety standards. This guarantees that substandard or hazardous products will not be exchanged.
  • Regulatory compliance: BIS Registration is a compulsory legal requirement for certain products in India as per Indian laws. The government requires BIS certification for certain
  • Safety and Health of the Public: The certification of BIS is crucial for products like medical devices, food items, and electrical appliances that are highly effective in ensuring public health and safety. Following the rules and regulations when using these products helps decrease accidents and health risks. 
  • Quality Assurance: BIS certification is achieved through testing and inspection of the manufacturing process by an independent institute. This system of quality control ensures constant monitoring and upkeep of product quality and performance.
  • Global Commerce: Obtaining a BIS certification is typically a crucial requirement for products to be sold in India. It ensures that imported goods meet the same quality standards as local products, creating fair compensation and protecting domestic industries.
  • Market Access: The BIS certification acts as a tool for manufacturers to enter the market and establishes a level playing field, requiring all suppliers to meet equal quality standards. The intellectual property enables the products to be legally exchanged in the Indian market
  • Environmental issues: The BIS Standard could include numerous regulations addressing environmental effects and sustainability. Certification confirms that the products meet the environmental standards, thus promoting sustainable and environmentally responsible production.

Why Is A BIS Certificate Important For Importing Goods

For any product being brought into India, a BIS certificate for Import is mandatory due to the following reasons:

  • To guarantee that the product is safe, dependable, and of high quality
  • Make sure the product meets the appropriate Indian standards.
  • Get an advantage over your rivals.
  • To guarantee that consumers receive products of excellent quality that are dependable, secure, and free from risks.
  • Selling the product within the Indian market.
  • Submit proof of product testing and certification.
  • Make sure the product meets quality standards and displays the standard mark on the product.
  • A product must have BIS certification if it is listed as mandatory for certification

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What Are The Types Of BIS Certificate For Importers?

Importers bring in a variety of products made by foreign manufacturers to sell and distribute in the Indian market. According to the Indian Standard, the imported item needs to have BIS certification and meet necessary Quality Standards. The manufacturer must obtain a BIS Import certificate to utilize the standard mark (ISI Mark) on products and distribute them in the Indian market. Importers must make sure that their overseas manufacturer obtains BIS certification through different certification schemes in order to market products in India.

Depending on the product type, importers can obtain two types of BIS certification.

  • The certification program for foreign manufacturers (BIS FMCS)
  • Mandatory BIS registration is required for electronics and IT products.

All foreign manufacturers must appoint an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) to secure BIS certification for Import in India through the BIS FMCS scheme or BIS Registration under the CRS scheme. AIR will request the BIS certificate for a foreign manufacturer. AIR will have the responsibility of adhering to the regulations outlined in the Indian BIS Act, as well as following the Rules, Regulations, and Terms & Conditions specified in the BIS Licence guidelines.

Scheme For Certification Of Foreign Manufactures For Importing Goods Into India

The Bureau of Indian Standards operates a foreign manufacturer certification program that awards a BIS Certificate to foreign manufacturers for using standards mark (ISI Mark) on their products. It is valid for all items excluding electronics and IT products. When exporting the product to India, the foreign manufacturers need to make sure it complies with Indian Standards instead of their own country’s standards to be able to sell it in an Indian market. If the product being exported is not related to electronics and IT, the overseas manufacturer needs to acquire BIS certification through the FMCS program.

Scheme For Certification Of Compulsory Registration 

BIS registration for electronics and IT goods is also called a mandatory registration scheme. BIS oversees the marking and quality certification of electronics and IT products. In accordance with the CRS mandate, it is prohibited for individuals to produce, trade, or circulate products in the Indian market without BIS certification. Every product must adhere to set Indian standards and display the standard mark along with the unique registration number.

A BIS registration certificate is necessary prior to the launch of any electronic and IT products in the Indian market. If you manufacture or import electronics and IT products, you must obtain BIS registration for your items. To obtain BIS registration for importing electronics and IT goods, it is important to guarantee that your product complies with the relevant Indian standards.

To export electronics and IT products in India, you must acquire a BIS registration certificate through the CRS scheme of BIS. The BIS CRS certificate will be granted after self-declaring conformity of goods and articles with Indian standards.

Validity For Import Of BIS Certificate

BIS registration certification for import under Scheme-I can be granted for up to 2 years for the first time. Only those types that are specified in the license are allowed to be licensed. To renew the license and expand the covered varieties, applicants must submit the required fees and supporting documents as indicated in the existing license. A license can be renewed for up to 5 years past its initial expiration date.

Procedure For Bringing In Products If There Is No BIS

Anyone can bring in product samples for testing purposes as long as they do not have BIS certification. You must confirm to authorities that the imported goods are intended for testing, research, and development purposes. You are only allowed to bring in the sample once for the model, and you must follow the customs clearance procedure.

If you are importing items for personal use, then you do not need to obtain BIS Registration. As per the Department of Electronics & Information Technology (Deity), there are no limitations on the items imported by the final consumer. If you encounter any issues with BIS approval, feel free to contact us.


In conclusion, Some importers in India need to obtain BIS Registration for their products. The certification guarantees compliance with Indian standards and helps importers prove their reliability in the market. Importers can acquire certification for their products and market them smoothly by adhering to the procedure and submitting the necessary documents.

BIS Registration

Team Corpseed will help your organization to draft and file application to BIS for grant of registration/certification. BIS has been providing safe reliable quality goods, minimizing health hazards to consumers.

Bureau of Indian Standards FMCS

BIS additionally ensures the harmonious development of the activities of standardization, marking, and quality certification of products.

BIS CRS Registration

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