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FSSAI extends ban on Chinese milk products by six months - Ban on Chinese milk products till FSSAI can detect melamine


What is Melamine?

First synthesized in the 1830s by German Scientists, Melamine is a white powder used in production of plastic. It is normally used in the production of floor tiles , Formica, kitchenware, and whiteboards.

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Symptoms of Melamine

Symptoms and signs of melamine effect include little or no urine, irritability, blood in urine, high blood pressure, and kidney infection.

The Food Safety and Standards of Authority of India (FSSAI) has recommended that the current ban on import of Chinese milk and milk related products including chocolate products and candies/confectionary/food preparations with milk and milk component as an ingredient, should be extended till labs at Indian ports are prepared for 100 % safe melamine testing.

The ban on import of Chinese milk and milk related products has since been extended from time to time. The DGFT had last notified an extension on ban till April 23, 2019.

The Food Safety and Standards of Authority of India (FSSAI) said that it reviewed the issue in a meeting held on April 5, with the concerned Ministries and Government departments.

In its advisory letter:- FSSAI said that The ban on import of milk and milk products, including chocolates, chocolate products like candies, confectionery, and also food preparations from milk and milk solids as ingredients from China can be extended until the capability of all laboratories at ports of entry have been duly upgraded for testing melamine,”.

China’s dairy products have been under a dark shadow, since the shocking milk scandal happened a decade ago.

  • First ban on import of milk and milk related products from the neighboring country China was happened on 2008
  • India is the largest milk producer in the World, but imports certain milk-based products in small quantities from different countries

In 2008 there was an incident happened in China involving milk and infant formula being contaminated with Melamine. This resulted in the death of six babies and approximately 50,000 babies being hospitalized. The World Health Organization (WHO) considered the incident as one of the biggest food safety scandal.

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