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15 Innovative and Eco-Friendly Business Ideas in India


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When it comes to building a positive name for a small business, how you approach the environment is crucial. Numerous businesses have flourished when it comes to their reputation just because they had businesses that were eco-friendly in nature. 
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Following list talks about innovative business ideas that can be implemented:

  • Organic Farming and Food Business

Organic food production can be defined to mean cultivation that is free from use of pesticides, fertilizers and growth hormones. Organically produced foods are becoming more common as a result of their nutrition - related benefits. Organic farming is also more environmentally friendly and has a higher socioeconomic effect on a country.

  • Ink Refill Business

Business of refilling cartridges with ink can be quite profitable simultaneously being advantageous with respect to environment since reusing the cartridges would result in its less accumulated E-waste and hence it shall contribute to less land pollution. Further, the cartridge can be put to use 3 to 4 times and even more when used by experts. Cartridge refilling is a lucrative market that is rapidly expanding.

  • Beauty Salon Based on Eco-Friendly Principle

Greater avenues are being opened up in beauty industry when it comes to use of eco-friendly products for hair and skin application. Customers would come running at the instance of this idea since consumer these days are getting more conscious and choosy.

  • Eco-Friendly Event Organizing

Considering the fact that any hosting of event leads to huge amount of waste generation. To be able to cope up with such issue one can resort to planning an event that is sustainable wherein use of paper plates glasses and elephant poop made notebooks can be manifested and also use of organic food. Further the waste food must be distributed to needy people on immediate basis. This idea of event planning can help to raise awareness and instill in the minds of people to readily move towards the idea of adopting green practices.

  • Used Items and Thrift Store

It is an innovative idea to open up a second hand items store since consumers have now become more aware and are quite familiar with the idea of not paying hefty amounts in buying new items rather prefer second hand items that costs less. Plus it adds up in protecting environment. Consumers will happily buy plenty of stuff and the business would flourish by leaps and bounds.

  • Installing Solar Panels

One can offer the services pertaining to installation of solar panels. The very fact that installation of solar panels is one-time investment and can help in curtailing the electricity bills, people are accepting this idea with open arms. Moreover, it helps in saving the energy resources. It is an excellent business idea and is paving way for “go green” motto.

  • Waste Recycling Business

Recycling business is setting cornerstone in modern times. Recycling can be done ranging from plastic to E waste and facilitates the reduction in the amount of waste. It has potential economic and ecological benefits if seen from environment and business point of view. Also the newly manufactured recycled products share almost the same quality and are cheap.
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  • Elephant Poop-Made Paper

This is quite new and interesting business idea. One can wonder what if the paper manufactured from elephant’s poop sounds disgusting but in reality the finished product doesn’t even smell like poop. Further poop can be used as manure for farming purposes. So it’s a win-win situation and ultimately eco-friendly.

  • Organic Holi Colors Business

Well who doesn’t like Holi? Holi is a festival that add colors to one’s life and is liked by all. The conventional Holi colors are quite harsh and harmful to skin. So the idea to start a business of organic Holi colors is bound to thrive and prosper since people would love to buy these products.

  • Eco-friendly Construction Materials

Nowadays many companies are offering recycled construction material elements and they are feasible and strong. The materials can be used for repairing infrastructure. Recycled plastic can be used in laying roads when mixed with bitumen is something to exemplify.

  • Used and Recycled Furniture Business

Wooden furniture can be reshaped into a totally new and transformed product. To add on, the running trend deals with furniture made of recycled plastic. One can open an antique shop as well where old furniture can be sold off.

  • Eco-Friendly Toys Manufacturing

This business idea can never fail since the parents are now more aware about the harm caused by toxic plastic toys. It’s different from the mainstream idea of toys made of material that is not sustainable. 
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  • Sustainable Architectural Technique

The architecture and interior designing can be done through incorporation of green substances, like use of organic wall paints, furniture made of recycled plastic and used bicycle rims to decorate the walls, etc. 

  • Developing Apps    

Inviting consumer attention through apps is in vogue. The app can talk about e-learning about adoption of green ideology in regular lifestyle, also about nearest recycling centers and eco-friendly brand awareness.

  • Green Craft Items Business

The business of craft items made of organic and recycled elements is innovative in itself.


It can therefore be said that the above-mentioned business ideas are developing in full swing and capturing attention of people. GO GREEN!


Get help from an experienced legal adviser. Schedule your consultation at a time that works for you and it's absolutely FREE.

Vipan Singh
Vipan is known for his passion for diversity and his work with corpseed. In his spare time, he is involved with numerous charitable activities and considers his greatest achievement to be the fact that he helps Startups and Entrepreneurs to scale up